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​Unravelling small-cap funds: Are the rewards worth the risks?

To simplify things for investors, mutual fund companies often group their funds based on company size. There are three major kinds – small-cap, mid-cap, and large-cap.

Being aware of these distinct fund types is essential for making prudent investment decisions. Covered here are the significance of small-cap funds along with their benefits and associated risks.

What exactly are small-cap mutual funds?

Small-cap companies are the ones that rank beyond the top 250. Small-cap mutual funds are like a group of investors pooling their money to invest in these smaller companies.

The upsides of putting money in small-cap mutual funds

Before delving into the risks of small-cap mutual funds, let’s first understand the benefits they bring to the table –

Potential for outstanding returns

Small-cap mutual funds can potentially provide significantly higher returns compared to larger funds. This is because smaller companies have room to grow rapidly.

Affordable investment entry

The expense of a small-cap fund unit (known as NAV or net asset value) is generally lower. This infers you can purchase more units with the same investment, potentially reaping higher rewards during favourable market conditions.

Spread your risk wisely

Investing in small-cap funds permits you to diversify your portfolio. This diversification shields you from thorough market downturns, allowing you to protect your investments even during tough times.

Recognising the hazards linked to small-cap mutual funds

Despite their perks, small-cap mutual funds do come with risks that investors need to be aware of. Let’s skim through a few of these risks –

Liquidity concerns

Large institutional investors do not usually invest in small-cap mutual funds. Even individual retail investors might not participate heavily. This can create liquidity problems, making it more challenging to buy or sell fund units.

To tackle liquidity challenges, it is advisable to invest with a long-term perspective. This lowers the requirement for constant purchasing and selling, making liquidity problems less impactful. Moreover, remaining updated with your mutual fund’s liquidity status as well as market trends can assist you time your transactions effectively.


This is a notable risk for small-cap funds. Funds’ value swing wildly, making them come across as a risky investment. So, losses could be considerable if prices do not go as anticipated.

To counter this, consider opting for buy and hold strategy. Holding your investments through market movements can assist balance out the market’s ups and downs over the short term. Diversification is the next crucial strategy, which means disseminating your investment throughout distinct fund types and sectors that can cushion the effect of volatility on your investment portfolio.

Variable performance

Small-cap fund’s performance depends on specific factors such as the selection as well as the performance of the stocks selected and the decision of the fund manager. Owing to such factors, the funds may not perform as impressively as you may anticipate.

To counter this variability in fund performance, ensure to research and choose funds with skilled and experienced fund managers. Their expertise in the selection of stocks and decision-making can considerably increase the performance of the fund.


Investing in small-cap funds can be beneficial if you factor in the potential rewards they provide. However, ensure to understand the risks associated with small-cap mutual funds.

Make sure to invest with a long-term vision. This can play an essential part in lowering the risks tied to small-cap investments as the market’s fluctuation tends to smooth out over the long term. While the potential of generating high returns is appealing, balancing your investment portfolio with different fund types can even offer high stability. So, acknowledge the risks, and make investment choices that align with your life goals and risk appetite to earn substantial returns.

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Exploring the Features of Options Strategy Builder

Our option strategies builder offers quite a number of features that units it apart from different equipment in the market. Let’s explore a number of its key functionalities:

  1. Pre-defined Trading Strategies

Our strategy builder affords you with a selection of pre-defined buying and selling techniques to choose from. Whether you are interested in included calls, protecting puts, or straddles, our builder has you covered. These pre-described techniques serve as a place to begin for customization, permitting you to evolve them in your specific trading style and market outlook.

  1. Customization Options

We apprehend that every trader is specific, and that is why our options strategy builder gives a huge range of customization alternatives. You can alter parameters together with strike prices, expirations, and position sizes to align with your hazard tolerance and buying and selling goals. This stage of flexibleness offers you the power to tailor strategies to your precise needs.

  1. Advanced Analysis Tools and Real-Time Data

A hit buying and selling approach is built on a strong basis of records and analysis. Our options approach builder integrates advanced evaluation equipment and provides actual-time facts, permitting you to make knowledgeable choices. With access to historical information and charting functions, you can analyze developments, discover capacity possibilities, and fine-tune your strategies consequently.

