October 2018


Finding the best tuition centre for A level Physics

A level physics is definitely not easy to tackle. The concepts are deep rooted and need thorough understanding of the subject. For this, students need a tutor that is well versed with the course structure of A level physics and the type of questions that are asked. Taking A level physics tuition is the best way to ensure great results.

However, you must look for a centre that has well experienced and qualified faculty. The course curriculum should be comprehensive and detailed. The tutors should be able to solve the queries of the students in an easy manner. Kungfu Physics qualifies on all these grounds and offers the best tuition services.

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5 Important Gym Workout Clothes for Men

Going to the gym with the right attire is essential. Proper clothing helps you to work out comfortably and more relaxed. You can go to the gym with any form of apparel provided it’s fitting and won’t destruct you from performing well in the gym.  Choosing the right gym gear for men can be a hard task. Here in this article, we will be addressing the seven most important gym wear for men which should be worn when going to work out.

  • Men’s gym t-shirts

Gym t-shirts are the most common form of clothing when going to work out. They come in various ranges, and it can be tricky to choose one. Gym t-shirts can be worn anywhere, and they are made from different kinds of fabrics. All the gym tees are stretchable, allow airflow, and they are sweat wicking.

The best types of gym t-shirts are the ones which are made from polyester, spandex and nylon. Whether short sleeves or long sleeves gym t-shirts should be well fitting on the chest and arms or else they won’t be referred to as gym t-shirts.

  • Gym shorts

Gym shorts are trendy for men who play sports. They are great for hiking, jumping, running and for training. Gym shorts are the most sought after for working out in the gym as they allow airflow keeps you dry and cool. Gym shorts can be worn casually and are also ideal for the summer season.

  • Jogger pants for men

If you don’t want to wear shorts to the gym, you can wear jogger pants for men. The best types of jogger pants are the ones which have zippers on the pockets, stretch naturally and have a long fly for squats. Jogger pants which are made from a cotton mix, nylon and spandex are the best to use when working out.

 If you want to have, a muscular look goes for jogger pants which have a tampered bottom. You can wear jogger pants when running, jogging or playing sports. Ensure that you buy pants which are of high quality so that you will have an amazing experience when working out.

  • Gym tanks

Gym tanks are ideal if you want flexibility on the upper part of your body. They are made from the same fabric as gym t-shirts. When buying a gym tank ensure that it stretches and its comfortable on your upper body part. Many athletes prefer training with tanks as they allow mobility.

  • Gym hoodies

Gym hoodies are becoming more important than before. You can wear a gym hoodie before and after working out. The purpose of hoodies is to keep your body warm. Gym hoodies are ideal for outdoor workouts and running. Most outdoor exercises require a gym hoodie or a jacket for protection against the outside temperature.

When looking for workout gear don’t concentrate much on fashion trends or labels. Pick gym wear which is comfortable and which has an ideal fabric.

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Last minute travel hacks for a smarter vacation – Know what to do at the right time

There are several vacationers and business travelers as well who decide to plan their trip at the last minute but they get confused about what to do, which hotel to book, what itinerary to plan and what to pack due to the lack of time. When you’re not sure about your vacation and you have to plan all of a sudden, the first thing that comes to your mind is sky-high rates on flights, hotels and local transportation. This makes you desperately search for the getaway deals in order to save money and time.

Though last minute holiday will mean lesser choices and options with regards to activities and accomodations but it can sometimes even offer you a cheap way of booking vacations. While you can easily get your best deals in online resources like, you should also know about the few hacks to opt for a smart vacation.

  • Know when you should book

Majority of the airlines usually offer you discounts on Tuesdays and Sundays for travel during the latter half of the week. If you can include a stay for Saturday night, this might result in locking the lowest price on tickets. Hence, you need to have an idea of the best time to book.

  • Contrast and compare one-way tickets

If you can buy separate one-way flight from 2 different companies, this can at times help you crack a better deal as compared to booking a ticket that offers a round-trip. In case you’re planning to visit an international destination, you will have to give the proof of return flight right at the border control. Hence, make sure you carry along with you the printouts of receipts and itineraries.

  • Set up alerts for flight fares

You can install travel apps in your phone so that you can set up alerts which send you fares for flight and hotels whenever there are discounts. There are various apps which notify you whenever there is a ticket available on a predetermined route allowing you to book hotels and flights before others. You can also check the last-minute deals.

