Advantages of investing in a multi-cap fund

Investments are often differentiated based on the market capitalization of companies. Small-cap funds focus on investing in smaller companies with a lower market capitalization, mid-cap funds invest in medium-sized companies, and large-cap funds invest in established, large-scale companies. On the other hand, multi-cap funds offer a diversified approach, giving investors the flexibility to invest across various market capitalizations. Read this article to know the advantages of investing in multi-cap mutual funds.

What are multi-cap funds?

Multi-cap funds are mutual funds that invest in companies of different market capitalizations, including small-cap, mid-cap, and large-cap stocks. The allocation of investments across these stocks is based on the fund manager’s evaluation of market conditions and opportunities. This diversification enables multi-cap funds to take advantage of opportunities available across the market spectrum. For example, a multi-cap fund with a total corpus of ₹ 10,00,000 could be considered. The fund manager can allocate the investment as follows:

  • Large-cap stocks: ₹4,00,000 (40% of the corpus)
  • Mid-cap stocks: ₹3,00,000 (30% of the corpus)
  • Small-cap stocks: ₹3,00,000 (30% of the corpus) 

As per the SEBI (Securities and Exchange Board of India) mandate, multi cap funds need to have a minimum of 25% allocated in each of the large-cap, mid-cap, and small-cap stocks. Beyond this mandated allocation, the fund manager has the flexibility to distribute the money across the market capitalizations. Multi-cap funds can offer a blend of all capital markets, potentially allowing investors to strike a balance between the risks and returns.

So, investors with a moderate risk appetite who are aiming for wealth creation over the long-term can consider multi-cap mutual funds since these funds offer diversification when it comes to making investments in the equity markets. 

The advantages of investing in multi-cap funds:

  1. Diversification: Multi-cap funds invest in companies of various sizes and sectors, thereby reducing the impact of market fluctuations on the overall portfolio.
  2. Flexibility: Multi-cap funds provide the fund manager with the flexibility to adjust the portfolio’s allocation based on market conditions.
  3. Potential for higher returns: Multi-cap funds have the potential to deliver attractive returns over the long term. They can capture the growth potential of mid-cap and small-cap companies while benefiting from the stability of large-cap stocks.
  4. Opportunity to benefit from market trends: Multi-cap funds can adjust their allocation accordingly to benefit from prevailing market trends.
  5. Risk mitigation: By investing in a mix of market capitalizations, multi-cap funds can reduce the impact of a downturn in any particular segment of the market on the overall portfolio.

Since the fund manager plays a major role in taking investment decisions for multi-cap mutual funds, you must analyse the fund manager’s previous performance before investing in a multi-cap fund. Since capital gains apply to returns earned through multi-cap funds, you must assess the long- and/or short-term capital gains taxes that could be applicable before investing.

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Four ways to earn money without investment for retired individuals

Retired individuals have a wealth of experience and contacts. They can use this to their advantage and earn money in retirement. While there are many ways to earn money in retirement, only a few allow retired individuals to earn cash without investment. Here is a guide that details the different ways in which retired individuals can earn money without investment.

  1. Tutoring

Retired individuals have extensive knowledge of a concept or industry. They can use this advantage to help youngsters excel in the same field. Tutoring allows retired people to share their insights into an industry or concept with aspiring youngsters and earn money through it. The amount of monthly income earned through tutoring varies based on factors, such as the tutors’ experience and the background of the incoming students.

  1. Using referral apps

Real money earning apps, such as the MyFIRST Partner app, can enable retired individuals to tap into their contacts and earn money without investment. These apps do not attract charges yet allow you to make over ₹40,000 a month. They’re easy to use, so retired individuals will not have any problem getting to grips with the applications.

The signup process for such apps is straightforward as well. If you are looking to connect with the MyFIRST Partner app for earning money, here is what you need to do:

  • Gather the essential documents, such as your PAN card and Aadhaar card
  • Download the MyFIRST Partner app from the Play Store or App Store
  • Upload a clear photograph
  • Update your personal information and upload a copy of the required documents
  • Enter your bank details
  • Verify your details using an OTP

Once you complete these steps, your registration will be complete. You can begin earning through the MyFIRST Partner app. The program allows you to earn 1.5% of every successful loan disbursal. Hence, the more loans your contacts get, the more you will earn.

  1. Writing books

Retired individuals are masters of a concept or industry. They have an in-depth understanding of what makes a successful product or business. They can share this knowledge by writing books and selling them via offline and online portals. Besides helping earn money with zero investment, writing books is also a great way to help youngsters. It can serve as motivation and help them excel in their future endeavours.

