August 2018


2018’s Best Plastic Surgery Marketing Tips

Just like any other business, plastic surgeons need to market themselves too.

If you don’t have a strong online presence, how can you expect patients to find you? Especially since the majority of people rely on the internet to find the information, people and places they need.

Top 4 Plastic Surgery Marketing Tips

If you would like to enhance your plastic surgery’s online presence, here are 5 top tips:

  1. Enhance your website

Your website is the first thing that potential patients will see when they find your plastic surgery online. Not only should your website grab their attention but it needs to make them want to spend more time finding out about your services. Your value proposition, techniques, experience and services should all be highlighted on your site to differentiate your brand. The best websites are simple, easy to navigate, informative and mobile-friendly.

  1. Tighten up your social media strategy

A recent study by JB Chang titled, Worth the “Likes”?, found that Facebook empowered 77% of all plastic surgeons to engage with their patients, with 67% stating that it enhanced their online exposure.

An effective social media strategy includes detailed profiles and pages, informative posts and continuous engagement. Your social media content should also strike the right balance between promotional, entertaining and informative if you want these platforms to work for your practice.

If you’re still new to social media and marketing for plastic surgeons, specialists such as Azuri Group can help you run an ad campaign that will allow you to reach more of the people you would like to attract as patients.

  1. Nurture your leads

Patients aren’t generally in the habit of deciding they want to undergo a procedure and schedule an appointment the very next day. First, they want as much information as possible on the procedure. Next, they will start researching surgeons, get referrals and advice from family and friends, think about it some more and only then will they take action. It’s at this point that they’re more likely to make an appointment with the plastic surgery that has been the most helpful and conversational.

 Nurturing your leads using remarketing and retargeting technology will help keep your plastic surgery practice top of mind. Facebook and Google are ideal platforms for running these types of campaigns.

  1. Inspire your patients

Visuals are a core component of every marketing strategy, even more so for plastic surgeons. Whether a patient is interested in achieving younger-looking skin, bigger breasts or a tighter tummy, images can help your brand tell a story, while showing patients what you’re capable of.

This is not to say that before and after shots are the only images you should be using either. Infographics are a highly effective way for you to present important information to potential patients without boring them with text.

In the same way that plastic surgery procedures and techniques have evolved in recent years, so should your approach to marketing. Growing your practice online will always be time and money well spent.

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Learn a New Skill by Taking a Financial Management Course

A business makes its success not just by finding new ways to earn money, but by appropriately finding the right ways to spend money. When a business maintains its financial situation and keeps the right bookkeeping, it doesn’t just more effectively maintain its bottom line, but it also has more efficiency to better use its resources.

By taking a course in financial management, you learn the skills needed to help a business manage its finances in the most effective way possible.

Beyond a Single Career

Financial management is a skill that is useful for all walks of life, not just a single career. While being trusted with the bookkeeping and managing the finances and budget of a company is one thing, it’s also possible to use the skills with financial management to help make wiser financial decisions for your personal life and a multitude of different careers.

Making Wiser Financial Decisions

The decisions that you make when dealing with your finances as an adult are important. When you borrow money, purchase assets, or make any major investment, you’re making an impact on several factors of your life, which range from your current financial situation to the one that you may have when you eventually retire.

When taking a financial management course, you’re taught about the importance of the financial decisions that you make and how they impact everything around you. It’s not just about pointing out what to avoid either. Courses that teach you about financial management also help you with understanding the right things to invest your money and time in, and how it helps in the future.

Organising and Long-Term Planning

Keeping an organised account of your finances is always an important step to better bookkeeping and financial management. When you have a recorded account of your finances, you’re able to get the full scope over where your funds are going and the best way to budget accordingly.

Having a properly organised budget isn’t just for immediate budgeting either. When you have a good understanding of your current financial situation and budgeting concerns, you are able to then make an informed decision on what you’re able to afford in terms of savings, investments, and future assets.

Earning More Trust

Financial institutions have a much easier time trusting individuals that show great financial management skills, and they are more likely to offer you a loan for your endeavours.

If you’re looking to start a business or require a large loan for an investment in a valuable asset, then demonstrating good management of your finances is just one way to help make a better case for yourself.

Financial management courses cover a wide array of topics that give you a good idea of how accounting and financing works, whether it is for a profession or your own personal benefit.

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Why Do You Need A VPS for Your Website?

Alright. So, the website got designed and programmed exactly as you imagined it and the prototype looks perfect. The only thing remaining is putting the fully furnished product on the Internet. But hey, the easy part isn’t over yet, is it? You must choose from a multitude of hosting sites such as shared web hosting, dedicated hosting and VPS hosting. Which one should you choose? And here is where the need for a VPS develops. You will find out soon enough that the internet isn’t the safest space that you can encounter and that protection is always needed when surfing through the web. Which is why we urge you to consider a VPS for your website for the following reasons:

What is VPS?

