March 2022


A case for investing in Equity Funds with your ULIP

When you are planning your finances, there are some investments you choose to secure your life and some to generate high returns. There are financial instruments these days that provide security along with investment, like a Unit Linked Insurance Plan (ULIP). A ULIP is a type of life insurance with an investment component to it. When you buy a ULIP policy, half of the premium amount you pay is used towards providing you with a life cover, and the other half is used towards investments. In case the policyholder loses their life during the tenure of the ULIP, they will receive a sum assured. It creates financial security for your loved one in your absence. However, if the policyholder has survived when the ULIP has matured, they will receive the sum of investment along with its return.

The fund performance of a ULIP is directly subjected to market volatility. For the investment part of ULIP, an investor has several benefits that most traditional programs fail to offer. If one has never invested in equity markets or finds it too risky, a ULIP is the perfect instrument to start with. Here are some reasons you should invest in equity funds through your ULIP-

  • High returns
    ULIPs that are allocated in equity funds are high risk and often offer high returns. When compared to other life insurance products with savings or investment components, a ULIP with equity funds offers much higher returns. Also, these returns easily beat the returns you get from traditional investments like Fixed Deposits (FDs).
  • Flexibility to switch funds
    When you are investing in ULIPs, based on your risk appetite, you have three options to allocate your funds in; equity, debt, and balanced funds. If you are afraid of putting all your money in equity, you can balance out the risk by investing in a balanced fund. In balanced funds, half of your money is invested in equity and the other half is invested in debt. So, the risk is moderate and so are the returns.You can also invest in equity funds initially and later switch to debt funds. Several investors prefer to switch from equity to debt during the time of maturity. They earn great returns from their equity allocations in the initial years and later, to reduce the risk, they invest the money in debt funds. The flexibility of switching your allocation accelerates the fund performance of ULIP as it helps one to mitigate the risks and make the most of market fluctuations.
  • Enables long-term wealth generation
    ULIP in the long haul helps in wealth generation through the power of compounding. It helps one to achieve their long-term financial goals like buying their dream house, their child’s education, or simply their retirement. Equity funds of ULIP offer high returns which in the long run can multiply with compounding. Use a ULIP plan calculator to get an estimate on the returns of your ULIP and to determine whether the investment is enough for your goals. With a goal-oriented approach, the investments and returns of ULIP would benefit one greatly in the long haul.
  • Allows partial withdrawal
    Traditional investments like FDs restrict partial withdrawals and one may have to break their FD to access the funds in it. With your ULIP policy, you can make free partial withdrawals after the lock-in period. The lock-in period for most ULIPs is five years. If you need to withdraw funds early before the lock-in period, you can, but you would have to pay certain fees for it. The feature of partial withdrawals is handy during times of emergencies.
  • Tax benefits
    ULIP is a tax-saving instrument where you receive tax benefits at every stage of your policy. The premiums that you pay for your ULIP are exempt from taxes under Section 80C of the Income Tax Act. Most insurance companies allow you to switch between funds at least two or three times, levying no charges. When your ULIP matures, the investment and returns that you receive are also exempt from taxes. Under section 10 (10D) of the Income Tax Act, the sum assured received after maturity and the life cover, both are tax-free.

The returns and flexibility of ULIP with equity funds have made it a more popular investment choice than most traditional investments. Planning your ULIP investments, using a ULIP plan calculator, and taking financial decisions, accordingly, will enable you to meet your long-term goals.

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Four ways to earn money without investment for retired individuals

Retired individuals have a wealth of experience and contacts. They can use this to their advantage and earn money in retirement. While there are many ways to earn money in retirement, only a few allow retired individuals to earn cash without investment. Here is a guide that details the different ways in which retired individuals can earn money without investment.

  1. Tutoring

Retired individuals have extensive knowledge of a concept or industry. They can use this advantage to help youngsters excel in the same field. Tutoring allows retired people to share their insights into an industry or concept with aspiring youngsters and earn money through it. The amount of monthly income earned through tutoring varies based on factors, such as the tutors’ experience and the background of the incoming students.

  1. Using referral apps

Real money earning apps, such as the MyFIRST Partner app, can enable retired individuals to tap into their contacts and earn money without investment. These apps do not attract charges yet allow you to make over ₹40,000 a month. They’re easy to use, so retired individuals will not have any problem getting to grips with the applications.

