7 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Conference Venue

Creating an environment that facilitates social and business networking is the measure with which you can judge the success of a conference event. Needless to say, the bulk of your conference budget goes to the selection of the venue, so you better choose wisely. Some conference venues may fool you with their amenities and the overall look, but there are other factors to consider.

Without further ado, here are the most important ones.


As everyone over the age of 18 should now, life is all about balancing the budget. Arranging a conference is no exception. In fact, this is when your budget-balancing skills shine through. The trick is to explore all the options, negotiate, and even haggle. Just by extending an offer for multiple conferences would get you a discount, not to mention that some days of the week carry a heavier price tag than others. Also, consider if the extra amenities like a bar, pool, or media room would be worth it.

2.Accessible and Convenient Location

Assuming you have made a comprehensive list of your conference attendees, so you have a good idea from where they come from, you need to narrow down the conference venues so it is:

  • Easy to access by vehicle with ample parking space.
  • Has affordable lodging options in near vicinity for long-distance attendees who will most likely have to stay overnight.
  • Has light traffic at the time the conference will take place.

Luckily for you, an excellent Venue Finder is available with an included map and many search criteria to apply. For instance, take a look at the options that are available if you search for Leeds conference venues.

3.The Big Picture

Choose a venue that mirrors the image you intend to portray with the conference. All kinds of factors come into play here – architecture, interior design, equipment level, etc. The takeaway is for attendees to have a memorable experience that reflects the topics of the conference.


Some conferences are controversial, and even if they are not, in this day and age of unstable multiculturalism you can never know what to expect. You may need to hire security, in which case some conference venues are more suitable than others. Just from the way the space is arranged, and if the venue has multiple exit points. Furthermore, some conference venues are well experienced in this area so their managers can offer a much-needed advice.

5.Conference Personnel

Besides security staff, depending on the number of attendees you intend to host, consider if it would be better to choose a less than ideal conference venue for the advantage of hiring staff that would make everyone’s day a lot easier; from caterers and waiters, to concierge and tech support.

The biggest trap one could fall into is taking on multiple tasks.

6.Marketing Potential

There is never a time when one should not consider the value of branding. Does your venue have what it takes? Does it have electronic displays peppered throughout the facilities and outside the venue? Can you strategically place signs? How much would they charge if they have these options? Although on the end tail of things to consider, definitely not something you should omit.

7.Technological Prowess

Conference can quickly devolve into a frustrating mess if the WIFI is spotty, if the internet is slow under full capacity, and if the audio-visual equipment is not intuitive and up to par with modern standards that one expects. Explore this aspect of the potential venue carefully, as it could make or break the event.

9. Takeaway

Choosing the right conference venue is a delicate balancing act. Fortunately, people have already put in the effort of quantifying essential criteria to make it a much easier task. Venue Finder is one such tool at your disposal, with which you can peruse through all the viable options from the comfort of your home.