Step-by-Step Guide: Building Your First Strategy

Now that you’re familiar with the capabilities of our alternatives method builder, let’s walk through the process of making your first strategy:

  1. Selecting an Option Type

The first step is to pick out the type of alternative method you need to construct. Whether you are interested in bullish, bearish, or neutral techniques, our builder gives plenty of options to suit your trading preferences.

  1. Entering Trade Details

Next, enter the relevant alternate info inclusive of the underlying asset, strike fee, and expiration date. Our consumer-friendly interface makes it easy to go into the important facts accurately.

      3. Setting Risk Management Parameters

Risk management is a vital aspect of buying and selling fulfillment. With our options strategy builder, you may set parameters to manage risk, which include forestall-loss tiers and profit objectives. These settings make certain that you hold manipulate over your trades and protect your capital.

  1. Generating Strategy Reports

Once you’ve finalized the approach, our options method builder generates distinctive reports. These reviews provide a comprehensive review of the ability dangers, rewards, and key facts related to your method. This record gives you the confidence to execute your trades with readability and precision.

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5 Thrilling Web Series That You Can Find On ZEE5

The past few years have seen the proliferation of several original web series on various video streaming services all across the globe. One of the subsets of these web series includes the ones that are meant to send a chill down the spine of their viewers. ZEE5 Global is no exception to this trend, as several such web series already exist on the platform, while others are right on the horizon, such as The Kashmir Files Unreported. This article will take a look at 5 such web series that you can either start streaming on ZEE5 Global right away or are about to make their streaming debut in the near future. Read on to know more.

1)  The Kashmir Files Unreported

From the mind of National Award-Winning film director Vivek Agnihotri comes a goosebump inducing docuseries about the several events that contributed to turning Kashmir into the war-addled field that it is today. Complete with real-life testimonies, survivor stories, parables of historians, and archived footage, The Kashmir Files Unreported explores the rich history of Kashmir and tracks its journey from its genesis to its present-day situation. The series is going to make its streaming debut on ZEE5 Global very soon in a select number of countries.

2)  State Of Siege: 26/11

This particular web series is a retelling of all the unreported stories that transpired during the 26/11 Mumbai Terrorist attacks that shook the world. The show explores several aspects of the operation that was undertaken in response to the harrowing state of the two state-of-the-art Mumbai-based hotels that saw a lot of bloodshed, gunfire, and casualties over the span of two days. The series explores the planning process, the execution of the plan, the manner in which several hostages were rescued, and the bravado with which the defense forces dealt with the situation head-on.

3)  Rangbaaz

Just like in the case of State of Siege: 26/11, this series is based on real life events that took place in Bihar. It is a story about the kind of politics that is played in the state and the crimes that are committed by the various gangsters, who were quite revered in their respective cities. All three seasons of the show, each of which has a slightly different story to tell, are available on ZEE5 Global for streaming.

4)  Jeet Ki Zid

This Amit Sadh starrer web series tells the real-life inspirational tale of Major Deependra Singh Sengar (Played by Sadh), who was left paralyzed from the waist down as a result of the Kargil War. The show sees him exhibit exemplary levels of determination and grit, which prove to be instrumental in helping him bounce back in life. This series has an impressive 8.3/10 on IMDb.

5)  Abhay

One of the crown jewels of the platform, Abhay is a psychological thriller series that marks the streaming debut of renowned actor Kunal Khemu. This show, which also stars the likes of Elnaaz Norouzi and Sandeepa Dhar, sees its titular character solve complicated criminal cases in a bid to bring the perpetrators to justice. The show has a rating of 8/10 on IMDb.

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5 Tips to Ensure Peace in a Multi-Pup Household

Does the idea of having multiple dogs in your home sound like a joyful experience? While it can be delightful, certain factors must be considered to maintain a harmonious household. Here are some guidelines to help you manage your pack and ensure your home isn’t chaotic.

Living in a multi-pup household requires additional time and effort to fulfill your responsibilities as a pet owner. You should dedicate extra time during the day to tasks like walking, obedience training and feeding your furry companions. While caring for one pooch is a significant commitment, managing a household with many furry champions can sometimes feel overwhelming.

They can be getting along playfully in one moment and growling and chasing each other in the next. Being prepared with pet insurance can be as important as being vigilant around the house and the furry little ones’ activities. Contemplate purchasing cheap dog insurance so your furry family is covered for basic health benefits during accidental injuries, sickness, and emergencies with minor economic implications.

Meanwhile, read this article to learn how to ensure peace in a multi-pup household.