The signup process for such apps is straightforward as well. If you are looking to connect with the MyFIRST Partner app for earning money, here is what you need to do:

  • Gather the essential documents, such as your PAN card and Aadhaar card
  • Download the MyFIRST Partner app from the Play Store or App Store
  • Upload a clear photograph
  • Update your personal information and upload a copy of the required documents
  • Enter your bank details
  • Verify your details using an OTP

Once you complete these steps, your registration will be complete. You can begin earning through the MyFIRST Partner app. The program allows you to earn 1.5% of every successful loan disbursal. Hence, the more loans your contacts get, the more you will earn.

  1. Writing books

Retired individuals are masters of a concept or industry. They have an in-depth understanding of what makes a successful product or business. They can share this knowledge by writing books and selling them via offline and online portals. Besides helping earn money with zero investment, writing books is also a great way to help youngsters. It can serve as motivation and help them excel in their future endeavours.

  1. Becoming a consultant

Another way retired individuals can leverage their experience is by becoming a consultant. It is not a full-time job but still pays well. They can advise companies on crucial business decisions and projects, helping them scale quickly. Depending on the industry and company, consultants can receive over one lakh.

These methods can help earn money in retirement as well as enable retired individuals to share their experiences for others’ benefit. Their knowledge and expertise can play a valuable role in shaping the future of youngsters and the country.

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How to grow your online business by getting personal loan referrals?

Online business is growing in popularity with more and more people opting for remote working. Being an entrepreneur gives you numerous ways to earn money online, but not all are quite productive to help you grow your business. A personal loan referral program can be a wise choice if you want to earn more without investing any money.

Most banks and financial institutions turn to their customers to get more business for their financial products. With a refer and earn program, you get a chance to increase your income and profit in business. You are paid for every qualified referral you get for the personal loan product. IDFC FIRST Bank offers you an online business opportunity to earn more money through its personal loan affiliate program.

With the MyFIRST Partner App, the bank helps you become a referral partner without any investment. You need to refer the people who you know for personal loans. Such referrals should be eligible for the loan and apply online. IDFC FIRST Bank offers one of the best money-earning apps in India for entrepreneurs, housewives, travel and insurance agents, and financial advisers to start an online business and work anywhere, anytime.

Here’s how IDFC FIRST Bank’s personal loan referral program helps grow your business.

  • Join the referral program

The MyFIRST Partner App from IDFC FIRST Bank is one of the highest-paying referral apps in India. To become a part of it, you have to download it on your mobile from the PlayStore or App Store. The app requires you to register by submitting your personal details such as your full name, age, date of birth, mobile number, email address and PAN Card, and Aadhaar Card details. You are also required to upload the documents like:

  • A passport-size photo
  • Scanned copies of your PAN Card and Aadhaar Card or Voter ID
  • Your bank account number and IFSC Code
  • GSTIN details, if any

You need to verify the documents by providing the one-time password (OTP), which you will receive on your registered mobile number.

  • Have as many referrals as you can

The success of your online business depends on the revenue you receive. You need to get more personal loan referrals to become successful in referral marketing. For that, you have to devise the right strategy. Identify your family members, friends, colleagues, and neighbours who are active in social circles. They can help connect you with their friends and relatives.

Talk to them about your new venture and how you can help them during a financial emergency. Most prospective referrals look up to you for solutions to their problems or better alternatives.

When in a social circle, you come across people looking for financial help to pay for children’s education, home renovation, holidays, marriage, debt consolidation, and medical expenses.

Being responsive and sincere to their questions will help you build long-term relationships with people.

  • Assist your referrals in getting a personal loan

Instant personal loans from IDFC FIRST Bank are offered to individuals and self-employed people. They can be easily applied online. The MyFIRST Partner App facilitates easy applying of personal loans up to Rs 40 lakhs at a flexible repayment schedule. All you have to do is to fill out the applicants’ personal details and upload the scanned copies of PAN Card and Aadhaar Card and the last 3-month bank statement.

The online application is processed quickly with a relationship manager taking the process ahead until the loan amount is credited to the applicant’s account.

  • Receive compensation and exciting rewards

With every loan amount disbursement, you will receive some percentage of money credited to your bank account every week. In addition, you can also earn incentives and rewards for high-quality referrals.

You can take your online business to the next level with the unlimited earning opportunity offered by the MyFIRST Partner App. It’s time you use this earn money from Internet opportunity now.

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Calculate Your SIP Amount And Portfolio Value With An Online SIP Calculator

Deciding to invest in a mutual fund through the Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) option is a good call. To make it a great call, you should use an online SIP calculator to know the right SIP amount you should choose as well as the portfolio value that you can expect.

What is a SIP mutual fund calculator?

