What Is GATE?- Know About GATE Exams

Most Engineering students aspire to take up higher studies in ME. /M. Tech fields from IITs or get into some prestigious institutes within the country or abroad. Many also opt for PSU jobs, offering pretty lucrative pay packages with free medical insurance or retirement benefits. All these students will have to apply for the GATE exams to continue with their higher education or career with PSUs.

To apply for the GATE exams, candidates will have to meet the required criteria. Now, for the convenience of students who have no idea about what is GATE exam, we have collected some information about GATE in this article here. Candidates can check for basic information in this article here.

All About GATE Exam

GATE or the Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering is one of the most reputed examinations in India for candidates aiming to secure a job in PSU’s and Govt. sectors or who wish to pursue higher education in the premier institutes such as IIT’s/NIT’s/IISc etc. It comprises 29 disciplines or subjects as of 2022, and the candidates can go for any depending on their niche or desire. The GATE exam scores are ideally valid for three years from when the results are officially announced. For PSUs, however, the score validity is only for a year. However, educational institutions can decide if they want a recent score.

GATE Exam Eligibility Criteria

Meanwhile, check out the eligibility criteria for GATE exams from here:

  • There is no age limit.
  • Candidates have to be citizens of India. However, other nationality candidates can also apply for GATE in case they meet the expected eligibility criteria.
  • There is no minimum pass percentage required for the qualifying degree.
  • Academic Qualification
    • According to GATE 2022 eligibility criteria, candidates in their third year of a UG degree will be eligible for the GATE exam. Also, with the addition of Humanities and Social Science, now Non-Science graduates from Arts and Commerce background are also eligible to apply for GATE.
    • A candidate who is currently studying in the 3rd or higher years of any undergraduate degree program.
    • A candidate who has already completed any government approved degree program in Engineering / Technology / Architecture / Science / Commerce / Arts is eligible for appearing in the GATE 2022 exam.
    • However, the candidates who possess certification from any of the professional societies must ensure that those examinations conducted by the societies are approved by MoE/AICTE/UGC/UPSC as equivalent to B.E. / B.Tech. / B.Arch. / B.Planning, and more.
    • Candidates who have obtained / are pursuing their qualifying degree from countries other than India: Must be currently in the 3rd or higher years or completed their Bachelor’s degree (duration: at least 3 years) in Engineering / Technology / Science / Arts / Commerce.

Apply for GATE Exams

Meanwhile, candidates can also access the application form of the GATE Exam for the current year in online mode after it goes live on the portal. The registration for GATE will be made available via the GATE Online Application Process (GOAPS). In order to appear for the examination, the candidates are required to register for GATE, enter the required personal, contact, and academic details, upload scanned documents, and also pay the specified application fee. Candidates will have to submit the application form before the date specified, with or without the late fee as applicable. Candidates can also easily access the admit cards when it goes live on the official website.

Cracking GATE Exams

Meanwhile, cracking this national level entrance exam requires hard work. All candidates are required to follow specific tips to ace the exam. They are also advised to refer to a wide range of study materials or reference documents such as the syllabi, textbooks, mock tests, notes or the GATE previous year question paper to prepare more efficiently.

One thing that these candidates have to realize is that overdoing things will not help. They need to have a proper study plan in place, prioritizing topics for the selected papers as per the syllabus, topics weightage marks distribution and their knowledge gap. Quick revisions with breaks as required is also the key to preparing well for the exams and scoring good marks.

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The Importance Of Taking Driving Lessons

Learning how to drive a car can often be a daunting task, especially if you have not had any experience of operating a vehicle on the road. Indeed, if you are looking to pass your driving test, then you should consider taking driving lessons that can provide you with an ideal opportunity to experience every condition and situation on the road. Furthermore, it is also important to note that taking driving lessons with a professional driving instructor can allow you to benefit from the knowledge and experience of somebody who has been driving for a considerable amount of time. Therefore, if you are thinking about passing your driving test and you want to get experience, you should consider taking driving lessons.