  1. Becoming a consultant

Another way retired individuals can leverage their experience is by becoming a consultant. It is not a full-time job but still pays well. They can advise companies on crucial business decisions and projects, helping them scale quickly. Depending on the industry and company, consultants can receive over one lakh.

These methods can help earn money in retirement as well as enable retired individuals to share their experiences for others’ benefit. Their knowledge and expertise can play a valuable role in shaping the future of youngsters and the country.

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Where to Invest Money For Good Returns In India?


Risk is directly proportional to return. If the risk is low, return will be low and vice versa. Now to get more returns, you have to invest in market linked investments rather than going for fixed income investments.

There are some options in which you can choose from to get higher returns:

Direct Equity:

Not everyone can afford to invest in equity as it is a volatile asset and there is no guarantee of returns. It is difficult to pick the right stock, timing of your entry and exit. But the fascinating thing is that over the time also, equity has been able to deliver higher returns than all other assets.

But, alongside, the risk of losing is also very high until or unless you chose to opt for stop-loss methods to compensate your losses.

Peer to Peer Lending (P2P) Platforms:

This is a new concept in India and started only 2-3 years back. You can say it is form of crowd funding where loans are raised from the people who want to lend by the group of people who need the money at certain interest rate for a fixed tenure. P2P Lending platforms connect borrowers with lenders in a seamless and hassle manner. Investor get an opportunity to earn high returns by lending money to qualified borrowers. Entire process is managed by P2P lending platforms. It is so easy that anyone can start lending without any hassle.  P2P Lending platforms are regulated by RBI and only those platforms who have received license from RBI can do this business in India. P2P Lending platforms are fast becoming a smart investment option for many millennial investors.

Even peer to peer lending is not devoid of risks as this kind of loan is an unsecured loan and borrowers may default to pay back the amount. However, prudent P2P Lending platform like i2iFunding has put in robust and new age credit evaluation process which ensures risk of default is reduced significantly.

Real Estate:

This kind of investment is basically investing in capital. This class of investment is highly illiquid.

Returns in real estate delivers returns in two different ways i.e. capital appreciation and rentals.

Bank Fixed Deposit:

FD is one of the safest options to invest in India. According to the rules of Deposit Insurance And Credit Guarantee Corporation (DICGC), every depositor in the bank will be insured up to a maximum amount of Rs 1 lakh. You may opt to get a cumulative interest for monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or yearly intervals.

Equity Mutual Funds:

It majorly consists of investing in equity stocks. As per the guidelines of Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) mutual fund regulations, atleast 65 percent of its assets must be invested by equity mutual fund scheme. An equity fund can be managed actively or passively.

Public Provident Fund:

PPF has a long duration of 15 years; therefore the overall interest return becomes huge, especially in later years. Because sovereign guarantee backs up the interest and the principal invested, it is a safe investment.

Debt Mutual Funds:

Debt funds will get you steady returns. They comprise of very less risk factors as compared to equity funds. Debt mutual funds invest in fixed-interest generating securities.

National Pension Scheme:

The national pension scheme is a long term investment. It is retirement focused investment.

It is managed by Pension Fund Regulatory and Development Authority (PFRDA). It is a mixture of equity, fixed deposits, corporate bonds, liquid funds and government funds.

Investing In Gold:

One of the oldest investments done by Indians has been in the form of gold. Earlier it used to be in the form of jewelry or gold coins only but now the options have widened up in the form of gold deposit scheme, gold ETF, gold mutual funds, etc

Initial Public Offerings:

In IPO, they have two types of markets i.e. primary and secondary market. In primary market, company’s shares are initially made available to the public. Company’s shares cannot be listed on exchange without that. An offer made to the public i.e. public issue to subscribe to the share capital of the company at a certain specified price. Thereafter, the shares are allotted to the applicants as per the rules and regulations prescribed.

Once, the shares are listed, they become part of the secondary market. In secondary market, the investors can now buy or sell shares. The risk factor in this investment is that the prices of shares might double or they might even decline to more than half.


There are many other options for investment in India like equity-linked savings scheme, annuities, certificate of deposit, treasury inflation protected securities (TIPS) municipal bonds, etc. Not every investment is a safe investment. Some investments give you fixed income while others depend upon the market fluctuation. But both kinds of investments play their own role in the process of wealth creation. For the long run, you should make the best use of both the investments i.e. using both of them reasonably.

