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Investing in Commercial Property Guide

Introduction to commercial property  

We, as a nation absolutely love the idea of owning their own properties. Many see owning a home as a huge, personal achievement but have you ever considered the idea of investing in a commercial property?

The types of property available  

The commercial property market mainly consists of shops, supermarkets, factories, warehouses, and offices. You may think that finding and investing in the right property for you is time-consuming and difficult, however, some of the steps are very similar to those of buying a flat or house.

Researching the market  

Spending time researching is the very first step. Take a look at the buying market and spot the trends. Investing when the prices are sky high isn’t ideal, so it may be worth waiting until the prices start falling. Look at the types of property available and study the mortgages that are currently being offered by lenders. The location of the property plays an important part in your decision as well as the size of the office or building you’re looking to invest in.

When you’ve found the right property, you need to decide if you’d like to invest directly or indirectly through a fund. A direct investment ensures that you purchase the actual asset yourself. If you’re new to the world of investment, it may be worth considering a collective investment in order to break your way into this highly competitive industry.

Commercial properties are categorized as being tertiary, primary or secondary properties, depending on their value. Prime property is the most high-quality and valuable property that is available. Both secondary and tertiary properties are usually found in less favourable areas but are still interesting and attractive to many investors.

Considerations when investing

 When taking the leap to invest in property, there are a number of things to consider. If a property has been left empty for a while, then you’ll need to have some disposable cash to be able to revamp the asset. This may take some time which can also harm your cash flow – an empty site will not generate instant money. Finding tenants to rent your property can also take time. They need to be trustworthy, so making sure you have a guarantor in place for your tenant is extremely important. When researching the right property for you, it’s worth working with a specialist firm that has your best interests at heart and are keen to help and to point you towards the right asset for you.

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Five Storage Tips that Most People Learnt the Hard Way Irvine

Individuals and companies need extra storage for different reasons. You might be going out on a long a holiday and want your stuff tucked away in some safe unit. Or your company may have downsized or outgrown the current space. Whatever reasons you might need the storage for, you need to get it right.

Below are some tips that will help you get the most out of your storage. Unfortunately, most of the people using public storage Irvine have had to teach them the hard way.

  1. Know what you cannot put in a storage unit It is essential to understand that not everything in your home is for the storage unit. Some of them cannot stand the conditions in the facilities while others are hazardous. Some of the items that do not belong here include:

Living things: If you cannot take your pet with you, ask the neighbors or friend to take care of it while you are away.

Combustible items: They include paints, paint thinners, gasoline, and unless authorized, medical supplies. You do not want to blow the place up.

Perishable goods: The smell of rotten dog food is bad, but that is not the main reason for keeping your perishables out of the storage unit. Decomposing foods attract termites and pests, and you do not these creatures nibbling away your valuables once they have completed the decomposed food.

  1. Talking of which:

Seal your items Pests can also invade your storage unit from neighboring units. To avoid damages to your papers, clothing, or portraits, seal them properly. The best way is by using industrial plastic wraps. They will not only keep these crawling animals from your items, but they also ensure that the stored items do not collect dust.

  1. Label your items properly

If you are a company that is storing away large chunks of items, then the need for labeling cannot be overemphasized. However, even individuals need to have tags on the different boxes. It will keep you from having to open every box when you are looking for one small item. To make labeling effective, put related items in one box or group of boxes.

  1. Leave space for access

It is one of the tips that most people have come to learn the hard way. It feels and even looks nice to have all the boxes arranged in the unit as neatly as the Tetris blocks. However, visualize the ease of accessing the box at the farthest corner of the stack. It will be difficult and time-consuming. Avoid the urge to use every inch in the unit, create pathways, and space for accessing different items in the unit.

  1. Secure the place

There is always security for facilities used for public storage in Irvine. However, you still need to keep your unit under lock. The best option is a strong all-weather padlock with an arm too small for a bolt cutter to slide through. Additionally, ensure the facility has adequate security measures in place.

You do not have to make mistakes to learn, you might lose more than you have can afford. Besides, this short life is too short, so learn from other people’s mistakes. Keep these five tips in mind next time you are renting a storage unit.

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How to find a Grade “A” Jade?