VPS. Or Virtual Private Server is a type of hosting that is an intermediate between shared hosting and dedicated hosting. In layman’s terms, web hosting server is a place where you put your website’s files and when people visit your website, the server sends those files to the  visitors. To understand better, let’s use an analogy of the website as a shop you want to set up in real life. Your website is the shop that customers will visit. Dedicated hosting is like constructing a mega-store in order to display your product. Of course, if you have a large number of customers, then that’s what you need. But it will be quite expensive.

Another option is to buy a stall in the bazaar. You have your own spot where you display your product but you will have to share the resources with everyone. You won’t have full control over the location. If someone who shares the same facility starts to suddenly consume a lot of electricity or gets crowded, then your spot will also be affected.

VPS is buying an independent shop in a mall. You have your own facilities and space, but it’s not that expensive as well. It’s an intermediate between dedicated and shared hosting and provides more bang for the buck.

Benefits and Advantages of VPS

If you own a small to medium sized business and want to put a website on the Internet to cater to the digital population, VPS would be your best option among all types of hosting.

Virtual Private Server is based upon the framework of virtualization which you might have already heard of from software such as VMWare which allows you to create a virtual installation of another OS inside your own computer. In a Virtual Private Server, you are essentially using a shared hosting, but it is cordoned off specifically for each person and operates as though it is a dedicated server. So, services such as RAM, CPU, etc. are only reserved for you. If someone else’s traffic gets a huge bump, your website will not be affected, unlike in shared hosting.

Moreover, the price is also comparatively much cheaper than a full dedicated server. If you aren’t expecting a large number of visitors on your website initially, then you shouldn’t waste your money on a dedicated server but instead buy a VPS which comes with a lesser cost.

If you are convinced that VPS is what you are looking for, then I personally recommend Memset Hosting which provides excellent VPS services at a reasonable rate. Plus, they have many features such as cPanel, 24/7 monitoring and an excellent infrastructure.

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Choosing the First Electric Guitar

It seems easier to choose an acoustic guitar. Many people recommend to purchase an acoustic one as the first guitar. However, if you feel like having an electric guitar is a preferable option for you – go for it. Things will be a little rough in the beginning, but later on you`ll be able to completely understand how good your instrument is.

Choosing style

Appearance is important. Although it has no influence on sound qualities, it affects player`s mood a lot. Therefore choose a guitar, that you`ll enjoy looking at and holding in hands. A good decision is to get a guitar with basic pattern, like coloring or sunburst.

Choosing body type

There are several shapes of guitar bodies:

  • Single cutaway

Cutaway is a small cavity in the body. It is there for making the access to strings easy.

  • Double cutaway

Double cutaway is like a single cutaway, but the cavity is on both sides of body. This is made for letting players perform advanced tricks.

  • The V-Type bode

Probably everybody knows the Gibson Flying V. Guitars of this type have a lighter body. They are designed specifically for aggressive and fast players.

Well, as an experienced guitar player, I would say that the plain body or a single-cutaway are the most suitable for the beginners. While the plain one will let player fully concentrate on the process, the single cutaway is a nice purchase in a long term.

Choosing a pickup

Pickup is a magnetic little thing that makes sound amplification possible. There are two types of pickups:

  • Single-coil pickups

Single-coils are thin. They are used mainly in melodic music genres, like blues or country. The sound, produced with single-coil pickups is usual bright and sounds kinda majestic.

  • Double-coil pickups (also known as humbuckers)

Double coils are like single coils, but there are two of them. The construction is designed this way to destroy hum, that is usually produced by single-pickups. The other thing is that they produce heavier sound, which will be more suitable for metal, hard rock and jazz.

Actually, there is no strict rule, telling that exact type of pickup is required for specific genre. The best way to find out is by trial and error. Pickups don`t cost much and they are rather long serving, so get two examples and find out which one is more comfortable for you.

The Bridge

The bridge is the place where strings are anchored to the body. There are three types of bridges:

  • Hard bridge

Hard bridge is fixed. It makes handling and adjusting guitar easy. They are stable and make maintenance easy.

  • Tremolo bridge

Tremolo bridge can be moved, so it is possible to adjust the tension of strings. The tension influences the pitch. It means that experiments with sound are possible.

There are more types of bridges, but these are the two that fit the best for the beginners. I would recommend a hard tail for a complete beginner and a tremolo one for the player, who has experience.

Recommended guitar

There are many manufacturers, producing guitars for the beginners. I can say that Fender, Gibson and Dean are the best ones. There is Les Paul II from Gibson`s child company – Epiphone. Check this review out to find out more.

Good luck and thank you for reading!

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