Brief Introduction to Few Test Automation Challenges

Test automation may not be deemed a cakewalk, but with a few important tips, you could pull it in an effective manner. You should rest assured that automation could be a huge booster for productivity within the testing teams. In addition, the quality of enhancer for the specific systems when used in a correct manner could also benefit from it largely.

Actually monitoring the employees is not a new trend in the business world. Basic thing is that the approach to monitoring employees is how it has changed over the decades. It is a way to check the employee productivity monitoring software during the working hours and also on the time when the boss is out of office.

It would be essential to ensure that it has been used in the correct manner. You should rest assured that it would be the hard part when you actually start out. Find below few common test automation challenges. The 3x Faster Test Automation accelQ ROI analysys would help you to overcome them in the right manner.

  • How to get a green signal from management

Similar to any company department, the associates would be inquiring about things that might or might not be included in the budget. The testers would become aware of the automation offering both IT and business benefits. However, the point to ponder upon would be how testers could convince the finance department along with the QA director for allocation of essential funds and time to implementing test automation.

  • Choosing and using of correct tools

Several teams would not be able to get past this phase because of several reasons. However, they may be lacking the expertise of using a specific kind of tool, which does not exist. It would not be wrong to suggest that the tool or set of tools would not be offering 100% test case coverage. The cost of the tool has been known to exceed the overall budget for the test as well.


  • Need for identifying the initiation strategy

You may have all kinds of tools and support to start automating. However, the question would be what would you be automating and how. It would not be wrong to suggest that tools would not be telling you what to automate. The question would be whether you would look forward to raising a generation of outstanding automated tests. You would try to make them that way.

However, in reality, you may not be able to automate anything. Therefore, you would be required to be strategic. Your best bet would be to make use of two essential approaches for helping with it. The first would be risk-based testing and the second would be automation pyramid.

It would be essential that you set realistic expectations from automation.