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Bahrain property market overview in H1 2019

Prices continue to fall in Bahrain’s sales and rental market due to the changes taking place in the market shaping a new reality. By launching a set of new development projects in the kingdom, the new rules drafted by RERA to organize the market, and the changing geopolitical nature in the whole region, prices have seen significant drops.

When it comes to local markets performance, Juffair still perches on top of the market with the highest searches on rental apartments, while Saar is the top searched area for villas.

In respect of sales, Juffair again is the top searched area for apartments for sale while Amwaj is the top searched for villas for sale in Bahrain.

Price trends in Bahrain has seen a general decline over all four governorates except the Capital Governorate which saw an increase in villas sale prices.


Apartments marked saw a decline in rental prices with a range varying between 2.4% and 12.7% comparing the H1 2019 with H1 2018. Rents in more populated suburbs like Busaiteen and Galali saw a slight decline as these areas maintained to keep their strong demand. More budget-friendly districts like Um Al Hassam, Tubli, recorded an increase in rent.

Hoora recorded the worst hit with rents dropping from 446 to 393 dinars mainly due to the supply of new vacant units as well as the abundance of other more affluent affordable districts in Manama like the aforementioned Um Al Hassam and Tubli.

A recent report published by Weetas, Bahrain’s number one property portal, pointed out that nearly a third of Bahrain’s residential properties are vacant, which of course had a toll on the market’s overall performance.

The same report indicated that vacancy rate in office spaces reached 22% with landlords pressured to find tenants even at the current low rents.


Villa market wasn’t really anyway better than apartments. Demand continued to shrink on affordable villas across all governorates and prices declined in the Capital Governorate for instance by 4% and in the Northern Governorate by 0.5%.Janusan witnessed the severest drop with average rental price declining from BHD 1,192 to 980. Price in Adliya, Saar, and Mahooz declined also but by less rate.

Sales market

Bahrain’s property sales category was weakened by the dropping demand and over supply of new properties. In apartments, the most significant decrease recorded was in the Southern Governorate at 4%, compared to the same period last year. Displayed apartments for sale in Seef have declined from BHD 947 per square meter to BHD 921. Average price in Busaiteen also decreased from BHD 688 to BHD 661.

Villas sale market was less turbulent than apartments backed by the rising interest in specific affluent new districts with close proximity to downtown like Reef Island and Seef.

Average sqm price in the Central Governorate rose by 6.8% exceeding all expectations. The other three governorates had their price rates flat out at least briefly.

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How Will a Virtual Office Benefit My Business?

Running a business comes with many difficulties, if you aren’t flexible in today’s society, you’ll struggle to progress. When a business calls for flexible hours, a virtual office is the perfect solution. They allow people to work whenever they like and from wherever they like. Having remote workers means you don’t need to waste money on a long-term lease, you can move and adapt depending on your business requirements.

Here are some of the main reasons why virtual offices continue to be hugely popular amongst all kinds of professions.

No Need to Travel

Employees can spend anywhere from 2 to 5 hours commuting from their home to their office each day, this is a considerable chunk of time spent in transit. When they arrive at work after spending a long period in traffic, they aren’t the most productive people in the office. When you eliminate travel, you allow employees to work remotely. The time they usually spend getting to work can now be spent in the office. If you’d like to increase productivity and make your company more efficient, a virtual address in Sydney is the right way to go.

Improving Employees Health

Numerous studies have found that workers who are stuck in a desk job and spend most of their hours in an office chair are at a greater increase of developing several illnesses. Once such study conducted by a leading Australian university found that employees who sit for over 11 hours a day increased their risk of death by over 40% within a three-year period. Their physical activity outside of work had no impact on their health. An employee who works remotely and doesn’t have to come to the office naturally moves around more. This keeps them fit and active, improving their health and well-being.


Using a virtual office gives you far more flexibility in comparison to having a permanent space. You don’t have to be in the building at all times, if you’d like to run errands, you are free to do so. You can make up time later in the day. Having a virtual office gives you the chance to avail of services that are specific to your business needs.