  1. When considering the idea of having many dogs, it is essential to choose your canine companions carefully. Avoid selecting breeds that are known to have a natural inclination towards being very dominant in the house. Being mindful of breed characteristics and tendencies helps foster a more harmonious environment among your furry family.
  2. In a multi-pup household, it is crucial to establish and maintain a strong leadership position. Ensure your puppies receive proper training and recognize you as their leader. It is vital for you to maintain a higher position in the hierarchy and not let any pup assume that role. By asserting your leadership, you can establish a sense of order and reinforce a harmonious dynamic among your pets.
  3. Be prepared for the possibility of aggression and fights. Familiarize yourself with the warning signs of aggression and understand the triggers that might provoke such behavior in your pooches. Take proactive measures to prevent conflicts by addressing potential triggers and managing the dogs’ interactions appropriately. By being knowledgeable and vigilant, you can help minimize the risk of aggression and create a safer environment for all your pets.
  4. Set a routine early on to promote a well-functioning pup household. By implementing a consistent schedule for feeding, exercise, training, and other activities, you can provide structure and stability for your canine fur babies, which can help prevent behavioral issues and ensure a harmonious living environment.
  5. When introducing new puppies into your household, it is essential to exercise caution and patience. Avoid rushing the process or expecting the pups to get along perfectly from the start. It takes time for dogs to adjust to each other and establish their social dynamics. Gradually introduce the new entrant to the existing pack, allowing them to interact under controlled and supervised conditions.

With time, proper introductions, and patient management, the dogs can develop positive relationships and peaceful coexistence. However, there is no way to rule out occasional fights and aggression, which is why you should consider being equipped with pet insurance.

Cheap dog insurance allows you to provide your canine pets with timely medical care during unanticipated health situations at affordable costs. So, why wait to purchase a bundle policy for your furry family?

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Women and Kidney Stones: Diagnosis and Management

Kidney stones are a common problem that affects both men and women, but the experience of women with this condition can be quite different. Women are often diagnosed with kidney stones later than men and are more likely to experience complications. Moreover, the management of kidney stones can also differ in women compared to men. While the causes of kidney stones are still not entirely understood, many factors can contribute to their development, including lifestyle habits, genetics, and medical conditions.

Painful symptoms

Ouch, that’s a boulder! – Painful symptoms are just one of the many things women with kidney stones have to deal with. These small but mighty mineral deposits can cause extreme discomfort, even sending some women to the emergency room. The good news is that there are several treatment options available for kidney stones, including PCNL. PCNL, or percutaneous nephrolithotomy, is a minimally invasive procedure that involves making a small incision in the back to remove the stones. While the thought of surgery may be daunting, the benefits of PCNL are clear: less pain, shorter hospital stays, and a quicker return to normal activities.

Effective treatments

If you’re a woman who has experienced the excruciating pain of kidney stones, then you understand the need for effective treatment options. Luckily, there’s a procedure that can blast those pesky stones into oblivion. It’s called percutaneous nephrolithotomy (PCNL), and it’s a minimally invasive surgery that uses a small incision in your back to access the kidney. Once the surgeon has a clear view of the kidney stone, a special instrument is used to break it up into smaller pieces. These pieces can then be easily removed, leaving you free from pain and able to get back to your daily routine.

Prevention strategies

Empowered women, healthy kidneys! Is not just a slogan, but a call to action for all women to take charge of their kidney health. Prevention strategies are key to reducing the risk of developing kidney stones, a common and painful condition that affects both men and women. One effective treatment for kidney stones is percutaneous nephrolithotomy (PCNL), a minimally invasive surgical technique that uses a small incision to remove large kidney stones. However, prevention is always better than cure, and women can take proactive steps to reduce their risk of developing kidney stones.

Ladies, if you’ve been told that kidney stones are only a guy thing, think again. Women are just as likely to develop these painful little buggers. But don’t fret, diagnosis and management options are available. So, if you experience any symptoms, don’t hesitate to talk to your doctor. Remember, taking care of your health is the ultimate power move. Stay strong, stay hydrated, and keep those stones at bay!

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Important Things to Remember After Blocking Your Credit Card

Owning a credit card these days is nothing less than an added form of security when it comes to spending money. Because a credit card provides you the option to pay a huge amount of money in advance and later repay it in installments. However, a credit card can also disappoint you if it’s misused by someone else or is lost/stolen. In such a scenario, you would instantly need to block your credit card to save yourself from further issues.

