February 2019


Gifting your Customers  : Have you Thought About it?

Do you have a custom of giving a customer gift every year? Do you give away door gifts or a gift like a branded ball pen? It is then a very thoughtful gesture that proves that you are concerned about the customer relationship. However, to do so, do not be too generous because it could cost you a lot. The tax on corporate gifts is indeed an important detail to remember. Thus, here are some topics that may interest you in this regard so that you have points of reference when you choose the gift to offer.

The Profit Tax and the Customer Gift:

If we refer to industrial and commercial profits or business tax, a customer gift is entitled to a tax deduction on two conditions: it must be purchased as part of a business need and its value must not exceed a certain value. But these conditions are applied according to the specificities of your company, especially its size, its field of activity, etc.

In addition, if you allocate more than 3,000 euros per year in gifts for your employees and customers, you must put it on your statement of overhead costs 2067 that you must provide when declaring your annual result. If, on the other hand, your company is an individual company, the corporate gifts must be entered in the 2031 tar annex of the declaration of result.

VAT On the Customer Gift:

If you are considering a gift worth 69 dollars TTC every year and for each beneficiary, whether the purchase price or the cost price, you do not have to regularize your situation with respect to the VAT applicable.

On the other hand, if the value of the customer gift is greater than 69 dollars, you must make regularization. You have two cases that come to you:

  • If your company bought the gifts from a company specializing in corporate gifts, you must pay the VAT that will be deducted.
  • If your company has preferred to design the gifts in question, you must have them delivered yourself. This allows you to play on a fictitious tax mechanism that assumes that you sell yourself these gifts, and that in this sense, you must collect the VAT that is applied to it.

However, you do not have to pay VAT if the one on the purchase price or the manufacturing costs were not recovered during the acquisition / manufacture.


In addition, it is important to know that the VAT payment is only to be made if the customer gift is a good. But, if it is for services, such as an invitation for example, it is completely exempt from VAT and you do not have any regularization to do.

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Reasons Why You Need To Upgrade To Windows 10 Home!

A good operating system is essential for your gadgets to work efficiently. And in this run Microsoft has come to be known as one of the distinct operating systems for personal computers and laptops. It doesn’t just provide for a flexible operating system but a variety of tools and aid to bring about a holistic experience.

New versions of Microsoft windows are launched from time to time to keep the users updated with new technology. Ever since the launch of Windows 10 came along people went buying the Windows 10 home key for its added features and even better outlook! Here are some reasons which seem compelling enough to pull people towards Windows 10.

Speedy performance

Windows 10 brings in power to the PCs to perform tasks in a speedier process. The software along with the processor of the hardware combines to help the users perform robust tasks with efficiency. The system is fast and speedy for tasks that involve even the most complex and crucial moves. Therefore it appeals the developers, engineers and computer technicians the most.

Cloud computing

Through Windows 10 home the cloud computing has been brought to life. There is no need for a person to save all the files and folders on the hardware when they can do it on the cloud. Through cloud storage and server one doesn’t need extra space and can keep their files secured for anytime access. It uplifts the experience of the users to login from anywhere and access their files for work!


Windows 10 brings along an integrated assistant – Cortana. The lovers of Amazon home and Apple must have already been enjoying their amazing assistants i.e. Alexa and Siri. Cortana is Windows answer to integrated assistance. The users can now ask questions, instruct and even get their searches done by just commanding Cortana to do it for them.

Microsoft Edge browser

Microsoft brings its most coveted Edge browser back on Windows 10 with improved speed and compatibility, now called the Spartan. The browser is set to bring good browsing experience with extensions that support AdBlock, LastPass, Auto filter etc. It’s a dynamic, safe and secured browsing experience.

Microsoft Windows 10 home along with a lot of features encapsulates the latest of universal apps, software, storage safety and a robust outlook which is inspiring enough to invest in them. All the previous experience of Windows versions stand outdated with this exciting new addition!

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10 Fun Facts about Water

Water is a vital necessity for all life forms. It covers over 70% of the surface of the entire planet, and can even be found under the surface of the earth! Water also has a powerful influence on the world economy since humans use water not only for consumption but also for agriculture, as a solvent, bathing, etc.

But what is Water? Dalton’s atomic theory states that all matter is made up of atoms. The atoms that form water are two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom, giving water the chemical formula ‘H2O’. Here are 10 more Fun Facts about Water.

  • Approximately 68.7% of all the fresh water available on the planet is trapped in glaciers.
  • Water makes up 95% of the composition of Cucumbers and Jellyfish.
  • Approximately 70% of the human brain is made of water.
  • Upon freezing, water expands by about 9%.
  • To manufacture 1 ton of steel, 300 tons of water is required.
  • In some conditions, hot water can freeze faster than cold water.
  • A swimming pool takes an average of 83,000 liters to fill.
  • It is the most common substance on the planet since it covers over 70% of its surface.
  • Drinking too much water can prove fatal to humans.

To learn more about water, visit BYJU’S and subscribe to its YouTube channel.