From since the beginning, jade continues to be carefully connected using the Chinese culture. Towards the The chinese, her capacity to safeguard body and spirit for the living and also the deceased additionally they address it as talisman. In the western world, jade is searched for after because of its elegance, mystique and romance.

Jade could be classified into two differing types, nephrite and jadeite. They’re two completely different minerals. Colours of nephrite include translucent white-colored, yellow, eco-friendly, black and also the colour is definitely distributed. Colours of jadeite include white-colored, crimson, yellow, eco-friendly yet others evenness of colors varies with various textures.

The majority of the jades produced in China are nephrite. Among highly treasured bits of nephrite are a few referred to as “mutton fat”. Because the description implies, they are pieces creamy white-colored in colour and uniformly translucent. Nearly all fine-created jade artifacts are constructed with nephrite.

Jadeite is principally created in Burma.As it is more prominent than nephrite in various aspects, for example texture, colour and cost, it’s used almost solely in jewellery setting, that also result in a large demand on the market, therefore we will confine our discussion to jadeite.

Jadeite is also referred to as fei tsui. The factors we employ because of its appreciation are : colour, transparency, clearness, cutting and flaws.


Colour is of vital importance. We check out the hue of fei tsui based on the following criteria:

Wholesomeness Wholesomeness refers back to the proportion from the prime and also the secondary colours. Let us take eco-friendly fei tsui as example, probably the most desirable is pure eco-friendly in climbing down order of desirability are eco-friendly tinted with yellow, blue and gray.

Intensity The greater saturated the eco-friendly the greater the jade. However, an overdone intensity is of just middling quality.

Vividness The color ought to be vibrant and lively. The existence of gray and black helps make the eco-friendly dull without altering its tint.

Evenness The greater the colour, the greater desirable the jade and also the greater the worth.


Transparency of fei tsui affects the refraction of sunshine and it is beauty. When light enters a transparent fei tsui with fine texture, it sparkles if light enters an opaque fei tsui with coarse texture, it refracts dull light towards the eye that reduces attractiveness.


Clearness describes inclusions, which cohered with jade throughout the formation process, mainly in black and white-colored. Generally, white-colored inclusions are less distracting than black ones and, obviously, the less visible the inclusion the greater.


Fei tsui is generally labored into two groups: plain polished shapes for example cabochon and created designs. Plain polished shapes require greater grade material without flaws, with good proportion, symmetry in addition to appropriate thickness. For instance, a properly-cut cabochon ought to be neither too thick nor too thin with regards to the region of their top surface. Its “bulge” ought to be centered, prominent although not exaggerated.

Created designs are frequently accustomed to eliminate or minimize the result of flaws and cracks. They’re assessed on their own appearance and also the workmanship from the details.


Flaw line is value-detractor of fei tsui.Fei tsui could be cracked as well as damaged when crashed. We are able to make use of a torch to look at cracks and flaws, so consumer should pay special attention when creating purchase.

Top quality jade could be offered at desirable cost, however, it features a limited supply. To maximise profit, some businessmen proceed artificial treatment to jade before wearing them the marketplace. Jade will be categorized into “A” jade, “B” jade and “C” jade.

Treated Jade

“C” Jade

“C” jade is dyed jade. Throughout the course of treatment, dyes are injected to colourless jade within hot temperature and pressure atmosphere. The jade is going to be wholly or partially be dyed into eco-friendly or crimson colours, however, by by the color of “C” jade will end up dull and fade.

“B” Jade

The therapy procedure for “B” jade involves removing inclusions and impurities close to the surface by bleaching or any other chemical means, departing mainly eco-friendly and white-colored material. Polymer resin, a compound that solidifies into a nearly colourless, obvious mass, will be injected in to the stone to fill leftover space and enhance translucency. Because the structural integrity of jade is broken along the way, flaws can look effortlessly. If dye is injected in this course of treatment, it may be categorized as “B C” jade.

Jewels made of Jade are beautiful and valuable, their care is needed, so to ensure that they stay in excellent condition at all times, A grade jade jewellery should be cleaned regularly and done safely as long as you can set up the gemstones until you reach the belt there is a direct shine.

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Reasons That Serviced Apartments Are Being Chosen In Preference To Hotels

It’s a fact that more people are choosing to stay in a serviced apartment when visiting London as opposed to a hotel, and there are some very good reasons for that, especially if you are here on business. There are several reasons why short stay apartments are preferable to hotels and not the least of these is space.

