3 US job search website for international students

It is well known that international students find it difficult to find a job in the United States after graduation. The work visa can only work for one year and you need to convince employer to spend couple thousand dollars to sponsor you for H1B. Also, you have to compete with native speakers during the interview process. The worst of all, Indian outsourcing companies, which grabs your quota, sponsor Indian to work in U.S. from India. Nowadays, it’s so hard to find a job in the United States as an international student.

How could you find a job in the US and stay here? I recently found this article in Chinese regarding 美国找工作, and realize that a good grade cannot guarantee you to find a job in U.S. at all. Indeed, it is more important what you can do and contribute to team than a good transcript from a top university. That’s why network and internship are often more important than a good transcript in the job hunting process.

The following are three websites info. mentioned in the article I found useful:

  • Indeed (

I believe that anyone who has been looking for work in the United States has heard of this website. It can be said that it is the most popular recruitment website. Basically, Job Hunters can store all their resumes in indeed’s cloud, which is very suitable for massive job hunting. But the downside is that the amount of information is too large, resulting in many similar titles but not the job you are looking for. In particular, because of the visa issue facing by international students, not many job opportunities are suitable for international students. Therefore, you waste unnecessary time when employers do not have the intention to hire international student at all.

  • ZipRecruiter (

This recruitment website that has been popular in the United States in recent years mainly cooperates with many small and medium-sized enterprises. It is very practical for international students who do not have much experiences, because multinational companies usually only recruit experienced people in the United States. In contrast, small and medium-sized enterprises do not have many restrictions, so the probability of getting H1b sponsor is greatly improved. And the simple application process of this website can reduce the time for international students to filter information and fill in the information. The only downside is that because it is easy to apply with one-click application, you often face a lot of competition and difficult to land a job eventually.

  • CareerUS (

This recruitment website has emerged in recent years. The site was originally created to help international students to find jobs in New York (纽约找工作), and later expanded to the United States because of too many users. Since this is a job-search website specially designed for international students, it provides many opportunities for internal promotion. It depends on the internal referral of the former alumni. Because CareerUS is concerned that the applicants are mostly foreign students, the company profile has the status and data of H1b Sponsor over the years. Together with the accurate classification on the website, it can help international students to quickly find a job that most suits them. It does not need to waste too much time to choose. It can be said that CareerUS is the most suitable recruitment websites for international students.