5 Excellent Tips to Encourage Your Child to Play Outdoors

Around 3 decades ago, no one had heard of kids paying indoors. According to an observation, kids grown up in the 70s and 80s got an opportunity to play outdoors for at least two hours every weekday which kept them healthy, active and social.

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However, today’s picture is quite different. The extent of outdoor play has drastically reduced to just an hour on an average, which is not sufficient according to experts.

According to the observation, around 43% of kids would prefer to stay indoors and play computer games or watch TV. On the other hand, around 44% of parents wanted their children to prefer playing outside.

Plus, the United Nations High Commission for Human Rights states that playing is the right of every child because it promotes physical, cognitive, emotional and social well-being of children as well as youth.

However, many parents take a different meaning of ‘play’ and provide hordes of ‘playthings’ to their children such as computer consoles, iPads and more.

But research proves that child-driven play is vital and pressure-style, hurried play can actually do bad rather than good.

Child-driven play:

  • Is essential for healthy development of brain
  • Improves creativity, group skills and leadership
  • Causes fewer injuries than structured play
  • Promotes decision-making skills and permits children to go at their own pace, explore areas of interest and eventually engage in the passions they want to pursue
  • Teaches kids to share, work collaboratively, resolve conflicts, negotiate and learn self-support skills
  • Offers an opportunity to parents to totally engage with their children

If you want to encourage your child to play out, don’t respond to complaints of boredom in the beginning and have patience if your child is doing nothing for a while.

Over time your child will get attracted towards playing outdoors. After all, there are so many excellent resources for you like to get him real child-like toys.

Kids feel the need to develop confidence in their own capability to amuse themselves and build a love for the outdoors on their own.

Excellent Tips to Encourage Your Child to Play Outdoors

1. Bring in Magic

Children’s world is full of magic. Everything happening around them is a mystery and their little world is of kings, princes, princesses, witches, demons and magic things.

You can attract them to the outdoors by igniting their curiosity towards the magic by being a little creative in the garden, e.g. by constructing a fairy house, tunnels and caves, planting greenery and flowering plants in old boots, and so on.

You can also bring the best kids outdoor play equipment at Tiny Tiny Shop Shop or other local store near you that include a lot of elements that will interest your child and keep her engaged for hours.

2. Attract Them Towards Nature

If you show enthusiasm towards nature, your child too will be interested in it. Show interest in gardening, bird-watching, hiking and other outdoor activities, and your kid will be interested in them too.

3. Take them to Park Regularly

Take out some time and take your children regularly to your local park and offer their own small place to play, jump, hop, run, swing and slide. You’ll be amazed to see how much your children would enjoy.

4. Don’t Shy Away from Dirt

Don’t worry if your children’s clothes will become dirty. You can make them wear their old clothes. Remember that once dried out, the mud can just be shaken off!

5. Never Interrupt

You should keep an eye on the children for their safety; but never interrupt them for having food or drinks. Let them focus on the play. If they get the feeling of hunger or thirst, they will come to you.

It’s not very difficult to encourage your children to play out. You just need to have patience and soon you’ll see them growing into healthy, active, energetic and social kids.

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