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An Overview: Property Investment in Egypt’s New Capital

The concept of a New Administrative Capital for Egypt was first announced in 2015. Stretching over 1,133 acres, the new green and smart city is the government’s solution to accommodating Egypt’s ever-growing population and expanding urban areas. It is strategically located on a patch of unexplored land between Cairo and the Suez Canal, 50 kms to the East of New Cairo. According to the Egyptian authorities, the project’s first phase budget is around $8 billion with estimated completion to take between 5 to 10 years.

The Pros

Such a huge undertaking can have a positive influence on social as well as economic aspects. It’s an opportunity to provide seasonal and fulltime employment for many types of workers, thus bringing down unemployment rates significantly. By hook or by crook, it will also ease the heavy density of Cairo’s population to a new integrated government hub that will contribute to the daily errands of the society making it more tolerable in Cairo as well as the New Capital.

The planned state-of-the-art infrastructure of Egypt’s New Capital City appears very promising; it has schools, hospitals, and public transport for the new residents of the city. The city will be equipped with world class facilities including educational, cultural, hospitality services, entertainment; and, an international airport. The project will also include a Central Business District composed of 20 high rise towers, one of which will be the tallest in Africa.  When it comes to economic prospects, the gains of such a colossal project is expected to attract foreign direct investments from all over the world that puts Egypt’s New Capital on pedestal with Abu Dhabi, Singapore and other imminent modern cities. With the Egyptian economy currently at a financial boost, the possibilities of global corporations collaborating with the nation for the sake of mutually beneficial business are infinite. This is why investment property in Egypt’s new capital is more than a boon for all.

The Cons

On the other hand, the government must take into consideration the potential drawbacks of the project. The pricing of residential units must ensure that homes are not only accessible by the rich minority but also made available to all classes of the population, thus ensuring social equality.  Also, the government should consider the population consensus on how soon to transform the new city into Egypt’s capital and sub-classing Cairo. If this step is implemented relatively quickly, it could deem the new city as a ghost town. This scenario has happened with many other cities built from scratch such as Caofeidian in China. In addition, the expectations for Egypt’s New Administrative Capital may have been set high; some critics warn that unrealistic aspirations can undermine the project’s long-term success prospects.


There is quite a lot going for this new city and if all goes as planned, it could well be a new property hotspot that will attract many foreign investors. As with many investment opportunities there are always risks that need to be carefully considered. Many local property experts argue that Egypt’s New Capital is a sound investment decision for small and large businesses, as well as homebuyers. With the amount of government support and interest from local and foreign developers, there is a good chance that this ambitious project could become a great success. Will Egypt’s New Capital be a winning investment for the scores of investors who have already purchased off-plan units in one of its many residential and commercial projects? Will it achieve the capital appreciation and rental incomes that they hope for? Only time will tell.

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Obtaining Payday Loans Online

The convenience of obtaining a microloan consists not only in the fact that it can be issued immediately but also in the convenience of a refund. When applying for microloans, there are several options for returning the amount of debt.

Stages of getting online loan

Payday Loans Online is a company that helps users to get the most relevant credit for them. It is not necessary to have a perfect credit history, because the company finds options for different users. Anyway, there are different options on the market, so the users can select something that fits their needs. To get an online loan, you should go to the website of the microfinance organization that you have chosen to cooperate. Remember that you should make sure that the organization providing financial services has the appropriate license. Typically, the site can be found with all permits and terms of service. Here are the main stages:

  • Decide on the amount you need. It can be in the range of $100 – $30000 in the Payday Loans Online company. Try to specify the most accurate amount. Remember that on the basis of the loan amount, a payment is made for the use of the loan, so do not ask for extra money
  • Determine the period during which borrowed funds will be used. It can be only 3 days or a whole month. For the convenience of users, it is usually possible to choose a period with an interval of 1 day
  • Fill out a short form, it is necessary to specify some personal data (including four last numbers of the social security number).

With a positive decision, the money will come to your card. In some companies, if you do not have a card, you can get a loan for an electronic wallet. However, for Payday Loans Online, it is necessary for users to have the bank account without overdrawn

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How does Studypool Makes Homework Help Easy

Are you searching for the best in business homework help services online? You would be spoilt for options. However, not all homework help services would be able to cater to your specific homework completion needs in the best manner possible. Therefore, you should look for the right option suitable to your specific needs. Among the several options available online, Studypool provides the best mystatlab answers. The major reason has been their faculty. The tutors working with Studypool has been verified and experienced in the arena. They would offer you with the right solutions to various kinds of mystatlab questions.

In case, you were wondering on the working of Studypool homework help services, you should rest assured that it offers easy to navigate website. The platform would require the student to register with the homework help service in order to make the most of the homework assistance provided by verified tutors. About the tutors, you should rest assured that they would be highly qualified to handle all kinds of statistics questions in the right manner. Among the several websites offering homework help services, Studypool would not hire students for completing your assignments, homework, or paper. That makes it the best in business homework help service.

