Avoid These Mistakes While Revamping Your Business Website!

After a point, every website must be revamped and redesigned to keep up with the changing norms and trends. If you need to create a new business website, there are a few essential things to consider. Below, we have listed down the mistakes that must be avoided.

#1 – Not having a memo

Long before you approach a web designer, having a memo is important. The memo basically talks about the things, features and elements you need in the new website. Also called the scope of the project, this largely determines the estimate and other things.

#2 – Selecting the cheapest service

We try to save on everything, but as a business owner, you should avoid falling for cheap quotes and estimates. Find a competent team that doesn’t charge a bomb but excels in designing custom business websites. An estimate is usually offered at the start of the project, so you can always compare the choices.

#3 – Not checking the work profile of the service

Experience and expertise with websites are aspects you cannot ignore while hiring a web design company. As such, it is wise to look beyond the claims. Check the profile and portfolio of the concerned service, ask for references and seek details of their recent projects.

#4 – Not evaluating the website of the company

If a web design company claims to specialize in creating bespoke business websites, they must have done a great job with their portal. Check the website of the company to know that better. In case the company also specializes in SEO and marketing, you may want to check the ranking and online presence of their website too.

#5 – Being unavailable

The whole process of designing a website requires time, effort and communication between designers and the client. You need to be available to suggest changes and elements, as required. Professional companies like usually offer a demo/template of the website after you have accepted the estimate, which has the basic outline of the project. If you have any ideas, share the same, and ask for updates frequently, so as to incorporate changes along the way.

Finally, do not insist on getting the website done in a day or two. Custom business sites require time, and even the simplest websites need a week, especially if you have specific requirements and features. Allow your web design team to experiment with ideas, so as to get unique themes and templates.