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4 Guidelines to Risk-Free Investing

One of the most critical elements of successful online financial market trading is to determine your risk appetite or your tolerance to risk. Simply stated, how much of your investment can you afford to lose while trading on Contracts for Difference (CFDs)?

At the outset of this article, it should be noted that there is no such thing as 100% risk-free investing. The title of this piece is a misnomer and should instead read “5 Guidelines to Reducing your Investment’s Exposure to Risk.

As Sami Abusaad notes (and Jones Mutual concurs), you have to be “willing to lose money on a trade. If not, then don’t take it. You can only win if you’re not afraid to lose. And you can only do that if you truly accept the risks in front of you.” Therefore, successful financial market trading is not about trading risk-free, it’s about reducing exposure to risk by making wise trading decisions.

Another way to look at risk management is to see it as the foundation of your house. If your foundation is not stable, then there is very little chance that the building will stay standing in adverse conditions. In the same way, if your risk management plan is not reliable, your trading strategies will fail, and you will lose large sums of money.

Guidelines to reduce your exposure to risk

Here are five ways to help you reduce your investment’s exposure to risk:

Determine risk appetite beforehand

Risk appetite is the percentage of your initial investment that you can afford to lose while financial market trading. Risk appetite is generally noted as the following three levels: High-, medium-, and low-risk. Several indicators can be used to determine how high your investment’s exposure to risk is. The biggest of these indicators is age-based. As a rule of thumb, the younger you are, the higher your risk appetite and vice versa.

Plan your trading strategies carefully

Sun Tzu, Chinese General, military strategist, and accepted author of “The Art of War” notes that “strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.” It is absolutely vital to take the time to study the financial markets and to plan your trading strategy before you enter the market and open trading positions.

Furthermore, it is equally important to stick to your trading strategy once you have planned it correctly. Changing trading strategies in the middle of a trade will more often than not lead to disaster.

Do not trade on emotions

Trading CFDs is inherently volatile. By definition, a Contract for Difference leverages a linked asset’s (like Forex pairs and cryptocurrencies) price volatility to derive a profit. Under normal circumstances, the price of a Forex pair only moves by 100 pips per day.

However, under extreme conditions, the asset’s price can swing radically up and down in a very short space of time. Consequently, it is easy to panic and to change trading tactics midstream without considering the consequences. This is known as emotional trading, and it can lead to substantial losses. Thus, it is vital to stick to your trading strategy no matter what the market does.

Build risk-management into your trading strategy

You should decide how much you are willing to risk on each trade before you place a trade. There are many formulas you can use. Here are two of the more popular equations that most traders use:

  • The 5/15 rule: Essentially, you risk a maximum of 15% of your total equity at any given moment. Each trade can be no more than 5% of the overall 15%. Therefore, you can only place three trades at a time. For example: if your total investment is $600, 15% of the $600 is $150. Furthermore, 5% of the 15% is $50. So you can open a maximum of three trades of $50 each.
  • The 2% risk rule: The main idea here is you risk 2% of your overall equity on each trade. Although this algorithm is similar to the 5/15 rule, the 2% rule allows you to enter more than three trades at any given moment. For example, if your total equity is $600, then 2% of $600 is $12. $12 is much less than the $50 per trade in the first example; however, there is no restriction on how many trades you should open using the 2% rule.

Final thoughts

CFD trading can return substantial profits or cause equally significant losses. It is vital to implement these risk-reducing strategies to ensure that you leverage the maximum amount possible and reduce your losses to the bare minimum.

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Unusual Investment Options

There are lots of choices to make when searching for investment options. Let us take a look at a few of the more unusual ones.

Art Investment.

Artwork, whether it is sculptures or works of art come with an investment value. The customer should do research in to the work to check out quality and significance. Both of these factors would be the primary contributors to artwork that may appreciate in value. Investors should talk to art dealers and valuations should be carried out by trustworthy firms before purchase. This kind of investment is generally for the long run and could be rewarding.

Antique Investments

Antiques are investments which curently have something due to there age and significance. Its valuation becomes the critical reason for deciding the acquisition cost. Many are over valued and also the profit has already been included in purchase cost. Time that they’re held through the investor determines the appreciated value. Some antiques are found in dealer shops although others could be found at clearing sales, auctions and yard sales. You should possess a historic understanding from the antique before purchase because this frequently works well for deciding its resale cost.