  • Watch out for combo deals

While you may have to pay off a bit more amount for the flight deals, if you can bundle your hotel, flight, rental car, hotel and other activities, this can reduce the entire cost of spontaneous trip. There are several websites which offer good value packages for vacations.

  • Travel through a train and ditch the plane

Unless you’re someone who is traveling to a destination where there is huge demand and where you have to book ahead of time, you can look for an alternative like traveling in a train. There are websites too where you can watch out for promotions and discount offers.

Therefore, whenever you’re traveling at the last minute, follow a guide for last minute travel so that you don’t spoil your vacation by making the most common mistakes due to lack of time. Make sure you also follow the hacks given above.

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The Benefits and drawbacks of Hard Money Loan

Property investors are frequently confused by a few property terms, particularly the beginning investors. Most of them plan to improve their financing options and have an interest in what “hard money loan” is. Hard money lenders are often individuals or small groups that lend money in line with the collateral, or your credit rating. It’s known as hard since it is generally harder to repay. these financing options are temporary loan with greater rate of interest and upfront fee. Many beginning investors believe it is dangerous, when credit is tight however, obtain access to funding is vital for the prosperity of real estate investments. Let us have a look from the benefits and drawbacks from the these financing options.

The professionals from the these financing options:

More financing options: Hard money loan is among the loan types despite the fact that there are plenty of variations between conventional loan and difficult money loan. Hard money loan is simpler to gain access to, if you do not satisfy the strict conventional loan term, maybe it’s a good option. You are able to frequently close the transaction faster, with less documents compared to conventional government loan.

More collateral options: Hard money lenders accept various kinds of collateral. You should use your own house along with the future cash flows from the property as collateral. It enables you to definitely borrow as much as 75% from the property’s value. If you’re lacking funding, you can’t satisfy the minimum LTV ratio, you may also use other assets just like your house, possessions, and retirement funds as collateral. Be cautious and manage the potential risks correctly since you may lose other assets contrary bad happens.

More versatility: Many savvy investors use hard-money loan to invest in the repairs and renovations. You are able to close the transaction faster and generate a separate escrow account having a loan provider to cover repairs and renovations.

The disadvantages of those loans:

Greater cost and risk: Lenders generally require greater rate of interest and upfront charges. These financing options are mainly temporary. Therefore, to satisfy the stricter loan terms, investors need to positively manage the chance of an investment. Within the lower market, investors encounter significant chance of not able to pay back the loans and lose the collateral qualities along with other assets.

Lower ratios: Hard money lenders are simple to access, however the loan-to-value rations are normal lower. Inside a conventional government loan program, you’ll be able to borrow 80 to 90 % from the property’s value whilst in the hard money loan you are able to only borrow as much as 75 %.

If you get the approval, you will receive cash or check on that day. The money loan Singapore is given at most places because they do not like to keep them. However, if this is a check that you have to do, take your fast cash loan and keep it in its own right.

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Main Attractions Of Colombo

Colombo is the largest city and the commercial capital of Sri Lanka. With a population of about 5 million, it is situated on the west coast of the island nation. Colombo is considered a vibrant place which houses a beautiful mix of modern life which is accentuated by colonial ruins and buildings. Its nearness to the sea also means that it has a large harbour and has a strategic position on the east-west sea routes, a title it has held on for 2,000 years.

If you want to visit this unique city then we advise you to opt for the air route through the Bandaranaike Airport which allows both national and international flights. This makes securing Singapore to Colombo flights, Malaysia to Colombo flights, Dubai to Colombo flights and more such easy.

Now that the travel plans are set, you would surely love to read up on the main attractions- we have made a list for that:

National Museum

If you are a history buff and also love architecture then the National Museum is the place you must pay a visit to. This is the largest museum in Sri Lanka and was constructed in 1877, suffice to say that it really is a matter of pride of the island nation. Built in Italian architectural fashion, the museum houses some of the best collections of historical Kandyan dynasty rulers. It also contains rich palm leaf manuscripts in various languages like Telugu, Burmese, Tamil, Sinhala and more so.

Attidiya Bird Sanctuary

Want to take a break from all the traveling, people and crowds- then we recommend checking out this bird sanctuary located in Boralesgamuwa. It provides sanctuary to at the very least 50 different species of birds which are both migratory as well as local. You will also find butterflies, insects, water monitors and more in this biodiverse area. But we also recommend being fully covered as the place is also an active hub of mosquitoes.