Enjoy greater freedom

By taking driving lessons you can spend a significant amount of time experiencing driving in real-world conditions. Indeed, driving schools provide you with an ideal opportunity to practice your driving skills by experiencing the real-world road conditions which can help you to develop your driving skills. By receiving guidance from a professional driving instructor, you can help to learn the basic safety techniques for driving on the road. Furthermore, safe driving is an important skill to acquire while taking driving lessons in Sydney from a professional driving instructor can help you to avoid a number of risky situations that can occur on the road.

Become more confident

In addition, it is also important to note that undertaking driving lessons can be a daunting prospect. However, a professional driving instructor can help you to become more confident by providing you with expert driving guidance so that you can enjoy the freedom that driving brings. It is also important to understand that you may feel nervous if it is the first time you are sitting in a vehicle while you should rest assured that a professional driving instructor can generate confidence and can give you expert guidance about a variety of different driving situations.

Pass your test easily

Another significant benefit that you could enjoy by taking driving lessons is that you can help to get your driving licence easily. Indeed, if you want to pass your driving test, then you will have to undergo an evaluation by a professional driving evaluator. By taking time to learn the necessary techniques about learning to drive as well as learning the right skills, you can help to pass your driving test the first time.

Choose the best driving school

Before choosing a driving school where you can obtain your driving lessons, you should also shop around to help you choose the right company for your needs. You should enquire about the various packages that are available which may depend on your confidence level. Indeed, if you are inexperienced or if you are not confident about undertaking driving lessons then you may need a considerable amount of time behind the wheel to practice. However, if you already have some experience of driving, then you may need fewer lessons to get through the test.

Lastly, if you are thinking about learning to drive, you should be aware that taking driving lessons can provide you with a great opportunity to become more confident as well as pass the test easily.




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Nursery School: Helping Your Child to Excel

Nowadays, a lot of parents are sending their kids to nursery school for a wide variety of reasons. Some have a hectic lifestyle and need some alone to run errands, while others are concerned about their education and would like to get them off to the best possible start. Whatever the reason for attending nursery school, research suggests it will benefit your child as they develop into adults. If you are planning on enrolling your child in nursery in Leigh, you must ask them as many questions as you can to learn more about their business.

  • Do they have space during the times you are looking for?
  • How many children do they cater for?
  • What is the maximum amount they take?
  • Do they provide meals?
  • What type of food do they provide?

All of these questions are important when choosing a nursery for your child, when looking for potential schools, ask as many questions as you see fit.

Here are just some of the many advantages of attending nursery school.

Improving Social and Academic Skills

Nursery school is great for developing your child in both an academic and social context. They get involved in projects and socialise with kids their own age.

Internet Skills

In today’s day and age, teaching kids about the internet is an essential life skill. Although it is a vital learning tool, it can be exploited for harmful things.

Successful Adults

Many surveys suggest that kids who attended nursery school went on to study higher education and land successful jobs.

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Under the trade war, should we study in the United States?

First of all, the uncertainty of China-US relations will definitely affect some people’s choice of study abroad. People will worry that the United States will no longer be friendly to China. Parents who grew up before the reform and opening up may even worry that this kind of unfriendly attitude will appear in the children’s daily study and life. For example, teaching colleagues and colleagues is no longer friendly to us, and even discriminating persecution may occur. This situation is unlikely to happen on the whole level.

Will this relationship between China and the United States affect our professional choices, for example, some sensitive professions, artificial intelligence, is not good to apply? This is possible. But at the same time, we have no clear evidence to show this. We should continue to observe this. Speaking of sensitive artificial intelligence, about 50% of human scientists in artificial intelligence are Chinese. In today’s era of interconnected globalization, the blockade and restrictions of technology are already very difficult, and the cost of control is very high. The United States will only strengthen control over the most sophisticated research projects. Other projects, namely various undergraduate majors and general masters. The PhD program will remain open.