No Long-Term Rentals

Having a virtual office means you don’t have to sign a contract on a long-term basis. All of your business can be run without having a permanent physical premise. There is no need to agree on an office lease, you’ve no utility bills and you won’t need to buy any equipment for the office. You dramatically reduce your overheads when you opt for a virtual office. You can use the money you saved to invest in new products or employee development and training.

Professionals in all kinds of industries are seeing the benefits of using a virtual office. They are no longer restricted by a brick-and-mortar office space, they have unlimited flexibility with a virtual address. In a business where technology allows you to work from anywhere, a virtual office offers a great alternative to a conventional office setting.

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Under the trade war, should we study in the United States?

First of all, the uncertainty of China-US relations will definitely affect some people’s choice of study abroad. People will worry that the United States will no longer be friendly to China. Parents who grew up before the reform and opening up may even worry that this kind of unfriendly attitude will appear in the children’s daily study and life. For example, teaching colleagues and colleagues is no longer friendly to us, and even discriminating persecution may occur. This situation is unlikely to happen on the whole level.

Will this relationship between China and the United States affect our professional choices, for example, some sensitive professions, artificial intelligence, is not good to apply? This is possible. But at the same time, we have no clear evidence to show this. We should continue to observe this. Speaking of sensitive artificial intelligence, about 50% of human scientists in artificial intelligence are Chinese. In today’s era of interconnected globalization, the blockade and restrictions of technology are already very difficult, and the cost of control is very high. The United States will only strengthen control over the most sophisticated research projects. Other projects, namely various undergraduate majors and general masters. The PhD program will remain open.

The impact of the China-US trade war on the visas for students studying in the United States may be visible at present and everyone is more worried. This incident has been rumored because of the recent refusal of a visa. Although this year’s student visa may be more troublesome than in the past few years, it is not very difficult. Of course, we can find a study agent to help apply, the success rate will be higher, because professional lawyers must know more about the specific situation and experience. The study abroad agent can not only help us apply for the school. After entering the school, if you are expelled from a US university (also known as 被美国大学开除) and need to transfer to the United States urgently (also known as 美国紧急转学), or need to vaccinate the foreign student vaccine (also known as 留学生疫苗), you can consult the study agent and seek them. help.

For international students with immigration plans, due to the longer green card application schedule, you can apply for l1 visa (also known as l1签证), j1 visa (also known as j1签证), h1b visa, etc. H1b visas are the choice of most people, but you need to be careful about the preparation of h1b visa materials (also known as h1b签证材料).

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Does OPT have any effect on American employment?

The OPT stage is an important transitional stage for international students from student status to H-1B status. In particular, STEM students can enjoy three years of OPT. O1 visas (also known as o1签证) and h1b visas (also known as h1b签证) have become more difficult to apply in recent years. The h1b rfe rate and refusal rate have continued to rise. The h1b visa process (also known as h1b签证流程) is becoming more and more difficult, and the h4 visa for h1b spouses (also known as h1b配偶) is also limited. h4 job (also known as h4工作) opportunities. May be canceled. However, OPT is often opposed by Americans. Some people think that unemployment among US employees is related to the issuance of OPT: OPT students are “government-certified cheap laborers”; OPT employees who have higher wage flexibility and do not pay FICA tax will make Employers have a tendency to hire and have a negative impact on the employment of US employees.

Recently, a recent report from the National Political Foundation (NFAP) is undoubtedly a shot in the arm for those who support OPT. The report states that there is no evidence that OPT students have reduced employment opportunities for US employees. The report uses the STEM professional international student data for the last 9 years as the basis for the analysis.

This report not only refutes the view that “OPT and STEM OPT will affect the employment of American employees”, but also interprets OPT in terms of social impact, and believes that OPT is an important way for the United States to attract and retain foreign talents. Economic growth has an indispensable role. If the US government believes that OPT will affect the employment rate of local employees and cancel the STEM OPT, it will cause damage to the overall social development and economic growth of the United States.

The findings from the report are very important because the supervision of foreigners has continued to strengthen since President Trump took office. As early as 2017, there was news that the Trump administration intended to cancel the STEM OPT. With the implementation of Trump’s “Buy American, Americans” policy, the US government’s attitude towards foreign students and employees is becoming less and less friendly. Foreign students provide huge income for American education. According to statistics from the National Association of International Education Workers (NAFSA), more than 1 million international students studying in American universities contributed $39 billion to the US economy in the 2017-2018 school year.