So, we enlist some key things that one needs to note down after blocking the credit card:

Do not panic!

The loss of a credit card could cause you anxiety, but you must not panic and instead, realise thattime is of prime essence in such cases. So, once you have blocked your credit card, do not press the panic button and in fact, step back, breathe and think of a solution with a clear mind. Too much stress will not help you earn back your lost card.

Get in touch with the credit card issuer

While you may have blocked your credit card immediately but remember to alsoshoot an e-mail to your credit card issuer. This acts as a proof that you have made a timely report of your missing card. Include the following information when you are sending out the e-mail:

  • The account number should be mentioned.
  • Provide the time or date when you realised the credit card had gone missing.
  • Include the details of the last purchase made by you on the credit card (make a note of the amount and date too, if possible).

Report it to the police

Reaching out to the cops immediatelyafter blocking your credit card is also necessary. In fact, this is crucial if your credit card has been stolen by someone as it could be misused. Visit the nearest police station to you and lodge a complaint. Furthermore, you should also take a copy of the same complaint and submit it to the bank for assistance.

Check the credit card statement

Once your credit card is blocked by the issuing bank, you must also scan through the latest credit card statement to check for any possible fraudulent transactions. This will help you to assess if some additional charges have been levied on your credit card or not. In case you notice anything fishy, you can inform the bank instantly. This needs to be done on priority because the bank may hold you liable if you get late and will proceed based onthe RBI guidelines.

Keep calm and have a plan in mind

Make sure all these boxes are checked, and you can heave a sigh of relief. Remember, credit card losses are quite common. In addition, since you have already blocked the card, the threat level is lesser. But if you have not blocked your credit card and are still pondering about how to block credit card, then go do it ASAP!

And if you are looking for a new credit card after blocking your old one, the Airtel Axis credit card is perfect for a fresh start! Apply for it today!

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​The impact of technological innovation on mutual fund investing

With technology disrupting most sectors today, market investing is no different. Caught in the network of digitalisation, the mutual fund industry has started to use technology smartly for most of its processes such as customer servicing, transaction processing and fund management. This has made investing and trading in financial markets simpler, trustworthy, and more transparent. Besides this, it has also increased access to information and control over your investments. Discussed here in brief is the impact of technology on mutual fund investment.

  • Research and analysis

Until a few years back, you had to review stacks of reports physically and spend many hours with your financial advisor to decide your investment move. Today, advanced reporting techniques and online platforms have not just made research simpler, but they have provided you with control in your hands.

You can now download any authentic software to assess your financial goals, risk tolerance level and review the real-time developments in the markets. Besides this, there are many online financial service providers that tend to offer data-driven investment advice and personalised solutions that build higher trust in market investments.

Real-time access to data linked with funds not just assists you to understand where you are putting your money but also lets you keep thorough track of your investments and their performance over a long time.

  • Transaction speed

Owing to technological advancement, now you can conduct multiple mutual fund transactions quickly. This benefit has opened financial markets globally to all investors located anywhere in the world.

  • Online platforms

The advent of technology has improved access to financial markets, permitting investors of varying experience levels to start with investments easily. With the help of online platforms, you can simply purchase and sell mutual fund units, bonds, stocks, etc., while robotic advisors offer personalised investment recommendations and investment portfolio management services. Such tools have allowed you to take control of your investments and form investment portfolios as per your individual requirements and financial goals.

  • Systematic investing

The style of systematic investing depends on algorithms or models. It is even called quantitative or model-based investing. With technology, now you can invest in the market Like SIP, systematically with ease from the comfort of your home, which in turn allows you to overcome the biggest barriers to successful investment i.e., human emotions.


Digitalisation in the payment spectrum is the major reason for the mutual fund and investment industry’s meteoric rise in the current years. As per AMFI, AUM (asset under management) of the mutual fund industry as on 28th February 2023 stood at Rs 39.46 trillion from Rs 8.14 trillion as on 28th February 2013, which is a five-fold rise in ten years. Additionally, the implementation of technology into financial market sectors has brought transparency and enhanced access to data and insights that previously were not available. By using data analytics, you can figure out market trends, find hidden opportunities and evaluate investment portfolio performance in real-time. All of this allows you to make an informed decision as per your financial goals, risk appetite level and investment horizon.

