5 Super Easy Tips For Buying Gold Jewellery!

Take it as an investment or as indulgence, gold is just the right metal for jewellery. Regular buyers and experts are always interested in gold, making it one of the most traded metals in the world. Being malleable, ductile and extremely design-friendly, gold is a preferred choice of designers and jewellers, as well. From bangles in gold designs to rings, chains and more, there is always something for every budget. If you are buying gold jewellery, we have a guide that will make things simple.

  • Select a good jeweller. This is half the battle won. There are many known gold dealers who now have online stores, so you don’t have to physically visit a store anymore. A reputed jeweller ensures that the product you buy, no matter the cost, is a genuine one. You will have a purchase bill, which can be used later, just in case you want to sell the product for quick cash.
  • Understanding gold. Gold is evaluated based on fineness. For the uninitiated, 24 karat gold is 100% pure, while 12k is 50% pure. If you are looking at jewellery from the point of investment, a wise idea is to consider at least 18k products, which are likely to fetch a decent price. Most gold jewellery available in the market is usually 18k or 22k, while 14k products are not very uncommon either.
  • Reviewing plated jewellery. If a product says that its gold plated, it simply means that the product is made of some alloy and has been then dipped in molten. Don’t expect such products to be expensive, although the demand for gold plated jewellery is on the rise, typically because these almost look like gold for fraction of a cost.

  • Check the markings. When you are buying gold products, you need to check if the product is exactly what has been claimed. ‘GF’ for instance means gold filled, while PT means platinum. Some of the products may mention a number with ‘K’, which refers to karat. Hallmark gold jewellery is always worth considering.
  • Designs do matter. Eventually, the design determines the price of the product, and the trends change every now and then. Checking a few online jewellery sites will help in understanding the current trends. You can even choose to go for gold products that also have a platinum coating for that extra effect.

Check online now and shortlist the best ones you like.