St Anthony’s Church

One of the most frequented places in Sri Lanka, the church is flocked by devotees during major festivals and during Tuesdays. The religious believe that the place has produced miracles. Located in Kochchikade, the main altar houses a statue of St. Anthony that was brought from Goa. If you want to attend the services then know that the benediction services take place only in Sinhala, English, and Tamil.

Dehiwala Zoo

Also known as the National Zoological Gardens, it is situated at Anagarika Dharmapala Mawatha, Dehiwala and was built in 1936 with the aim of providing protection to a variety of birds and animals. Don’t miss out on the performances by chimpanzees, sea lions and elephants while visiting here. You can also bring family and kids along at dehiwala is known for exotic varieties of birds, mammals, fishes, amphibians, reptiles, butterflies and more.

Colombo is a city which lives in its own special culture- ones it has amalgamated as a result of its long trading history and the subsequent colonial one which has now mixed in with its vibrant local culture. It’s one city which houses many cultures and that alone makes it a must-see place.

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Platinum SEO for your Optimization Needs

Within the competitive realm of Internet, thousands and thousands of internet companies, websites and blogs are sprouting like mushrooms everyday-making the internet saturated with sites and pages that should be indexed. However, internet surfers are bombarded because of so many websites and blogs to select from. Should you possess a blog or perhaps a site and you need to land on the top from the search engine results, then you’ll want the Platinum SEO plug-in.

Platinum SEO Pack is really a WordPress SEO plug-for the reason that was created by Rajesh. It is built to end up being the improved form of the All-in-One SEO Pack that is one other popular SEO plug-set for WordPress. This plug-in automates your blog’s optimization process and offers a effective on-site SEO tool to create your WordPress website more visible within the search engine results produced by different search engines like google.

Those who are while using All-in-One SEO plug-in can shift to Platinum SEO pack effortlessly since the latter instantly imports prior settings. The SEO Pack can also be suitable for a number of other WordPress plug-ins for example Ultimate Tag Warrior, Auto Meta and much more.

Exactly what does the Platinum SEO Pack do?

– Creates SEO-friendly meta-tags instantly

– Screens your website’s duplicate content

– Employs the very best SEO practices

– Enables inclusion of meta-descriptions and meta-keywords to the area of the site

– Enables alterations in permalinks without reduction in page ranking

– Enables users to include metadata

– Offers numerous SEO features for example noindex, follow or nofollow, add index, noarchive, nosnippet and much more.

– Free of charge WordPress SEO plug-in

– Downloadable plug-by which will come in different languages for that ease of users

– Increases the optimization score of the site or blog

Do you know the things Platinum SEO can’t do?

– This plug-in does not work easily with earlier versions of WorPress.

– Dynamic generation of keywords for posts and pages

– Capital of category titles

– Specs of a summary of pages to exclude in the optimization process

So how exactly does an individual install Platinum SEO Pack Plug-in?

You do not need brain surgery so that you can install the Platinum SEO plug-in. Searching for that plug-in in your WordPress dashboard and install as with every other plug-in your soul used before. You are able to unzip the contents and upload these to your directory inside your blog’s “wordpress-content/plugins/directory” using the FTP client or sign in to your blog admin, visit Plugins management and upload the zip file directly with the “Add New=> Upload” option. Once the plug-was finally installed, visit the primary “installed” plug-ins table and click on the “Activate” link. Voila! You are done!

An important factor you have to remember would be that the Platinum SEO plug-in implements its functionality with the addition of “actions” towards the WordPress “get_header” functionality. Make certain your theme performs the conventional tasks when generating HTML headers. When you are completed with cellular phone along with other tasks, you can easily watch for your site to enhance its ranking as well as for visitors to increase.

The SEO Singapore agency would offer you with the best services for your websites to rank on the top ranks of popular search engines. They would offer you with top rated services to suit your website ranking needs for a reasonable amount.

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Where to Invest Money For Good Returns In India?


Risk is directly proportional to return. If the risk is low, return will be low and vice versa. Now to get more returns, you have to invest in market linked investments rather than going for fixed income investments.

There are some options in which you can choose from to get higher returns:

Direct Equity:

Not everyone can afford to invest in equity as it is a volatile asset and there is no guarantee of returns. It is difficult to pick the right stock, timing of your entry and exit. But the fascinating thing is that over the time also, equity has been able to deliver higher returns than all other assets.

But, alongside, the risk of losing is also very high until or unless you chose to opt for stop-loss methods to compensate your losses.