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Going through the loss of a job could be a traumatic event. It can have an effect not only on you but also on your loved ones. If you have recently lost your job, Labour Lawyer Toronto will assess your legal entitlements to notice and severance pay. We will make sure that you get compensated adequately by your employer for the termination of your employment. Our fight is to get you what you truly deserve.

Why choose us?

Documents in relation to severance packages can at times be intimidating. Without some sort of guidance, the process can be quite daunting. An experienced employment lawyer can smoothly guide you through the whole process.

Stacey Bell is a renowned employment lawyer. He puts special efforts to find out all the needed crucial information about you, your job, the company that you were working at, the compensation that you have received and the events that lead to your termination. This will help to guide you better as to what your severance package should contain. This would enable you to compare and understand what you should have been offered by the company.

While you are in the process of assessing what you are legally entitled to, we believe that information about salary, benefits, bonus, commissions, car allowances, pension and stock options would pertain to your case.

What not to do in regard to severance packages?

If you have been offered a severance offer, make sure that you seek legal advice before signing it. One of the main reasons is that most of the employers offer inadequate severance packages. This is because they believe that the departing employee might accept the inadequate offer without seeking any legal advice. Do not make this mistake as it will cost you a lot in the longer run. We will fight for what you truly deserve.

You could make use of Severance Pay Calculator to calculate severance. It is Canada’s first and most recognized way of calculating severance. It will help you to determine how much severance pay you are allowed after you have been terminated from your place of employment.

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How to find a Marketing Agency

Begin with what you would like

Give me an idea to attain out of your marketing? What exactly are your marketing goals and targets? While oftentimes it will likely be to improve sales it might be that you would like a far more professional image, a brand new website or simply to delegate a specific funnel that’s taking on an excessive amount of your time and effort.

What services are you needing?

Consider what services you’ll need. Could it be only one specific service – a brand new website for instance, or perhaps an agency to take care of your internet search engine marketing or you only need some graphics? Or do you want a complete service – a company that may execute all your marketing, maybe one which will drive the marketing strategy providing you with only one reason for contact?

Exercise a financial budget

Identify a marketing budget in advance, a minimum of a ballpark one and will also help you save and then any agencies you speak with time. Getting marketing right can need a decent marketing budget however when you get results as well as an Return on investment thinking about pay around you really can afford? Don’t merely choose the least expensive come to a decision with different quantity of factors (factors which are explored in the following paragraphs). Be sensible in how big agency you can engage but don’t forget the choice to outdoors assistance is employing anyone to do your marketing which could cost £25k /year.

Take a look at their experience

Any agency you engage will be able to demonstrate situation studies along with a portfolio of the work. Take a look at this, see if you want what they have created, their thinking and creativeness. Although experience of your market is of great benefit, don’t discount marketing agencies that do not have this unique experience. The key factor is you’d be proud when the agency could provide for you how it is accomplished for its other clients.

Who’s driving the process?

Would you like to drive the marketing strategy or are you currently searching for guidance out of your agency? If you are pleased to drive it the agency can carry it out for you personally. Many companies however want an agency to handle the process. If this sounds like the situation along with you it’s worth asking to determine types of strategy documents the agency has written. It’s also wise to desire a positive agency, one which will stay up with the most recent marketing trends and recommend new tactics and campaign ideas. A great agency may also challenge your opinions and use you to definitely deliver marketing which get the greatest results.

Think lengthy term

Typically marketing isn’t a discipline that will get instant results. Doing marketing right may take some time and can involve testing different strategies. When it is working though you’ll ask the reason why you did not start marketing sooner. Build relationships an agency on the medium term basis (ideally 6 several weeks) and think lengthy term, instead of expecting leads to the very first month, not receiving them and moving to the next agency. Obviously if you are unhappy with things (as an example the quality of labor, communication or insufficient ideas) think about a change however if you simply accept exactly what the agency does stick to them.

You’ll need a good match

You have to be able to possess a good working relationship together with your agency there should be good chemistry between you and also them. You have to understand them and then discuss your marketing ideas. An effective relationship will make sure you are able to work with an agency and obtain the best marketing recent results for your company.