Older cars are actually becoming collector products and may appreciate due to their scarcity and uniqueness. Restoration is frequently a main issue with its valuation and may cost lots of money. Parts and work input involved frequently mean the investor has to match ongoing costs before the restoration is finished. The rewards can frequently be double the amount energy production cost.


As sports heroes appear and disappear, many are remember forever for his or her greatness. Purchasing memorabilia that covers their feats could be rewarding. Products for example frames sports clothes, bats and balls utilized by the hero and signatures all retain value towards the collectors and also the sports fanatics. These trophies can rise in value as time passes and could be a great investment for that wise. Know your sports background and invest with full confidence.

Essentially, anything that may rise in value with the passing of time can be regarded being an investment. A few of the more unusual products possess the most resale value and understand the quickest. Always look for such products and then try to improve your understanding about the subject while you look. By joining clubs and taking part in hobby activities you’ll frequently find out more about such products than you’ll from the book.

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5 Guidelines To Help You Learn How To Invest Money

Understanding how to invest money could be a daunting prospect. This short article offers 5 simple ideas to assist the novice investor make their cash continue to work harder on their behalf.

1. Spend some time

Many of us are searching for the following great investment secret which will instantly make us wealthy. In reality this hardly ever happens. Ask any effective investor the way they managed to get and also the answer will usually range from the word persistence and consistency.

2. Make investing a routine

Not every routine is bad. Couple of individuals are fortunate enough to possess a lump amount of cash kicking around to take a position. Consequently many say they just can’t afford to take a position their cash, whether it is inside a savings deposit account or perhaps in the stock or goods markets. Should you be dilligent about saving some cash every month and investing regularly even a small amount you will soon begin to see the difference during a period of a couple of several weeks once the investments accumulate.

3. The 3rd rule

The is a superb stating that states you need to spend another, save another and invest another of the earnings. Though this might not work with everybody it’s certainly worth targeting. Using this method you will not be investing at the chance of not accumulating savings for any wet day and t also needs to ensure you don’t spend too much every month.

4. Set a financial budget on your own

Following on from point three above, to have your objectives you need to set your budget every month. Analyse everyone outgoings (lower towards the last cent) for any month to determine where one can trim your spending. The typical examples are eliminating the costly coffees every morning, spending too much money on socialising, making your personal lunches rather of eating out.

5. Diversify your portfolio

Any professional investor will explain that diversification is paramount to success. If you do not diversify your investment funds you might finish up eliminating neglect the fund with one poor investment selection. Attempt to diversify throughout investments that aren’t highly correlated.

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The Present Atmosphere for Purchasing Property

Present conditions relating to the country’s economic and political stability have motivated most potential investors to examine the viability of purchasing property. Because the world political arena remains an unpredictable atmosphere, it’s not surprising that individuals no more feel positive about obtaining investment qualities. However, with the variables in position, it’s still an acceptable to visualize that within the decades in the future, property proprietors continuously build their wealth and relish the appreciation of the investments regardless of the fluctuations in other markets.

While it’s true that analysts have noted a loss of real estate market, this isn’t predictive of future performance. Several factors stay in effect, supporting the steady increase in investment property prices. A research of those ecological factors will prove crucial in precisely assessing the potential for investment qualities.

First of all may be the yearly population increase in the united states. Each year, as the amount of individuals who need shelter grows, same goes with the interest in quality homes and property. Additionally to those, the area of the population that left the place to find begin their loved ones will put an additional pressure for property proprietors to provide all of them with more choices for accommodation.

Take into consideration affecting the atmosphere for investment qualities is urbanization. The nation’s metropolis areas are increasing in an exponential rate, with increasing numbers of people competing for any space within the more and more crowded metropolitan areas. As a result, proprietors of investment qualities are in position to gain the best from our prime and continuous demand.

Globalization can also be take into consideration affecting the atmosphere of investment property buyers. With individuals more and more able to moving overseas to pursue their dreams, they convey together the rise in interest in space and shelter. It’s curious to notice that countries can’t consider their populations as according to their indigenous people but in conjunction with another ethnic groups which have travelled using their company countries.

Rise in cities has continuously elevated in the last couple of years. Although nearly all potential customers remain frightened of the overlying economic condition, a select couple of have recognized an uncommon chance for buyers of investment qualities. There’s still an upswing of interest in qualities for rental or lease. Also, developers are consistently offering better packages to inject enthusiasm on the market. In the centre, the buyers may ultimately help the most, enjoying attractive incentives in the developers in addition to a constant stream of renters for his or her investment qualities.