In a hotel you have your bedroom and an en-suite bathroom and that’s it. This really comes into its’ own if you are staying for more than one night. You have separate rooms. Yes, you have your bedroom, and a bathroom, but you also have as a minimum a reception room and a kitchen. You can use the reception room as a place in which to work rather than sitting on a chair with your laptop quite literally on your lap. You can entertain guests, and you can invite business clients to meetings. With some apartments – even in central London – you may have a small garden to sit in when it is sunny.

What’s more, if you are a regular business traveller you get that feeling of a home away from home when you are missing the family.

Not only are short stay apartments in London less expensive than a hotel, it becomes considerably cheaper if you are a company sending two or three people on a business trip. In a hotel you are charged by the person, but in an apartment you effectively get charged per room. Two colleagues sharing an apartment will be a lot less than the same two in a hotel.

Of course, in a serviced apartment you get that much more flexibility. You can come and go as you please, you can eat when you wish, you can cook if you want to, or you can eat out. You have your own washing machine and dryer so you can do your own laundry rather than having the expense of getting it done in a hotel. All of this saves more money, and you can buy your own food and cook it and buy a bottle of wine if you wish. Let’s not even talk about the cost of drinks in a hotel bar!

Most apartments come with fitted TV’s with the latest SKY HD package giving you a wide choice of channels in many languages, and most also have high speed broadband as standard which some hotels charge extra for. You will usually find that there is a direct dial phone, and of course you have to pay for your calls but that is the same as a hotel.

For many people a serviced apartment is so much better that they never wish to use a hotel again.

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How Marketing Consulting Firms Can Generate Search engine optimization Bonuses

Companies allot budgets for online Internet Marketing Consulting Services to grow the customer base therefore resulting into more revenue. Most Search engine optimization professionals offer packages that can improve website visibility for visitors and check engines. Essentially, the optimization from the content happens by using keywords within the title and the body tags.

While many people decide on internet search engine optimization by themselves, you may also consider Marketing Consulting Firms just to provide you with a good jump. There are plenty of benefits which are connected in Search engine optimization, what concerning the other bonuses that come with it? Let us check out a few examples:

Well-structured site:

An enhanced web site is well-structured when it comes to content and style instead of other regular websites. When making an internet site with internet search engine optimization approaches to mind, Marketing Consulting Firms consider the language that’ll be helpful for search engines like google and visitors. By doing this, visitors are steady as well as still increase once off-page techniques are applied.

Improved rankings:

So that you can rank around the first pages on search engines like google, you should get the aid of online marketing companies to guide you within the “right direction.” After increasing the content, you should consider asking for benchmark and competitor analysis so that you can completely enhance your site’s ranking and concentrate on areas that require focus.

Diverse options and lengthy term benefits:

Lastly, Search engine optimization packages supplied by Marketing Consulting Firms aren’t limited one package. There are numerous Search engine optimization techniques that may be applied to your website and you may ask fro customized packages for the website. Furthermore, once Search engine optimization is used aimed at your website, Marketing Consulting Firms will require proper care of maintaining your rankings steady, otherwise improve on them time. Search engine optimization is essential for just about any business that should broaden the clientele to achieve profits.

SmartIdea is an experienced internet consultancy firm that offers a bunch of solutions based on web-based services and products. Based in Singapore, the company was launched in 1999 and has representative offices in Australia, Philippines and the US for global clients.

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5 Excellent Tips to Encourage Your Child to Play Outdoors

Around 3 decades ago, no one had heard of kids paying indoors. According to an observation, kids grown up in the 70s and 80s got an opportunity to play outdoors for at least two hours every weekday which kept them healthy, active and social.

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However, today’s picture is quite different. The extent of outdoor play has drastically reduced to just an hour on an average, which is not sufficient according to experts.

According to the observation, around 43% of kids would prefer to stay indoors and play computer games or watch TV. On the other hand, around 44% of parents wanted their children to prefer playing outside.

Plus, the United Nations High Commission for Human Rights states that playing is the right of every child because it promotes physical, cognitive, emotional and social well-being of children as well as youth.