Selecting a marketing agency? If that’s the case give Xander Marketing a phone call and we’ll gladly discuss your marketing goals with only you can easily see if we are the best match for you personally.

With a fierce competition prevalent in all industries, you should rest assured to hire the services of the best marketing agency in Singapore. Media One has been a popular name in the region. They would cater to your specific marketing needs in the best manner possible.

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How New Managers Can Get Better at Making Decisions

It’s not always easy for new managers to get used to making decisions, especially if this is their first management experience or they have never worked in a particular sector before.

When you are hiring a new manager, whether the job listing is for jobs in Canada, jobs in the UK, jobs in the USA, or jobs in Australia, make sure that you use a site such as Joblang that will allow you access to countless qualified candidates with a range of educational and experience backgrounds.

If you are a new manager who wants to know how to make better decision in the workplace you’re your business has a new manager that could benefit from improving on their decision making skills, then consider the following 4 tips to get started.

Understand why decisions need to be made

The most important thing you can do as a new manager is understand why decisions have to be made. Every decision is paired with an action and consequence. You need to decide on a new payroll schedule because employees need to be paid so that they can pay their bills; you need to decide on the final marketing team because the new marketing pitch is due in 3 weeks and the investors will need to see it. And so on.

Reinforce pre-determined programmed decisions

As a new manager, you can’t always forge ahead with new decisions every time something comes up. Instead, rely on pre-determined programmed decisions that are already in place; these programmed decisions are typically laid out in employee manuals and handbook, and including pre-determined decisions for issues such as requesting paid time off, guidelines for maternity leave, and more.

Understand the business values that can impact your decision

As a new manager, you will need to learn about the core values of the business you are working for so that you can incorporate those values into your decision making. For example: Let’s say you work for a company with a heavy emphasis on “customer knows best” and customer satisfaction. You are presented with the decision to approve a refund of a loyal long-term customer even though their purchase is outside the return guidelines. In this case, the decision to allow the refund is based on the business values of the company—customer satisfaction is #1.

Know how to frame issues from different perspectives

Finally, as a new manager you will need to be able to frame issues from different perspectives in order to get the best insight into them. This type of creative thinking will be very valuable no matter what industry you work in, as it will let you approach problems from different angles in order to get the most varied solutions.

If you are a new manager or your business has a new manager that is struggling with making decisions, then you need to consider the above tips that will help them strengthen their decision-making skills. Over time, as new managers become accustomed to their place of employment, these types of decision making opportunities will become every day and no longer present such challenges.

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Things to See and Do When in Singapore

No matter you are an insatiable foodie, an adventure-seeking daredevil or an art lover, there’s no dearth of things that you can do here in Singapore. And that’s precisely one of the reasons Singapore is among the world’s most frequented destinations around the world. That said, in this post, we list the things you can do when you are in the Lion City. Come let’s take a look at some of the places you must visit include in your Singapore tour package.

1. Cruise the waters in Singapore

Whether you book a Singapore tour package from Ahmedabad or any other city, make sure you take a cruise on the Royal Albatross, especially when it sails away at sunset  – this is when you will get the most picturesque view of the harbor.  It is a two and a half hour dinner cruise which begins at Sentosa Island and ends at the Southern Islands.  Tickets come in two types:  platinum ($195), and Gold ($165).

2. Walk through the waterfront garden

Singapore is known for its many beautiful gardens, one of which is by the bay.  This waterfront garden is full of plants unique to Singapore, and this is what gives it a pleasant and futuristic look and feel!  The Flower Dome with its plants from the Mediterranean and the Cloud Forest with its tropical flora are must-sees.  If you are really adventurous, you can hike the Skyway Trail at night for a neat view of glowing buildings.

3. Take a hike along the Southern Ridges

If you really love experiencing nature, you have to do this!  You will see awesome scenery of nature through Mount Faber’s treetops on this trail.  The final destination is the Labrador Nature Reserve.  You will get to see many species of beautiful birds which are unique to Singapore.

