February 6, 2018


How to Setup TV Wall Mount

Congratulations, you have probably just acquired a plasma television and want to fix it on the wall because it’s too big to be kept on a table or furniture. Most new plasma owners spend a lot on buying the television and still spend on getting someone who’ll mount it on the wall.

If you’re looking to save money and mount your television by yourself, you are going to be learning it all in this article. I’ll guide you on how to set up the TV wall mount and all you will require is the television, TV mount, drills, and screws. That’s all, not sure of what I’m saying? Read on

#1: Pick A TV Mount

This is important; you have to pick the specific TV bracket that meets the weight and size requirement of the television. Standard mounts help keep the tv in a stable position against the wall with no oscillation or movement.

Some TV mounts are easily adjustable when mounted and allow manually altering of the television’s angle. However, be sure to buy quality brackets and the right ones that can carry your television. You can always get quality TV wall mounts from

#2: Select Desired Wall Location

After you’ve purchased the TV wall mount, the next step is to choose your preferred location. Although, so many factors may influence your decision, just make sure that where ever you decide to hang it doesn’t make viewing uncomfortable.

That is, don’t hang it too high where one would have to strain his/her neck to watch the TV. A location that’s not too high would be optimal for the eyes and neck and try and if it’s situated in your living room, try and ensure that the TV should be centralized so people can view from various angles.


#3: Position Wall Mount

Now you’ve decided on the preferred television wall location; the next thing is to position the wall mount on that location. You can then use a pencil or marker to mark screw holes on the mount. After this, remove the mount and drill pilot holes on those marks.

Now put back the mount and start screwing into the drilled wall holes. Make sure each screw if fitted perfectly and tightly to the mount. After you’re done, check for alignment else redo.

#4: Attach Mount Plate to TV

You can remove the stand attached to the television’s frame. Locate the holes which are at the back of the television and remove all plastic caps covering the holes with a screwdriver or puncturing object.

Carefully fasten the bracket to the televisions back. Make sure the screws are tightly fixed then hang the bracket on the mount.

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