However, many parents take a different meaning of ‘play’ and provide hordes of ‘playthings’ to their children such as computer consoles, iPads and more.

But research proves that child-driven play is vital and pressure-style, hurried play can actually do bad rather than good.

Child-driven play:

  • Is essential for healthy development of brain
  • Improves creativity, group skills and leadership
  • Causes fewer injuries than structured play
  • Promotes decision-making skills and permits children to go at their own pace, explore areas of interest and eventually engage in the passions they want to pursue
  • Teaches kids to share, work collaboratively, resolve conflicts, negotiate and learn self-support skills
  • Offers an opportunity to parents to totally engage with their children

If you want to encourage your child to play out, don’t respond to complaints of boredom in the beginning and have patience if your child is doing nothing for a while.

Over time your child will get attracted towards playing outdoors. After all, there are so many excellent resources for you like to get him real child-like toys.

Kids feel the need to develop confidence in their own capability to amuse themselves and build a love for the outdoors on their own.

Excellent Tips to Encourage Your Child to Play Outdoors

1. Bring in Magic

Children’s world is full of magic. Everything happening around them is a mystery and their little world is of kings, princes, princesses, witches, demons and magic things.

You can attract them to the outdoors by igniting their curiosity towards the magic by being a little creative in the garden, e.g. by constructing a fairy house, tunnels and caves, planting greenery and flowering plants in old boots, and so on.

You can also bring the best kids outdoor play equipment at Tiny Tiny Shop Shop or other local store near you that include a lot of elements that will interest your child and keep her engaged for hours.

2. Attract Them Towards Nature

If you show enthusiasm towards nature, your child too will be interested in it. Show interest in gardening, bird-watching, hiking and other outdoor activities, and your kid will be interested in them too.

3. Take them to Park Regularly

Take out some time and take your children regularly to your local park and offer their own small place to play, jump, hop, run, swing and slide. You’ll be amazed to see how much your children would enjoy.

4. Don’t Shy Away from Dirt

Don’t worry if your children’s clothes will become dirty. You can make them wear their old clothes. Remember that once dried out, the mud can just be shaken off!

5. Never Interrupt

You should keep an eye on the children for their safety; but never interrupt them for having food or drinks. Let them focus on the play. If they get the feeling of hunger or thirst, they will come to you.

It’s not very difficult to encourage your children to play out. You just need to have patience and soon you’ll see them growing into healthy, active, energetic and social kids.

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Spend One-On-One Time With Your Kids

Many parents are not sure how they are able to spend some one-on-one time with their kids, but the possibilities are endless. If you really want to bond with your kids, this is very important and below you will get to learn some of the easiest ways to do so.

In case your children love to play outdoors the most, and you do not have the time to take them to a park, you could purchase children’s slide at Step2 Direct or at your local store. This way, they can have a small playground in your backyard as this allows you to spend more time with them.

Kids will stay busy playing on slides for hours!

  1. Have a regular date night

Marking the calendar date for every week or whenever you are free is always a fun way to tell your kids that you will be free to do whatever they want. Having a routine with the date night is necessary to allow your kids and you to bond; you can create dad and daughter dates, mom and son, or just boy’s night out and girl’s night out.

  1. Set a timer

If you have watched Horton Hears A Who, then you surely know what this means. If you have more than two children it can be quite difficult to have one-on-one time with them, which is why you should set a timer and allow every kid to have their own private time with you. This will help you learn more about your kids as individuals.

  1. Kids love surprises

Sometimes, the best option is to not even tell your kids about the future event, because they love surprises. This can be even the smallest gesture, such as bringing them their lunch to school, or singing to them… find a fun way to surprise your kids. This all depends on what they love.

There are also many toys you could purchase as a surprise! For example, check out if you want to purchase playhouses, where you can teach your kids important life lessons through fun and play while also being able to bond with them.

Having a playhouse is every kid’s dream!

  1. Regular family night

Even if everyone in the family is very busy, having a regular family night is very important. This implies when your children get older as well because the time flies fast when you become an adult, and it is important that you stay connected with your kids.

  1. Read together

Kids love books, so why not find a book that they adore and you can read together? This way, you will let their imagination run wild, while also teaching them how to read as well. There are plenty of great kid’s books that could also be education while being fun at the same time.