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4 mistakes to avoid while investing in SIPs

Numerous stories exist about investors who made a fortune investing in stocks. But the truth is that successful investing takes knowledge and experience and even then, mistakes can still be made. It’s important to understand the potential pitfalls before you get started in order to avoid costly missteps. When it comes to systematic investment plans (SIPs), avoiding common mistakes is especially critical if you want to realise your long-term goals for wealth-building.

An SIP is a strategy to invest in mutual funds that can help you grow your wealth over time by regularly investing small sums of money towards specific financial goals. However, if done incorrectly or without the necessary knowledge, investing in SIPs could end up costing you more than intended. So, before you invest in an SIP and start building your portfolio, here are some costly mistakes to avoid.

  1. Setting unrealistic goals


The first mistake to avoid is setting unrealistic goals for your SIP investments. For instance, it would be unwise to expect a consistent 10% return each year on an SIP mutual fund over the next decade, as this may not be achievable with current market conditions and the underlying investment strategy. Similarly, aiming to retire within five years could be overly ambitious if the investor’s current income and savings are not enough to support them during this time.

Thus, your goals need to be based on realistic assumptions about your income levels, target amount, among other factors, and focus on achieving long-term stability rather than quick gains.

  1. Stopping or cancelling the SIP during market volatility


When markets become volatile, it’s normal for investors to feel worried about their mutual fund investments. However, cancelling or stopping an existing SIP plan during such times may not be the right move. Not only could you be missing out on potential market gains once the market rebounds, but you could also be missing out on the benefits of rupee cost averaging, which helps average out the highs and lows of the market over time.

  1. Not increasing the investment amount over time


Over time people’s incomes tend to increase due to promotions and salary hikes or through new sources of income, yet many investors fail to adjust their instalments accordingly. This can significantly reduce the total return on their investments as they may not be able to take full advantage of market opportunities due to insufficient capital invested when needed most.

Thus, with time, increase your monthly investment, even if by a small amount. This will ensure that you keep pace with inflation and market movements over time. You can also opt for step-up SIP and invest an additional fixed amount annually to keep up with your financial capacity and set yourself up to reach your financial goals faster.


  1. Investing too little or too much


If youinvest in an SIP insufficiently, then it will take longer to reach your financial goals. And if you over invest then it could limit your ability to manage any unexpected expenses or emergencies that may arise. The amount of money you should invest in SIPs depends on various factors such as your income level, expenses, amount of available capital, risk appetite, etc. You can use online tools such as an SIP calculator to project your estimated returns, compare different SIP plans, and determine the ideal amount of money to invest regularly.

While the above mistakes should be avoided at all costs, there are also multiple tips and advice you should follow for a successful investment strategy. Regularly monitor your SIP investments, compare different  types of mutual funds before selecting one, start investing early, and read the important documents that come with every fund.

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Popular BSNL Recharge Plans With Unlimited Voice Calling

Gone are the days when you had to recharge for a certain amount to get a limited Talktime. Today, although Talktime top-ups exist, they’re definitely getting overshadowed by unlimited calling plans. And you can get a variety of those with every BSNL recharge.

Currently, when you go for a BSNL recharge, you can choose between unlimited plans, Talktime top-ups, data vouchers, SMS vouchers and more. However, the most beneficial and in-demand plan among the BSNL recharge plans is the one with unlimited voice calling.

So, before you do your next BSNL recharge online, check out these popular BSNL recharge plans that offer unlimited voice calling across operators:

Popular BSNL Recharge Plans With Unlimited Voice Calling
Pack Cost & Validity All India Voice Calls Data SMS Additional Benefits
2 Days
Truly Unlimited 1GB/Day NA NA
22 Days
Truly Unlimited NA NA Get one National Discount Deal/Coupon product daily.
30 Days
Truly Unlimited 10 GB NA Get free BSNL Tunes.
28 Days
Truly Unlimited 2GB/Day 100/Day Get free Personal Ring Back Tone (PRBT).
52 Days
Truly Unlimited 1GB/Day 100/Day Get a free subscription to  EROS Now Entertainment.
65 Days
Truly Unlimited 10 GB 300 NA
70 Days
Truly Unlimited 1GB/Day 100/Day Along with free BSNL tunes, get a free subscription to Lokdhun content.
80 Days
Truly Unlimited 2GB/Day 100/Day Get free Zing and  EROS Now Entertainment subscriptions, and PRBT.
84 Days
Truly Unlimited 5GB/Day 100/Day Get a free Zing subscription, PRBT, and unlimited free night data between 12:00 am to 05:00 am.
90 Days
Truly Unlimited 2GB/Day 100/Day Get free BSNL Tunes, EROS Now Entertainment subscription, Hardy Mobile Games Service, Challenges Arena Mobile Gaming Service and “Lystn” podcast Services. You also get free subscriptions to Lokdhun and Zing.