4. Visit the Botanic Gardens

his is one of Singapore’s most beautiful and unique gardens.  Its rich and picturesque foliage and many public sculptures which look like works of art make the perfect backdrop for a casual afternoon picnic!  The Native Orchid Garden has thousands of species of hybrid flowers, and Symphony Lake is known for its amazing and free outdoor concerts!

5. Hike one of the trails on the MacRitchie Reservoir

There are five great trails to choose to hike through, all of which wind through beautiful forest land.  They are between 3-11 km long, offer great views of the reservoir and surrounding flora, and allow you to see many species of unique animals and reptiles like the long-tailed macaque monkey, squirrels, snakes, and monitor lizards.

6. Explore the Sungei Buloh Wetlands

You will see wildlife which is only found in Singapore!  Its new extension features a coastal and mid-canopy boardwalk which offers a close-up view of a wide variety of animals, birds, insects, and reptiles including the monitor lizard, mudskippers, insects, herons, horseshoe crabs, etc…

7. Go to the Singapore Zoo and River Safari

This is a hidden gem because it harbors over 300 species of wildlife.  It has many zones, each with wildlife to see, ranging from baboons to Komodo dragons!  You can see animal shows, and your kids can enjoy the Kidzworld area which is full of fun activities and things to see in Singapore, including a water playground, an obstacle course, farm animals, etc…The neighboring safari river is home to over 6000 river animals.

Final Word

If you haven’t planned a Singapore tour already, make sure you plan one now. There are several international tour operators that offer customized Singapore tour packages. And the best part s that you can book a Singapore tour package from Ahmedabad, New Delhi, Mumbai, and any other major Indian city.

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SME loans in India: myths and facts to consider before applying it

An SME loan is the best option for a small business to obtain quick finance without the hassles of extensive paperwork. Further, the application process of the business loan has been considerably simplified by the fintech lenders, with the adoption of cutting-edge technologies. Business loans from fintech players offer several advantages from easy EMI repayment options to competitive interest rates, unlike profit sharing terms like investors. However, despite the obvious benefits, there are several myths that have clouded the minds of SME loan applicants. We shall debunk these myths with factual analysis.

Myth 1: Chances of loan rejection are high in case the loan requirement is nominal

This is completely untrue. The loan amount applied for and sanctioned in entirely dependent upon the business requirement. The loan approval is contingent upon satisfying the eligibility criteria of the lender.  Even an SME can apply for a small ticket size loan and get the same approved from an NBFC within a week if its financial metrics are strong.

Myth 2: Personal Loan wins over a Business Loan

This again does not hold in many instances. Although the processing time of personal loans is faster compared to business loans, their sanction limit is much lower in case of a personal loan. Further, the interest rates on business loans are relatively lower than personal loans. Further, the creditworthiness of the business owner in his individual capacity is considered while granting a personal loan. This does not help build the credit standing of the business. Further, small business is prone to business cycles. In case of the business hitting a low, the credit score of the promoter takes a hit, which will impact future chances of obtaining a loan. It is prudent to keep personal and business finances separate from the tax angle as well. Interest on business loans can be shown as a business expense deduction in the P&L statement and goes towards reducing the taxable profits of the business.

Myth 3: Procuring a Business loan is plain tough

There is a common fallacy that it is difficult for an SME to obtain a business loan apply. If one meets the eligibility criteria of an SME loan i.e. at least Rs 40 lakhs turnover, a decent credit score, submission of GST and IT returns and an operating vintage of at least 3 years, there is a high probability of loan approval. Further, fintech lenders extend loans via a simple online process with the absence of collateral security.

Myth 4: Lenders will insist on a business loan against property

This is not always the case. In the case of banks, the collateral security is mandatory in most cases. However, in the case of fintech companies, there is absolutely no collateral cover required to avail a business loan. It is difficult for SMEs to offer assets as mortgage owing to their limited asset pool.

Myth 5: It is better to use one’s personal savings rather than availing a business loan

It is highly risky to dip into one’s personal savings. In case the business fails, one would be completely bankrupt as one’s personal savings would not be available for future financial needs. One must maintain separate accounts for personal and business finances. It’s a complete no-no to mix the two.

Myth 6: Best to approach banks for business loans

There is no such evidence available which confirms the veracity of the above. In several cases, an SME can obtain an SME loan from an NBFC, even in spite of the loan application having been rejected by banks. In reality, banks stipulate tough conditions for loan approval, which is difficult for SMEs to comply with. Hence in all cases, it is not necessarily that big is best.