A SIP mutual fund calculator allows you to accurately determine the amount you need to save and invest to meet your financial goals. For instance, if you are investing in a mutual fund to buy a car after three years and you need Rs 8 lakh, an online SIP calculator will tell you how much you need to begin investing monthly from now on to reach that goal in your desired timeline.

A SIP mutual fund calculator estimates the kind of returns you will earn on your mutual fund investment and gives you a projected portfolio value at the end of your investment period. This helps you have a fair idea of how much your money will amount to and allows you to compare your mutual fund investment with other investment options to see if that’s the investment best suited for this specific financial goal of yours.

How to use an online SIP calculator?

You can find a SIP calculator on most of the Asset Management Companies (AMC) official websites. Here are the things that you need to enter:

  • SIP or lumpsum investment
  • Monthly investment amount
  • Expected rate of return
  • Period in years

Here is what the result will include:

  • Total invested amount
  • Estimated returns amount
  • Total portfolio value

You can try various permutations and combinations of the monthly investment amount and the period to arrive at a total portfolio value that will allow you to meet your financial goals. As for the expected rate of return, you should look at the factsheet of the mutual fund schemes that you have zeroed in on.

Online SIP calculators tend to use this formula:

Portfolio value = P [(1+i)^n-1]*(1+i)/i]

P = SIP amount you invest
i = The rate of interest
n = The number of SIP payments you make

Things to keep in mind when using a SIP calculator

When using a mutual fund return calculator, it’s important to note the following:

  • You can use it for both a lumpsum investment as well as a SIP investment in mutual funds
  • Most mutual fund calculators do not have the option to account for inflation
  • Your portfolio value should be adjusted for the inflation rate to give you a real estimate of its worth at the end of the investment period
  • The SIP portfolio value does not account for the expense ratio and the exit load, if any
  • The rate of return is only a rough estimate, and your actual returns may differ depending on the market conditions

Final thoughts

Strategic planning is the key to personal finance and an online SIP calculator helps you do just that. By helping you figure out the ideal investment amount and tenure based on your financial goals, it gives you a clear way forward. It also takes away the headache of having to manually calculate your estimated returns and investment value when you invest in a mutual fund.

The MF calculator is a quick and convenient investment tool that you should make sure to use before you invest in any mutual fund scheme. Using it during the initial steps of financial planning and when comparing different investment options and strategies can be beneficial.

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Things To Consider When Selecting A Mold Remediation Franchise Operating Territory

Purchasing a mold remediation franchise is an attractive investment opportunity for investors. However, the most daunting task is selecting the best operational territory to acquire. A number of reasons determine the success of the mold remediation franchise operating domain. Before settling on the final franchise operating territory, it is vital to consider the necessary factors carefully. The decision made can significantly affect the long-term growth, profitability, and growth of the franchise. But why is it essential to open a mold remediation franchise?

Reasons for Opening a Mold Remediation Franchise

Most entrepreneurs seek recession resisting businesses during uncertain economic times. They mainly do this to help build better lives for themselves and their families. Most of these entrepreneurs focus on getting businesses that not only have a financial return but those that will be beneficial to the community around them. Their goal is to ensure they get more involved with residents in their operating locality. Here are more reasons why having a mold remediation franchise is essential.

Get A Chance To Be In Business.

Successful entrepreneurs know and understand that their talent, self-drive, and motivation are the critical factors in the success of every business. So, it is possible to conquer and dominate the industry with the right ethics, professionalism, and expertise. That said, it is essential to find a business with high demand that can’t overrun the competition in the industry. The mold remediation business is the best choice among all restoration services. Also, mold remediation is considered one of the safest professions that competition can’t overrun. Therefore opening a mold remediation franchise will help the entrepreneur get a chance to get involved in the business and grow over time.

Grow and Dominate In the Industry

Research shows that the mold remediation business is the safest business to involve in and has lower chances of shrinking. Therefore, opening a mold remediation franchise will help the owner have constant growth and increase the business strength in the industry. Also, property owners often require mold removal services due to aging buildings, poor construction, and wild weather. These factors recur over time hence the need for mold removal services. This means that although there might be some competition in the mold removal industry, there will be plenty of customers to serve in the franchise territory. So, the mold remediation business has higher chances of success, growth, and domination in the industry.

Helping and Getting Involved With the Community

Most property owners would not want to see their investment go to drain. So, they will invest in quality services when they feel there’s a threat to their investment. So, in the case of mold growth, property owners will hire professional mold remediation companies for effective results. This helps the company help the community to have a safer environment using their quality services. Also, the more the entrepreneurs help homeowners with mold removal, the more involved they get with the community. Getting involved with the community will lead to the success and growth of the business. Hence the need to carefully choose the mold remediation franchise territory.