Peer to Peer Lending (P2P) Platforms:

This is a new concept in India and started only 2-3 years back. You can say it is form of crowd funding where loans are raised from the people who want to lend by the group of people who need the money at certain interest rate for a fixed tenure. P2P Lending platforms connect borrowers with lenders in a seamless and hassle manner. Investor get an opportunity to earn high returns by lending money to qualified borrowers. Entire process is managed by P2P lending platforms. It is so easy that anyone can start lending without any hassle.  P2P Lending platforms are regulated by RBI and only those platforms who have received license from RBI can do this business in India. P2P Lending platforms are fast becoming a smart investment option for many millennial investors.

Even peer to peer lending is not devoid of risks as this kind of loan is an unsecured loan and borrowers may default to pay back the amount. However, prudent P2P Lending platform like i2iFunding has put in robust and new age credit evaluation process which ensures risk of default is reduced significantly.

Real Estate:

This kind of investment is basically investing in capital. This class of investment is highly illiquid.

Returns in real estate delivers returns in two different ways i.e. capital appreciation and rentals.

Bank Fixed Deposit:

FD is one of the safest options to invest in India. According to the rules of Deposit Insurance And Credit Guarantee Corporation (DICGC), every depositor in the bank will be insured up to a maximum amount of Rs 1 lakh. You may opt to get a cumulative interest for monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or yearly intervals.

Equity Mutual Funds:

It majorly consists of investing in equity stocks. As per the guidelines of Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) mutual fund regulations, atleast 65 percent of its assets must be invested by equity mutual fund scheme. An equity fund can be managed actively or passively.

Public Provident Fund:

PPF has a long duration of 15 years; therefore the overall interest return becomes huge, especially in later years. Because sovereign guarantee backs up the interest and the principal invested, it is a safe investment.

Debt Mutual Funds:

Debt funds will get you steady returns. They comprise of very less risk factors as compared to equity funds. Debt mutual funds invest in fixed-interest generating securities.

National Pension Scheme:

The national pension scheme is a long term investment. It is retirement focused investment.

It is managed by Pension Fund Regulatory and Development Authority (PFRDA). It is a mixture of equity, fixed deposits, corporate bonds, liquid funds and government funds.

Investing In Gold:

One of the oldest investments done by Indians has been in the form of gold. Earlier it used to be in the form of jewelry or gold coins only but now the options have widened up in the form of gold deposit scheme, gold ETF, gold mutual funds, etc

Initial Public Offerings:

In IPO, they have two types of markets i.e. primary and secondary market. In primary market, company’s shares are initially made available to the public. Company’s shares cannot be listed on exchange without that. An offer made to the public i.e. public issue to subscribe to the share capital of the company at a certain specified price. Thereafter, the shares are allotted to the applicants as per the rules and regulations prescribed.

Once, the shares are listed, they become part of the secondary market. In secondary market, the investors can now buy or sell shares. The risk factor in this investment is that the prices of shares might double or they might even decline to more than half.


There are many other options for investment in India like equity-linked savings scheme, annuities, certificate of deposit, treasury inflation protected securities (TIPS) municipal bonds, etc. Not every investment is a safe investment. Some investments give you fixed income while others depend upon the market fluctuation. But both kinds of investments play their own role in the process of wealth creation. For the long run, you should make the best use of both the investments i.e. using both of them reasonably.

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Affordable SEO Services

Affordable SEO services is nearly symbolic of ‘ineffective Search engine optimization services’ nowadays, but because of a couple of good but cheap firms that really deliver, this status is rapidly altering. Good but affordable Search engine optimization companies can provide you with real bang for your buck. Here are the a lot of things they are able to provide for your website.

Affordable content. Good Search engine optimization companies can supply you professional website content which contains all of the best keywords within the right densities. They can study your market after which enhance your attract that market through words. The information they offer is professionally-written — the result is all of the correct grammatical rules of normal British, and it is very readable and fascinating.

Affordable Site restructuring. Search engine optimization firms that offer good services for any low cost can also perform all standard coding strategies to optimize your website for internet search engine algorithms. They ought to be in a position to create clean HTML codes for the site fix your sitemap, generate a better navigation panel, create Nourishes and ROR files, for instance.

Affordable linking and submission. Good Search engine optimization companies must likewise be able to submit your website towards the best search engines like google and directories, plus evaluate and logically expand your link base – all for any reasonable price.