Thinking about each one of these factors, it may be stated the current atmosphere for investment qualities acquisition remains positive and positive. When confronted with economic and political uncertainty, it’s reassuring to determine that seem investment judgment can continue to result in profitability and success. The fundamental demand still exists and possibilities shouldn’t be missed. And despite some investments being highly impacted by temporary trends, buying investment qualities remains a seem financial technique for success.

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Five Best ways to Invest Your Hard Earned Money

There are lots of methods to invest your hard earned money. The easiest method to consider the different investments available is as simple as asset class. Classification causes it to be simpler to know segments of investments. There aren’t any definitive rules to breaking each right into a segment but it’ll assist you to evaluate and compare investments.


Rentals are a good thing class, and property could be split into commercial property, house and rural property. All these is really a segment of this asset class. When evaluating segments you can try rates of return and investment capitol needed. This should help you choose which segment is the best for you.

Listed Property Trusts

Listed Property trust or LPT managers purchase a portfolio of investment grade real estate to create high yielding returns for investors, together with exchanging qualities consistent with their investment strategy. They’re a listed vehicle that may be purchased around the stock market.

Australia’s model for LPTs is really a recognised world leader. From under $5 billion in early 1990s, the sphere arrived at an industry capitalisation of $33.3 billion in December 2000, committed to property assets of $46.3 billion. The LPT Index may be the fifth largest sector around the ASX, comprising 5.6 % from the All Ordinaries Index.

Mortgage trusts

Investors can purchase mortgage trusts. These purchase mortgages over commercial or residential qualities, Mortgage trust come with an advantage for investors of having the ability to redeem funds at short notice. Because of this, they continue to be an easy and popular option to cash management trusts and glued term deposits.


The Australian Share marketplace is divided in segments and every share belongs to a catalog. This is an excellent method to compare shares and gratifaction of individuals shares. GICS was created as a result of the worldwide financial community’s requirement for one complete, consistent group of global sector and industry definitions that reflects today’s economy and it is flexible enough to alter because the investment world changes. The groups underneath the GICS system are

o Consumer Discretionary

o Consumer Staples

o Energy

o Financials

o Financials excluding Property Trusts

o Healthcare

o Industrials

o It

o Materials

o Property Trusts

o Telecommunication Services

o Utilities

This will make it simpler to create comparisons.

Managed Investments

Managed Investments offer investors contact with an expertly managed portfolio of assets via a single security. Investors possess a proportion from the investment portfolio corresponding to how big their investment, and therefore are titled to the profits and distributions (dividends), but additionally susceptible to losses should the need for the portfolio decline.

To check these managed investments you should think about the financials of every, however a major consideration would be the managed expense ratio from the investment. The MER may be the fee compensated through the investor within an investment fund towards the manager from the fund. The MER is generally expressed being an annual percentage or “basis point” charge (where one basis point equals one hundredth of the percent).

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Basics of Real Estate Investment

Purchasing property is pretty painless, and also the rewards are very ample. Listed here are a couple of of real estate investing basics. Find out about different investing strategies and the way to plan and hang your objectives. The concept behind real estate investment basics is the fact that cash is offer use in a way that it’s probable in becoming more income. You ought to possess the basics understanding about real estate when investing.

Probably probably the most confusing facets of real estate investment would be to know how stocks in reality work. The most typical method to acquire stocks is by using a brokerage. Should you spend money on a burglar hoping the cost will grow, you’re “lengthy” the stock. However, you could revenue from stocks which go lower, too. It is really an advanced investing basics method referred to as “short selling.” If you purchase a burglar hoping the cost would really grow, you’re “lengthy” the stock

Bonds are classified as “fixed-earnings” securities since the quantity of earnings the text will generate every year is “fixed,” or set, once the bond is offered. You will find three significant facet of bond that is as follow

1. The componen value

2. The coupon rate

3. And also the maturity date

Growth real estate investment is the thought of investing basics you need to buy stock in companies whose probable for development in sales and earnings is great. Growth investors have a tendency to focus more about the business’s value being an ongoing concern.

To be able to buy shares of stock, you’ll need a stockbroker that will help you using the transaction. You have already learned the investing basics. Before beginning with fundamental investing, sit lower and create a personal investment strategy. Selecting your advisors is an extremely important step for many investors understanding how to evaluate and choose stocks, bonds, and mutual funds is just half the fight. If your are searching for any vibrant future in real estate investment he then should start grabbing the fundamentals about real estate industry.

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