The impact of the China-US trade war on the visas for students studying in the United States may be visible at present and everyone is more worried. This incident has been rumored because of the recent refusal of a visa. Although this year’s student visa may be more troublesome than in the past few years, it is not very difficult. Of course, we can find a study agent to help apply, the success rate will be higher, because professional lawyers must know more about the specific situation and experience. The study abroad agent can not only help us apply for the school. After entering the school, if you are expelled from a US university (also known as 被美国大学开除) and need to transfer to the United States urgently (also known as 美国紧急转学), or need to vaccinate the foreign student vaccine (also known as 留学生疫苗), you can consult the study agent and seek them. help.

For international students with immigration plans, due to the longer green card application schedule, you can apply for l1 visa (also known as l1签证), j1 visa (also known as j1签证), h1b visa, etc. H1b visas are the choice of most people, but you need to be careful about the preparation of h1b visa materials (also known as h1b签证材料).

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How to get an ‘A’ in Chemistry Tuitions

Getting an ‘A’ in chemistry is not an easy thing. It needs lots of hard work, a good understanding of the subject and dedication towards learning. Only by joining JC chemistry tuition Singapore will not help but your child also should have the ability and concentration to understand it.

In tuition classes the tutors try their best to make the subject easy so that students can learn faster. The concepts are made so interesting that students are captivated and listen to the lectures attentively which will result in getting an ‘A’ in chemistry. Make your child join Mr.Khemistry tuitions for best results.

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How does Studypool Makes Homework Help Easy

Are you searching for the best in business homework help services online? You would be spoilt for options. However, not all homework help services would be able to cater to your specific homework completion needs in the best manner possible. Therefore, you should look for the right option suitable to your specific needs. Among the several options available online, Studypool provides the best mystatlab answers. The major reason has been their faculty. The tutors working with Studypool has been verified and experienced in the arena. They would offer you with the right solutions to various kinds of mystatlab questions.

In case, you were wondering on the working of Studypool homework help services, you should rest assured that it offers easy to navigate website. The platform would require the student to register with the homework help service in order to make the most of the homework assistance provided by verified tutors. About the tutors, you should rest assured that they would be highly qualified to handle all kinds of statistics questions in the right manner. Among the several websites offering homework help services, Studypool would not hire students for completing your assignments, homework, or paper. That makes it the best in business homework help service.

In case, you were having significant trouble with a specific mystatlab question, you could post the question online. The platform would cater you with an opportunity to post the question along with the quoted amount and stipulated time limit to complete the assignment. The tutors associated with Studypool would place their bids on the question. It would imply they agree to the price and time of delivery. You would be required to choose the right tutor suitable for the job. Only after being satisfied with the content, you would be required to pay the tutor for completed assignment.

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4 Ways to Execute Your New Year’s Project

New Year’s Day is marked with many parties, celebrations, and of course, New Years resolutions.

New Year’s resolutions have a bit of a bad reputation. This is because many people resolve to do a number of things in the New Year and rarely ever follow through them in the long term.

One of such is New Years projects. These projects could be personal or relating to one’s work or career.

It could be tempting to give up on your New Year’s resolutions before you make any significant progress but with the right guidance and steps, you can complete your New Year’s project successfully.

Consider the following steps to execute your New Year’s project.

  1. Decide on a timeline: It is easy to say that you will complete a certain task, but it will be much more effective if you divide the various steps involved in executing the project and give them a timeline.

For example, you might want to write a book in a year. Instead of planning to simply ‘write a book’, outline how many chapters the book will contain and assign a deadline to each step.

By focusing on smaller, individual tasks and not the entirety of the project, you are less likely to get overwhelmed and give up.

  1. Create habits that drive progress: It is one thing to plan towards a project and another thing to actually take steps towards the project.

Decide on the steps that will be needed to execute your project. For example, writing your book might require writing a thousand words a day.

Figure out a task you engage in every day such as watching television or reading a book and attach this task to them. You could, for example, write a thousand words before you watch television.

This helps you stay on track with your tasks and makes you less likely to give up.

  1. Seek professional help: If the project you are working on is a particularly complex one or one that is related to your career, you might want to brush up on your project management skills.

