July 24, 2018


Reasons That Serviced Apartments Are Being Chosen In Preference To Hotels

It’s a fact that more people are choosing to stay in a serviced apartment when visiting London as opposed to a hotel, and there are some very good reasons for that, especially if you are here on business. There are several reasons why short stay apartments are preferable to hotels and not the least of these is space.

In a hotel you have your bedroom and an en-suite bathroom and that’s it. This really comes into its’ own if you are staying for more than one night. You have separate rooms. Yes, you have your bedroom, and a bathroom, but you also have as a minimum a reception room and a kitchen. You can use the reception room as a place in which to work rather than sitting on a chair with your laptop quite literally on your lap. You can entertain guests, and you can invite business clients to meetings. With some apartments – even in central London – you may have a small garden to sit in when it is sunny.

What’s more, if you are a regular business traveller you get that feeling of a home away from home when you are missing the family.

Not only are short stay apartments in London less expensive than a hotel, it becomes considerably cheaper if you are a company sending two or three people on a business trip. In a hotel you are charged by the person, but in an apartment you effectively get charged per room. Two colleagues sharing an apartment will be a lot less than the same two in a hotel.

Of course, in a serviced apartment you get that much more flexibility. You can come and go as you please, you can eat when you wish, you can cook if you want to, or you can eat out. You have your own washing machine and dryer so you can do your own laundry rather than having the expense of getting it done in a hotel. All of this saves more money, and you can buy your own food and cook it and buy a bottle of wine if you wish. Let’s not even talk about the cost of drinks in a hotel bar!

Most apartments come with fitted TV’s with the latest SKY HD package giving you a wide choice of channels in many languages, and most also have high speed broadband as standard which some hotels charge extra for. You will usually find that there is a direct dial phone, and of course you have to pay for your calls but that is the same as a hotel.

For many people a serviced apartment is so much better that they never wish to use a hotel again.

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