  1. Staying up late

Of course, for kids, it is bad to mess up the sleeping schedule, but from time to time, you should let them stay up late! Give each child one night each week or maybe two weeks, that they could stay up late with you, and that will allow you to share personal talks and have some one-on-one time with them!

Final word

The biggest issue people have today is that they are so connected to their devices that they stop paying attention to the real world. Put your phone down and start paying attention to your kids, they are here now, and they will grow up very fast. So, make sure to have some one-on-one time with them, create a bonding moment, and simply have some fun.

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What Does a Medical Assistant Do?

The demand for medical assistants keeps increasing in the health sector. Before enrolling in a medical assistant program, it’s up to you to decide whether you want to study part-time or full-time depending on your schedule. Although you can start working right after the course, getting certified will double your chances of being hired and having an impressive paycheck. Ensure that you choose an accredited college, school of healthcare or university and go for an internship program. Apart from working in hospitals or nursing homes, medical assistants can also work with chiropractors, optometrists, and podiatrists.

5 Essential traits of a medical assistant

Medical assistance is for those who are really passionate about the career. Chances are you already possess the innate skills and just need to develop them professionally. The program can be completed within a year. A great number of individuals use this opportunity to learn about other career paths and some may even specialize later on.

1.    Sound communication skills

Medical assistants must interact with people from all walks of life. It’s imperative to remain attentive, be a good listener and understand the needs of each patient without being judgmental or biased.

2.    Cleanliness

You are expected to maintain a clean and organized appearance at all times. Endeavor to take proper care of your clothes, shoes, fingernails, and hair.

3.    Positivity

Having a positive attitude can boost the emotional state of patients, especially those that are battling with life-threatening illnesses. This will help to speed up the recovery process. Inasmuch as you want to make patients feel better, do it professionally without crossing the boundary.

4.    Flexibility

Flexibility is one of the must-have traits of medical assistants. They can fit in perfectly into any department in a hospital. In view of this, you should have the ability to multi-task effectively.

5.    Accuracy

There is zero tolerance for mistakes in this career. It involves the health of individuals and care must be taken as you keep medical records. This job is only for those with meticulous attention to detail.

Roles of a medical assistant

Their roles are quite similar to that of a nursing assistant. They usually undergo rigorous training in the administrative and clinical aspect. Health practitioners tend to appreciate their efforts as they ensure the smooth running of the hospital or clinic. This makes it possible for physicians to attend to more patients each day and boost their efficiency.

Administrative duties

  • Scheduling and canceling appointments.
  • Handling bookkeeping and billing.
  • Welcoming patients.
  • Making sure that the medical records of each patient are up to date.
  • Ordering office and medical supplies.
  • They help patients to complete different forms.
  • Answering calls and emails.

Clinical duties

  • Changing wound dressings as soon as the need arises.
  • Taking vital signs of patients.
  • Administering the right medication or immunization.
  • Sterilizing laboratory tools and equipment.
  • They can also examine stool, urine and blood samples in a laboratory if they have the expertise.
  • Offering insights into special diets, general care, and medical procedures.
  • Carrying out basic tests and examinations.
  • Getting patients ready for examinations.
  • Providing assistance to doctors during examinations.
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Top Tips That WillBoost Your Email Registrations

Which marketing strategies do you have in place for your business? It is becoming essential how email marketing campaigns are a great way to relate to the customer base. The platform for email campaign depends on how many users are already subscribing to get updates and product news. The more email you collect, the broader you expand your potential markets! Again how do you make the notifications or marketing Ads very attractive to subscribers? What social media integrations do you want to include on the email Ads?

Sending newsletters, weekly digests and upcoming offers on a discount to the clients is an efficient way to create product awareness. Also, this serves to maintain customer loyalty and promote repeat sales. However, with this in place, now comes the more significant need – to manage the email registrations of clients. You have an introduced a new product, so how do you get the customers to know about this item in your stores?

Many customers are registering for email newsletters either on their websitesor using a digital kiosk in brick-and-mortar locations. How do you ensure that formsare well designed to capture more registrations? As the business owner, it is critical to devising ways of in which store updates reach the target population in at the right time. Also, they ought to deliver the intended meaning for the targeted audience.

Here are top tips that will you gain momentum for many email registrations as well as great tools to effectively manage the increasing number of subscribers.