Essential Factors to Consider When Choosing a Mold Franchise Operating Territory

The operating territory is one of the essential factors to consider before opening a mold remediation franchise. The decision made can significantly affect the growth, success, and running of the business. Before settling on the best mold franchise operating territory, here are some careful considerations.

Franchise Long-Term Growth Potential

Before setting up any business, the owner should have long-term plans and strategies that will help the company grow and develop. That’s why it’s critical to carefully consider the region of operation that will sustain the development of the business as needed. Also, it would help to choose a franchise structure that can accommodate development and growth if need be.

Mold Remediation Knowledge of the Industry

It would significantly help to do thorough research about the potential mold remediation business territory. So, it would help to know the number of people, the area’s average size, the type of climate in the area, and the types of homes in the region. It would also be best to know the structure of the region, for instance, whether the place is urban or rural. These factors will help in choosing the best mold remediation operating territory.

The Size of the Mold Remediation Operating Territory

The size of the franchise operating territory is a critical factor. For instance, a small region will have limited areas of service hence no need for expansion or growth. However, a large operating territory would mean more customers. Therefore there will be a need to expand the services to reach all the service areas in the region. Notably, large operating areas don’t necessarily mean success in the business.

Easy Access to Protected Operating Territories

Having exclusive operating rights is essential for mold remediation companies. The protected operating rights guarantee the franchise the right to promote their franchise brand in their defined area of operation. It would be wise to consider a designated operational area that prevents other franchise brands from promoting or operating in the entrepreneur’s operating territory.

In Summary

It would be important for entrepreneurs who want to be involved in mold remediation services to choose a franchise system that provides them with tools to help them have successful long-term businesses. As research shows, mold remediation companies are one of the businesses that have the potential to grow without being overrun by competition. This is because the demand for the services increases consistently over time. However, it is vital to choose an excellent mold remediation franchise operating area to achieve the business’s short-term and long-term objectives and goals.

The above factors will help in selecting the best-operating territory for the mold remediation franchise. Also, it gives the entrepreneurs the chance to get involved with the community in the locality of operation and help them with their mold remediation issues. More so, the factors help the franchise grow, develop and succeed even in the long term.

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Top New Movie Downloading and Online Streaming Websites

So you’re looking for a new movie to watch หนังออนไลน 2022 ? Do you want to see all of the latest movies in high definition? Do you also want to be able to watch them quickly and easily? There are a plethora of websites that allow you to view หนังออนไลน 2022, but there are a plethora of scammers, and the movies you do discover are either of bad quality or in a hundred parts! So, how can you discover a good site where you can view all of the หนังออนไลน 2022 releases?

To begin with, you should always avoid torrent sites. Even if you use anti-virus software, the files on these sites are full of viruses and spyware that can harm your machine. You should also avoid looking for new movies on sites like YouTube and other video sharing websites. You’ll nearly never find full-length, high-definition movies on them. So, where do you go from here?

For a nominal one-time cost, you can join a paid movie download service. The subscription is often around the cost of one movie in the store (maybe a little more), and you have access to massive databases full of the most recent films, all available to download fast and effortlessly. However, there are a few factors to consider while selecting a service to join.

To begin, ensure that if you pay to join a site, you are covered by a money-back guarantee. You can never know how good a service is unless you try it, and a money-back guarantee is a certain method to avoid getting ripped off. The greatest sites I’ve encountered provide a no-questions-asked eight-week money-back guarantee.

Next, look for a site that offers not just a large range of หนังออนไลน 2022 but also TV series and music. You should get the most from your money if you’re paying to join a service! You should also look for a website that offers customer service.

That’s all there is to it! On your personal computer, you may look for the most recent movies. If you’re planning on going out this Friday night with the girl of your dreams or that gorgeous boy next door, you should probably go online and search out the current movie showing hours. You may even move ahead to check what’s playing on Friday if you choose. The most recent films and showtimes are available at your fingertips.

According to a poll of moviegoers who watch comedies on the internet, they think that the notion of persistent suspension of scepticism is best suited to comedies. The enemy may have overwhelming strength at the beginning and until the climax, but the main character must be able to vanquish the scoundrel in the end. The protagonist’s victory gives viewers a sense of joy, and it is true in the real world that the good character will prevail in the end. Perhaps the ultimate strength of a comedy picture is its ability to leave moviegoers in a good mood after they’ve seen it.

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