May 9, 2018


5 best apartments in Harrogate

Harrogate: happiest place in the UK

Harrogate has always been known as a happy placenumerous times it has been voted the happiest place in the UK. There are several reasons that contribute to the happy and positive vibe of this wonderful place.

Listed are some of the reasons that would compel you to visit this place:

  • Beautiful architecture: This small town still holds onto its old-world charm. The buildings are all historic and go back to the time during Queen Victoria’sregime. It also has Turkish Baths and Georgian houses that enhance the beauty of the place. Even the small shops on the streets look very elegant.
  • High tea capital: One of the most visited places in Harrogate is Betty’s Tea Stall. This shop has been open since 1919. This place exudes the Yorkshire hospitality. Also it prepares cakes, pastries and all kinds of breads.
  • Harrogate spa water: The first mineral well in Harrogate was discovered in 1571. As a result of these spas such as ‘The English Spa’ is attracting visitors to their place. Indeed the water of Harrogate does have many minerals in it that gives it a special taste.
  • Green surroundings: The stray, the Valley Gardens, The Harlow Car Gardens, Brimham rocks and much more. Harrogate is a wonderfully colourful and beautiful town that prides itself on its appearance. Giving off such joyous and eye catching colours, the people of Harrogate really know how to keep their town on the map.


Listed below are some of the top apartments in Harrogate that will give you the same experience as that of a four star hotel:

  • Nightpsace – cited mentioned previously. This self-catering company hosts a wide variety of properties and apartments for all types of traveller. You can stay with your pet, your family and do it in the heart of the town with parking provided! The best serviced apartments in town.
  • The Lawrence Luxury Aparthotel: This apartment is designed as per modern tastes and amenities. Each apartment in The Lawrence has a living space that is open-plan. Even the décor is done in such a manner that it suits the taste of the modern urban youth, such as laminate wooden flooring and hand painted wallpaper. Even the kitchen is state-of-the art. It is well equipped with microwave, oven, and refrigerator.
  • Harrogate Lifestyle Apartment: All the apartments in Harrogate Lifestyle has an open plan dining space cum drawing room. There is the flat screen TV in the open plan dining space and bedrooms. The kitchen cooking space is covered with granite. The apartment is well equipped with oven, freezer, dishwasher etc. You are even provided with tea and coffee.
  • Valley Park Studios: This apartment is just ten minutes away from the centre of the Harrogate valley. These are the modern day apartments with self-catering amenities. As it is almost in the centre, there are many spa, restaurants and shops in the vicinity.
  • Harrogate Elite Living: This apartment is located just two minutes away from the Harrogate town centre. Harrogate Elite Living also offers all modern amenities and provides a comfortable environment with self-catering facilities. Once you check in they provide you with parking permits and Wi-Fi that are free of cost. The bigger apartments have lounges and flat-screen TVs in each room. Even the kitchens are fully equipped.
  • Harrogate Boutique Apartments: This apartment also provides self-catering facilities and is spacious and luxurious. They are located in the central region of Harrogate and also provide free parking on site. The décor is modern and each apartment has a Wi-Fi connection. Like all the others this apartment too has a fully equipped kitchen.
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