  1. Make use of beautiful email templates

With the right design tools, it is possible to design eye-catchy email templates. The design cuts across the themes to be used and the layout for display the email template. Are you able to customize the registration form using some advanced coding skills? Like the use of nice fonts for the text and graphics. Flexible design tools additionally allow you to make a brand-able form – display the brand personality for comfortable perceiving at the customers’ mind. Try to own the form through logo display and a background image that effectively tells them what you do. What is the intendedmessage? Maybe you want to promote product sales, or you aim to deliver big news. Keep in mind that the theme should contain a subject that is well explanatory, brief and straight to point. With attention-catching email campaigns you will communicate the messages effectively, so thecustomers can gain a positive response eventually getting to register!

  1. Use well-timed Pop-ups

It is good to program when the pop-up forms appear, appropriate when users are more likely to interact. It can nice when just when they arrive at the website – creates an impression, or when they are about to leave as detected by their scrolling activity. A pop-up with attractive visuals, color, and style, might attract their attention.

  1. Consider a digital kiosk with user-friendly forms

One emerging method of collecting email registrations is via a digital kiosk that is installed where business is transacted. The registration formson the kiosk need tobebranded for the business and easy for customers to use. A potential subscriber will fill the forms if he/she finds the form search friendly and responsive. A well-constructed email sign up form on a digital kiosk will pay dividends for any business looking to build up a customer email list for marketing purposes. There are many that email and event sign-up sheet templates a business can use on their digital kiosk.

  1. Use audience segmentation tools

What happens is you can have people under different segments and groups enabling to disseminate specific content which they find valuable. Subscriber now will join groups as they sign up to receive newsletters. You then segment according to those groups when sending the campaign. You can also segment your subscribers based on their geographic location by selecting a destination when sending the email campaign.

  1. Ensure you are tracking performance

Get to know from statistics how many people are registering to the present email campaign. How many open the campaigns and what they clicked. A keen study on these reports give valuable information on audience growth, e-commerce performance and how the campaign engaged users; to assist in improving on the email campaign to boost email registrations.

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Five Steps Involves in Designing Printed Circuit Boards

A printed circuit board (PCB) design process includes many steps. A specialist in PCB design can help in designing a high-quality PCB which meets your requirements and needs. They can comprehensively analyze the requirements of your electronic device to make sure your product has the right support necessary to perform well. Circuit board designers have the industry experience in terms of the use of different design techniques. Also, they have access to new design software. If you are planning to design a printed circuit board or have it made, you should contact a trusted PCB designer who can help you accelerate your project. Designing a PCB involves many steps that a designer is well aware of. These steps include the following:

Circuit Schematic Designing

When designing a PCB, the first step is about designing the schematic of the circuit. This is a vital step before the formal design process. This step is like the blueprint to lay out the board’s traces and components. A reputable provider of PCB assembly and design services can provide you the layout in order to accommodate your needs. They will be putting various symbols on the schematic as a representation of the circuit’s aspects.

PCB Component Planning

The next step of the process involves planning out the placements of the board components. The designer will determine if there is enough space to accommodate all circuitry on the PCB. This step is important to decide the number of layers the board needs. Once the planning is done, the designer will specify information associated with the components such as the footprints of the board’s pads and drilling information.

Connections Routing

This third step is about routing the connections to the components of the circuit board. With the use of PCB software, the routes can be planned out for the physical connections on the board based on the schematic. Often, there will a layer to serve as a ground plane and another as a power plane so there will be minimal noise and power can have low source resistant connections.

Circuit Board Designing

The designed circuit schematic will be imported into the electronic design automation software to have the design’s layout. This part of the process includes planning and layout out the number of layers, components and the circuit board components. Circuit boards can have different requirements like the need for through-hole technology or surface mounting tech. With the use of the designing software, the designer will export the design into a standard format like a CAD or Gerber format to produce recognizable instructions for the PCB production process.

PCB Manufacturing

After the exporting of the files, the manufacturing process begins. If you use a company that specializes in PCB Assembly services which offer all circuit board services, you can manufacture your products in one place. This guarantees that the PCB design will be consistent. PCB designs can be made in bulked using several automated machines which can carry out different tasks such as drilling, plating, punching and the manufacturing process.

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