January 13, 2018


Using Payslips in More than One Way

Employers give payslips to their employees that document how much they earn in a particular period. Payslips can be used more than just for the purpose of keeping it. And because of their importance, it is a must for employees to hold a copy of their payslip.

Payslips Contain Important Information

Payslips don’t just contain details on an employee’s salary but also his personal information. Such information includes the name of the employee and his employer, company name and address, pay slip date and other data such as tax code and national insurance number. Financial institutions ensure that these data are recorded in the payslip. Other essential information in this piece of paper includes gross and net pay amount, number of granted leaves and other deductions. Payslips are available in different printing modes like dot matrix and laser printing.

When to Use a Payslip

There are many ways a person can use his payslip for. These include the following:

  • Changing Jobs. Payslips contain important information about the person. And those who are looking to apply for a new job may be required by recruiters to show their payslips. This is to verify the authenticity of the information provided by the applicant.
  • Applying for Loan. Lending institutions require loan applicants to show their payslips to make sure they can afford to pay back the loan they are asking to take and to determine the amount of money they can borrow. No lender will ever entrust their money to a person who don’t have a stable financial position. Payslips are legal documents which show a persons’ financial stability. When a person loses his payslip, he will have a hard time getting any loan. This is also true when the person decides to mortgage a property.
  • Making Investments. Investments such as mutual funds require the investor to make his investments in installments. And for the authorizing agency to be sure about the capacity of the investor to make timely installment payments, they need to see his payslips.

Getting a Replacement Payslip

It is common for people to lose the hard copy of their payslip. And because they may have to use it for some purposes, getting replacement payslips and wage slips is important. The good news is that they can always require for this piece of paper from a reputable provider. The right provider though ensures that the given replacement looks exactly like the original.

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