All the plans mentioned above, along with some more that fit under this category offer truly unlimited voice calling across the country. This means you can call anyone across the country without worrying about the operator that they use. Moreover, you’re not even charged additionally for roaming unless you step out of India.

How To Do BSNL Recharge Online?

The steps for doing your BSNL online recharge are almost the same, no matter which payment platform you use. Currently, our favourite way of doing recharges is via the Airtel Payments Bank website. Here’s how you can do your BSNL recharge from the same platform as well:

  1. Go to
  2. Log in to your Airtel Payments Bank account using your credentials.
  3. Click on the Prepaid icon.
  4. Enter your BSNL number.
  5. Select your service operator’s name as BSNL.
  6. Choose your circle, for example, Maharashtra.
  7. Select from the various BSNL recharge plans given or enter the recharge amount manually.
  8. Click on Proceed.
  9. Now, complete the payment via Airtel Payments Bank.
  10. That’s it, your BSNL recharge is done!

Apart from BSNL recharge online, you can also use this website to make your BSNL bill payment.

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BBA in International Business: The Complete Guide

Globalisation has led to tremendous growth in multinational business and employment opportunities. While many international companies are expanding their foot in India, many are seeking to hire talented Indian professionals abroad. Hence, knowledge of marketing, accounting, operations and other managerial fields is crucial for students looking for a career in international business.  BBA (Bachelor in Business Administration) in International Business aims to impart knowledge on business administration on an international level. Find out more about the BBA course in International Business in detail.

What is BBA in International Business?

BBA (Bachelor in Business Administration) in International Business is a three-year undergraduate course. It focuses on business studies and cultural concepts related to international business and global best practices. The course helps students to gain knowledge about business fundamentals and international economic scenarios and prepares them for multi-national environments.

BBA International Business Key Details

Here are some key details about the BBA course in International Business:

  • Full form: Bachelor in Business Administration in International Business
  • Level: Undergraduate
  • Course Duration: Three years
  • Type of Exam: Semester
  • Eligibility criteria: Candidates must have passed 10+2 from a recognised board with a minimum of 50% marks.
  • Selection Process: Entrance Exam based/ Merit-based
  • Average Course Fee: ₹50,000 – ₹5 lakhs
  • Job Prospects: International Operations Manager, International Training Manager, International Human Resources Manager, Accountants Executive, etc.
  • Average BBA in International Business Salary: ₹3 lakhs – ₹10 lakhs per annum

Benefits of Pursuing BBA in International Business

BBA in International Business is a lucrative career option that provides various opportunities in the field of international business. Here are some benefits of pursuing the course:

  • Lucrative salaries: BBA graduates are recruited by companies in private and government sectors at high salary packages, which may range between ₹2 lakhs – ₹4 lakhs initially and extend up to ₹10 lakhs.
  • Excellent career prospects: BBA in International Business offers several career choices for you to choose one. BBA graduates can work as International Operations Managers, International Human Resource Managers, Global Distribution Managers, Global Business Managers, etc.

BBA in International Business: Syllabus

BBA in International Business course duration is three years with a syllabus spread over six semesters. Below are the semester-wise BBA subjects:

BBA in International Business: First-year

Semester 1 Semester 2 
Business Mathematics Indian System of Business
Micro Economics & Applications Macro Economics & Applications
Computer Awareness – I Computer Awareness – II
Management Foundation Accounting – I
Economic Environment – I Economic Environment – II
Fundamentals of International Business Values & Ethics in International Business
English English
Behavioral Science – I Behavioral Science – II
Environmental Studies Global Business Management
Foreign language – I French German Spanish Japanese Chinese Foreign language – II French German Spanish Japanese Chinese