Myth 7: The personal CIBIL score is of no consequence

This is a complete misconception. A credit score is one of the primary aspects that lenders consider prior to loan disbursement. A lender is mainly concerned with the repayment capability of the business. Hence the credit score is a strong indicator of the creditworthiness of the borrower. In case the business suffers loss, the loan amount can be recovered from the promoters.

Myth 8: You need an ideal credit score to get a business loan

This is an exaggeration of the truth. While a decent credit score is vital, in case of a strong financial position of the business, the lender would consider extending the SME loan. The lender may extend loans at higher interest rates to an entity with poor credit scores if it obtains assurance on the repayment capability of the business unit.

Myth 9: Only interest rate matters

This is a short-sighted approach to obtaining a business loan. While an attractive interest rate can help in savings of financing costs, one cannot restrict the analysis to purely the interesting pricing. Some of the other important aspects comprise any hidden costs, processing fee, charges, the reputation of the lender, tenure of the loan, the loan amount and most critically the absence of collateral cover.

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What documents are required to apply collateral free unsecured business loans?

Business loans have undergone a drastic transformation in India. From the exorbitant rates charged by unorganized lenders to the prolonged loan approval processes by banks and nowadays the popular fintech companies with their online, prompt loan sanction. Currently, an unsecured business loan can be availed without the need for collateral from NBFCs, subject to submission of relevant documents and fulfillment or certain pre-requisites.

With the adoption of cutting-edge technology, fintech companies are sanctioning unsecured business loans within a week’s time, after due diligence of the documents and subject to the following eligibility criteria:

  1. Age of the business owner – Lenders generally grant loan only if the applicant falls in the age group of 25-65 years of age. This would help the lenders gauge the repayment capability and estimate the loan tenure.
  2. Operating vintage – NBFCs generally mandate a business that has been in operation for a minimum period of 3 years. This helps evaluate the feasibility of the business model and the stability of the revenues. Further, the business should be viable with growth capability. Lenders would grant the business loan amount based on the age of the business factor.
  3. Books of Accounts – The main focus area for an NBFC is the repayment capacity of the borrower. Hence it is critical for the lender to scrutinize the books of accounts prior to disbursement. The lenders would expect accurate books of accounts that portray a true picture of the financial position rather than a window dressed scenario. A healthy cash flow, low leverage, increasing revenues, and decent profits are factors considered by the lender. This would also reveal the operating structure of the entity, whether proprietary concern, partnership firm or a company.
  4. GST Returns – This is a vital document as it serves the dual purpose of ensuring the business entity has been regularly paying taxes as well providing a confirmation of the revenues. Every lender would like to be associated with a law-abiding business unit.
  5. Credibility factor– The credit score or CIBIL score of the individual is a very important factor considered by NBFCs before loan sanction. The credit score is an indicator of credit standing which depends upon a good repayment track record and credibility.
  6. Funds utilization – The borrower must commit to the lender that the business loan is being taken solely for business purposes. The lender may not sanction loan if the borrower is using additional unsecured business funding to pay off existing liabilities. The lender would permit use of funds for capex, inventory purchase and other causes which fall in the gamut of operational activities.
  7. Identity Proof – This proves the identity of the individual loan applicant. This document could be either the PAN card, Aadhar Card, Passport copy, driver’s license, voter’s ID.
  8. Address Proof – This validates the address as the same as that submitted in the loan documents. This again could be the Aadhar Card, Passport.
  9. Passport Size Photograph – The loan applicant should at least provide 2-3 passport size photographs.
  10. Bank Statements – 6 months’ bank statements are mandatorily required by the lenders. There should also be a sufficient bank balance, which the lender would confirm. This shows the borrower in a positive light that with a healthy cash balance, the chances of default are low.
  11. ITR Statement – The lenders would insist on the business owner’s income tax returns to confirm compliance with IT laws.

Business loans can boost business performance by providing timely financial assistance at competitive interest rates. Further, with expert advice from the financing company, truly, unsecured business funding can prove to be a game changer for a small business venture.

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