In case, you were having significant trouble with a specific mystatlab question, you could post the question online. The platform would cater you with an opportunity to post the question along with the quoted amount and stipulated time limit to complete the assignment. The tutors associated with Studypool would place their bids on the question. It would imply they agree to the price and time of delivery. You would be required to choose the right tutor suitable for the job. Only after being satisfied with the content, you would be required to pay the tutor for completed assignment.

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How to Make Valentine’s Day Special for your Partner?

Valentines is a day of love which brings love, joy and happiness all around. Your plans to spend a good time with your loved ones on a special day. But it is not only physical appearance that matters when you want to make Valentine’s day special for your loved ones, but there is also a good bit of preparation that you need yourself to indulge in. So what your plans to surprise them? Well, we are here give some ideas on how you can make a valentine’s day more special for your partner and make them yours forever.

Unexpected romance

What a romantic! You gave a quiet nod and tired smile to thank your love of life. Waking your partner with a kiss on their forehead and taking breakfast for them, is the best and lovely start on a special day for them. Make their that moment wow and ask them about a romantic dance. Hold their hands and say thank to being in your life. The way you will make them special comprel to give you a strong hug for sure.

Send Valentine’s Day Gifts

Gifts always ideal to build a relationship healthier!  On the day of love, you can gift them heart-melting gift through which you can convey your message of love to them. Present them romantic gifts along with Valentine flowers to add magic into your love-life. Gratify them with your love, care and affection with the help of valentine’s day gifts and spread the happiness in your special day.

Love Letters

Writing a love letter is best and romantic idea which bring the thousand of smile on their face and enhance your love for sure. Express your unspoken feeling of heart and make their day memorable one. Make to them more special. Send something heart melting in the whole day like chocolate, flower teddy bear, which includes a love letter and remind them your sweet memories which you both spent together from your meeting to till now.

Visit a theme park

Theme parks are never out of fashion because of the new and innovative rides and attractions that are added every year. Go for an amusement park is probably one of the best ways to surprise your partner on a special day of valentine’s day. Spend a quality of time will give them a limitless happiness for sure. Book your tickets a couple of days in advance so that you don’t need to stand in a long queue to get the tickets.

A surprise dinner plan

A surprise dinner plan always be the best idea to make your partner feel special and unique! Visit their favorite place, set a musical team with a Valentine cake for wishing them valentine’s day. Make the night more special, sit on your knees and romantically propose them. Fill them with great joy and keep your date warm with marshmallow heart hot chocolate. Tea with heart-shaped sugar cubes works to add magic at the moment.

And at the end of this all, your partner will appreciate that extra bit of effort that you did to surprise them with something unique. Thus, these ideas can help you to make valentine’s day special for your partner. So, go for it! Enjoy your special day together delightedly.

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5-Star Hotels in Chennai to look for

There comes the point in life when you look beyond the superficial and reach for the finer things in life. You make decisions to spend on yourself or indulge in the one hobby you always wanted but, time and the busy schedule did not let you. Read this article if you are at such a stage or well, heading there at least.

Travel destinations and the list for solo travelling is never-ending. So, before you pull out that list here’s something you can do immediately – treat yourself to a luxurious stay in a few of Chennai’s 5-star hotels. Do this for three reasons:

  • To witness excellent customer’s service
  • Indulge in luxury
  • Relax and unwind

Below we list down few of the luxury Chennai hotels to look for as you head there:

  1. The Residency Towers: 

The Residency Towers is one the most visited hotels in Chennai. With the exceptional customer care, this hotels also offer a multi-lingual and friendly staff. The hotel offers amenities such as a pool, fitness centre and sauna. Apart from this, there is also a coffee and bar lounge to unwind. The garden space lets you breathe in the fresh air. For business visitors, there is a 24-hour business centre and meeting room. They also provide you with free parking space and valet parking.

  1. The Leela Palace, Chennai: 

Along with the full-service spa, this hotel also an outdoor pool and a spa tub. Luncheons and dinners usually feature a wide spread of continental, regional and Indian dishes. This hotel in Chennai features three restaurants along with a café. They offer both – wired and wireless Internet access, which is available at a surcharge. The Leela Palace in Chennai offers a limo and town car service.

The Leela Palace Chennai has also designated areas for smoking so that the non-smoking guest are not disturbed with the smoke.

  1. Park Hyatt, Chennai: 

This hotel is known for its business-related amenities such as their business centre and meeting rooms that feature modern amenities. This hotel in Chennai also offers pick-up and drop services to its guests.

For the family, this property features a kid’s pool, a nightclub and a hot tub. A roundtrip airport shuttle (available 24 hours) can be hired on a surcharge.  Park Hyatt features a fully-functional spa and fitness centre. The rooms sport modern amenities and conveniences. The restaurant, lounges, and cafes of the hotel are famous for its innovative cocktails, excellent cuisine and authentic beverages. A swim-up bar is another facility available at the hotel. Guests can access the free Wi-Fi once they have checked in.

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