While there are entire university courses related to project management, you might not have to go that far.

Instead, consider taking a course with an online resource such as e-careers. These will help you not only study project management in-depth, but also prepare for professional certifications such as the Prince2 Foundation exam.

This will not only help you in executing projects but can also help you move ahead in your career.

  1. Get an accountability partner: You are more likely to stick to your resolutions if you have someone you are accountable to.

Find a close friend or family member who is also working on a New Year’s project or resolution.

Reach out to each other periodically and keep each other committed to your tasks.


Staying on track with your New Year’s resolutions doesn’t have to be a complex task.

Follow the above tips to ensure that you execute your New Year’s projects seamlessly.

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Learn Math the interesting way

If you are able to find the right kind of a level math tuition centre then almost half of your issues are solved at one go. It needs to be understood that a proper level of support, guidance and help on a regular basis would definitely make one learn math the most interesting way possible.

New Dawn Learning studio is the best platform for learning math the easy and interesting way. The tuition centre employs some of the best and latest techniques of learning for one and all. It ensures to provide for the best kind of learning environment to succeed.

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Get knowledge about Agile and Scrum project development courses

Nowadays, agile projects are highly suitable for small or large enterprise in order to develop professionally. In fact, this should undergo by accessing with better solution and market based one. In this way, each and every candidate acquires knowledge when attending agile and Scrum projects. Of course, the certification courses bring you a chance and thus it tends to manage with a framework that works professionally. Besides, you will learn quickly the syllabus and become an expert in the respective field. There are many frameworks available but Agile and scrum be the best one among others. It should deliver challenges and able to keep away from revealing the knowledge in an advanced way. Moreover, this should guide on providing basic results and make new technology for accessing with the right solution. It has a distinct framework that should undergo by taking part in highly dependent results. Therefore, this should guide in providing modern results and advanced knowledge in the scrum and agile platform.

Implement on agile networks

Furthermore, the power of agile platform always discovers a unique approach so that it discovers with efficient outcomes. Therefore, this is efficient for accessing with high-quality products and the ability to master level in business and agile network. Finally, the Agile and Scrum course is able to provide the best solution and adapt towards its own business requirements. It has been considering with the lean agile network that delivers perfect outcomes for your need and desires. It is totally free and implements based on the agile platform within short time duration. As an outcome, it should undergo by implementing with each and every organization depends on the agile terms. It is adapting with the most important challenges and discovers on the right system for agile networks. The course always gives the best solution that is essential for managing lean projects and become master in developing an agile network. So, you will become professional in attending the course which gives you an amazing career opportunity.

Become professional after course completion

It stands for the most important network that has been undergoing with certification program as per the guidance. In addition to this, it commonly scales on distinct results and guides with framework global level. The Agile and Scrum training always deliver a good result so that you will gain knowledge regarding the agile network. It should modify the plan and assist in delivering a good alignment with right company goals. Therefore, it is termed with the right knowledge and ability to implement with more help for the manager’s decisions. With the help of a small team, the agile journey could develop based on the scaled one and more helpful for managers. It has familiarity in accessing with right projects that are vital for accessing a solution for managing agile projects. Each and everyone grab attention on this course that is familiar with accessing the right solution to gain knowledge regarding agile projects. You will attain good experience in scrum or agile platform after attending the training courses. Consequently, it is defining with remarkable changes according to the professional experience in accessing many requirements.

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Bridging course for H2 Chemistry Tuition in Singapore.

An excellent chemistry tuition class for the students of JC 1 level who are not very strong with their concepts and fundamentals. During the 1st year many students don’t understand the concepts and often fail to perform well in the next year. MrKhemistry introduces a bridging course for H2 chemistry tuition Singapore for students who require strengthening their knowledge before they join the regular classes in the second year.

The course is conducted by Mr. Eric Kua who is an expert on the subject and has successfully taught hundreds of students every year. Chemical bonding, Kinetics, organic chemistry, energetics are some of the topics that shall be covered in this bridging course.

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