BBA in International Business: Second-Year

Semester 3  Semester 4 
Business Statistics Legal Framework of Business & Management
Financial Management – I Financial Management – II
Database Management System Principles of Marketing
Fundamentals of Marketing System analysis & design
Accounting – II International strategic management
Behavioral Science – III Behavioral Science – IV
Foreign language – III French German Spanish Japanese Chinese Foreign language – IV French German Spanish Japanese Chinese
Communication skills – I Communication skills – II
International institutions & trade implications International strategic management
Summer assignment – I (Evaluation) Project management

BBA in International Business: Third-Year

Semester 5  Semester 6 
Human Resource Management Managerial Accounting
Computer Applications Sales Management
Entrepreneurship Development Export-Import Documentation and Logistics
International Marketing Cross Cultural Management and Management of Multinational Companies
Taxation Laws and Practices International Finance Management
Communication Skills-III Communication Skills-IV
Behavioral Science-V Behavioral Science- VI
Foreign Language V- French, German, Japanese, Chinese, Spanish Foreign Language VI- French, German, Japanese, Chinese, Spanish
Operation Research E- Commerce and International Trade
Summer Internship-Evaluation

BBA in International Business: Admission Process

Admission to the BBA course is offered based on the candidate’s score in the entrance exam or based on the academic score. Here’s how you can get into BBA-IB:

  • Entrance exam-based

Admission to BBA through entrance exams requires candidates to obtain the desired score by the college. The candidates who clear the cut-off marks are then called for counselling sessions. Once the seat is allotted, the candidate must visit the college and fulfil other admission process requirements. Some of the entrance exams for BBA admissions are DSAT (Dayanand Sagar Admission Test), CUET (Christ University Entrance Test), BUMAT (Bharati Vidyapeeth Undergraduate Management Aptitude Test), etc.

  • Merit-based 

Merit-based admissions to BBA courses are based on the marks scored by the candidates in their 10+2. Candidates are required to check the merit list of desired colleges if they are eligible for admission to the course. If yes, they can visit the college and submit the required documents and fulfil other formalities.

BBA in International Business: Job Prospects

BBA in International Business offers a plethora of job opportunities in sectors such as:

  • Logistic Companies
  • Special Economic Zones
  • State Trading Corporations
  • Transportation Corporations
  • Export Houses
  • Custom Clearing Houses
  • Merchandisers
  • Shipping Companies
  • IT Companies
  • Banks

Some of the jobs and BBA international business salary in India are as follows:

Job Role  Average Salary (per annum)
Global Business Manager ₹5 lakhs
Export Manager ₹6.67 lakhs
International Logistics Manager ₹6.18 lakhs
International Brand Manager ₹10.77 lakhs
International Finance Manager ₹5.16 lakhs
International Human Resource Manager ₹4 lakhs

BBA International Business Colleges in India 

Due to the growing popularity of BBA International Business and demand for skilled professionals in the field, many colleges offer the course in India. Some of the top BBA colleges in India are as follows:

  • Amity University, Noida
  • LPU, Jalandhar
  • Alliance University, Bangalore
  • Ajeenkya DY Patil University, Pune
  • Christ University, Bangalore
  • BVDU, Pune
  • School of Management, Dr DY Patil University, Navi Mumbai
  • JSS Academy of Higher Education and Research, Mysore
  • Parul University, Vadodara
  • DY Patil University, Mumbai
  • Manav Rachna international institute of research and studies, Faridabad
  • GD Goenka University, Gurgaon
  • NIMS University, Jaipur

What are the Best Courses After BBA International Business?

After completing your BBA in International Business, you can pursue higher studies courses such as:

  • Master in Business Administration
  • Master in Financial Management
  • Master in Retail Management
  • Master in Marketing Management
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Global Business
  • Postgraduate Diploma Programme in International Management
  • Masters in Management Studies, etc.


BBA in International Business is an excellent choice for students who wish to excel in the global business field. The course offers various career choices with competitive salaries. But, before deciding to pursue BBA-IB, you must research the best BBA colleges, their admission process and eligibility criteria to avoid hassles. Also, make sure that the BBA college offers the Sunstone’s benefits.

Sunstone is an education service provider in India committed to helping you build the future you envision. By pursuing BBA from a college with the Sunstone campus, you can access 100+ hours of career-enhancing training modules and appear in at least 50 job interviews. You may avail of the Sunstone’s benefits in 50+ colleges across 30 Indian cities offering 100% placement assistance to registered students.

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