Cheap services that don’t work

Some sketchy Search engine optimization companies claim to achieve the ability enhance your internet search engine ranking overnight. Edge in the game by using dishonest Search engine optimization practices including keyword stuffing (which, incidentally, doesn’t any longer work). Incidents where go so far as to put ‘hidden’ text in your pages – text that’s designed in exactly the same color because the page’s background. Many low quality Search engine optimization companies also employ link farms as well as junk e-mail search engines like google. Keep in mind that while these tactics you can get improved search engine rankings initially, search engines like google will probably get caught up and reprimand you very quickly. Your website could possibly get suspended as well as banned, squandering your much more money. Just like anything, you receive that which you purchase.

The SEO services would not charge exorbitantly. However, you should remember that SEO is a continuous process. Therefore, you would be required to work with the agency to enhance your ranking in popular search engines on regular basis for an affordable price.

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 LH-Crypto – a unique crypto currency broker

LH-Crypto is a project that emerged as a result of a successful ICO held at the end of 2017. Today, LH-Crypto is practically the only full-fledged working crypto broker in the world. The uniqueness of this project is that clients of the company have the opportunity to open trading accounts in any of the most liquid cryptocurrency in order to then carry out operations for the sale and purchase of various instruments presented by the broker. It is widely known that today cryptocurrency has won a considerable segment of the market of the active Internet community and many are investing in this fundamentally new type of money. But due to its exotic nature, the crypt has not yet gained mass distribution, and it is sometimes difficult for it to operate. So, in order to get a banal purchase of any of the virtual currency units, you need to do this through one of the crypto exchanges or buy it at cash at your own risk by meeting with unknown sellers. To exchange a crypt for Fiat also have to look for a buyer on the exchange or for cash. Thus, in order to earn money on a crypto currency, you will have to purchase it at a lower price, wait for its growth (if it happens at all in the foreseeable future) and then successfully sell it, quickly finding a buyer, which is not always possible. A broker LH-Crypto provides an excellent opportunity to make money on a crypt quickly and also quickly withdraw the earned funds if necessary or invest them further.

So what does LH-Crypto offer?

A number of services that allow you to invest cryptocurrency in trading Forex and CFD instruments on stocks, raw materials and crypt. The list of tools today is represented by more than two hundred most diverse trading tools:

  • a wide range of currency pairs – from the traditional euro and the dollar to the exotic New Zealand dollar and the Mexican peso
  • more than a hundred shares of global companies (CFD contracts)
  • metals and raw materials (CFD)
  • crypto currency
  • a special exclusive tool presented only in LH-Crypto: synthetic pairs combining crypto currency and raw materials or metals

LH-Crypto combines the capabilities of the exchange – investing in cryptocurrency – and the broker’s advantages – trading with high leverage, that is, a chance to earn money with a very small deposit.

Broker fees from transactions made in LH-Crypto are as low as possible – from 0.2% per lot for crypto instruments and from 0.015% for Forex. In addition, another innovation of the broker was the introduction of the so-called Rolling Swap. Swap is the commission charged for transferring the transaction to another day and, as a rule, it is fixed, which is a significant cost for the trader who leaves the transaction for more than 1 day. In LH_Crypto, they abandoned the rigidly fixed swap and introduced a system in which the swap is minimal in the first few days and then begins to grow gradually.

Depending on the chosen tariff, customers can open an account completely anonymously, which is extremely preferable for traders from a number of countries with tight regulation of virtual currency turnover up to their complete ban. Of course, with such an organization of work, account replenishment and other operations are possible only with crypto currencies, which are in many ways so attractive precisely because they allow their owners to remain incognito. For those customers who are ready to identify themselves, LH-Crypto offers a wider range of ways to replenish trading accounts using plastic cards and bank transfer. Also for all types of tariffs available replenishment through various payment systems (PerfectMoney, Qiwi, etc).

LH-Crypto allows its customers to open accounts not only in crypto currencies, but also in the fiat currency of the old world – the euro, and the automatic withdrawal system allows the client to withdraw profits in the shortest possible time, without filling out any papers.

Today, LH-Crypto is a rapidly growing company, so the services provided will be improved, and the range of services will increase, but now what the broker offers to its customers can be called a revolutionary solution.

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Why does Google give importance to responsive website design?

Google has recently confirmed that how many internal people have doubted for years – sites which are not optimized for multiple users, their search reduces rankings. Google supports your ranking, how useful a page is for a user-registered query, as well as the usefulness of the site – for example, can a user complete the action they want?

Your page may be fully relevant to their search, but if visitors do not reach content easily on many devices, then less likely to be positive on your Website Design  and the search results may be reduced. If your company decreases in another or third page entry, you will lose a lot of traffic because people naturally prefer the link from the first page.

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