Is Duplicate Content Penalty a myth?

The debate regarding the penalty of duplicate content is age-old and confusing. Get the facts correct instead of beating around the bush. Give a quick read and find out about the myths surrounding duplicate content penalty.

What does duplicate content mean?

Before delving deeper into the discussion, one must understand what duplicate content refers to in the publishing world. Duplicate Content is content prepared with the help of one or different sources without the original content creator’s consent. Such an act of creating duplicate content is known as plagiarism.

In simple terms, if any content appears in more than one URL, the content is considered to be duplicated or plagiarized.

Myth vs. Reality Concerning Duplicate Content

Some debates and discussions are there concerning duplicate content that is misleading and mainly creates confusion in content creators’ minds, web publishers, and viewers. To put an end to this, check out some facts regarding duplicate content:

  • Myth:

Search engines like Google track down websites with copied content and penalize those for the content.

Reality: Search engines do not penalize websites for having similar content. It offers viewers the variety that they seek. Search engines try to determine the source site of the content and redirect the users to the original site. Pages with similar content are neither taken down nor penalized until and unless they manipulate the search result.

  • Myth:

Duplicate content does not affect the website ranking.

  • Reality:

Contrary to popular belief, a website with duplicate content does harm the website’s ranking. It damages the website’s SEO ranking and affects the organic traffic of the website. SEO can detect duplicate content on different sites using tools,

  • Myth:

Websites will compete against each other and cause harm to the website’s reputation.

  • Reality:

If any content appears twice on the search engine, it is not the end of the world. In many instances, websites and publishers have republished other website’s content, have Share backlinks, and more. Such acts are entirely harmless. Republishing blog articles are not considered as duplicate content.

  • Myth:

The issue of duplicate content or plagiarized content is a threat to the content creators that cannot be resolved.

  • Reality:

To protect the integrity of their work, content creator and the website can seek the help of the Copyright Act to protect their creation from plagiarism. Having copyright over content enables the website and the content creator the sole right over their content and limits unauthorized access to the content.

How to avoid duplicate content?

Since duplicate content can harm a web page it is essential to avoid it. Below are the steps to avoid the duplicate content issue on a web page:

  • The first step of avoiding duplicate content is focusing on creating original content rather than seeking information elsewhere. However, the problem is two-way. For restricting from copying the content, web pages make use of copyright.
  • If someone has copied the content of a page, the publisher may connect with the webmaster to report plagiarism. They can request the removal of the duplicate content and page. They may also ask for acknowledgment for the same.
  • There are ways in which outside sources of information can be used in one’s content. Firstly, acknowledge the source site. With proper citation, websites can use the content of others safely in their content.
  • The use of canonical tags is also helpful in dealing with the problem of duplicate content. These tags help the website declare to the search engines that a specific content belongs to them, even if it is there on the different versions of the same web page, available on the internet.
  • Redirects also effectively reduce the risks of duplicate content. Especially 301 Redirect that redirects the users to the source site instead of the copied one.
  • SEO unique content checker determines the uniqueness of the content. There is no denying that the poor and copied content of a website hurts the SEO ranking of the web page. Websites can run an SEO content checker test to determine the quality of the content published on their website. It will help them draw organic traffic to their site and also improve SEO ranking.

Whether punishable or not, plagiarized or duplicate content is no doubt unethical. It denies the original content creator the recognition they deserve. Hence copied content of all sorts is dealt with strictness. To reduce the risks of duplicate content websites, must send a signal to search engines to declare the uniqueness of the content. It is as important as checking for plagiarized content.

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First-world problems: what to do with all the money from live cam studio?

Some people worry that they don’t have enough money to buy all the groceries their family needs, others are desperate because they lost their job due to the pandemic, while some work double shifts to make ends meet. And then there’s you, with your indubitable charm, perfect talking and listening skills, great intellect, empathy, and sense of humor. Yes, you are a non-adult online model who works in a live cam studio! Of course, you don’t need to worry about your financial situation since it’s better than 98% of the people in the country. However, you do have what they call “first world problems”.

Definitely, it’s entirely to your credit that you have come so far: you started working in a live cam studio as early as 18, while your friends studied for six or more years in the university, especially if they went to law or med school. During your first years at, the biggest and most successful non-adult online modeling agency in the world, you worked night shifts, while your friends were out partying late and getting drunk. And, above all, you gained independence from your parents and moved out from a very early age, and never needed a man to support you financially or in any other way. In other words, you are a strong, smart, independent, and very self-confident woman, who knows her worth.

Nevertheless, after the first years in a live cam studio, when you tend to spend all your money on the newest clothes and makeup products, the sports car of your dreams, buying or renting a house or an apartment, and at least one or two exotic vacations per year, you start thinking about investing. However, you don’t want to concentrate your efforts on this activity since you need to remain completely focused on your profession and your members. In this case, the best thing to do is head to a private forum, dedicated to the industry, and ask other girls what they did when they were in your situation. This is exactly what a webcam model by the name of Emma did.

“Girls, what have you invested your savings in? I have some money set aside and I was thinking of starting a small business, something that would bring profit and not require much time, not more than 3-4 hours a day because I don’t want to give up my activity in the live cam studio”, she asked. Soon, answers came pouring in. “I always thought that real estate is the best investment, especially since, just like you, I don’t want to give up my profession, and I don’t think you can make it without 100% involvement. The more properties you have, the higher your monthly income will be”, Anays suggested.

“Just like Anays, I also suggest investing in real estate since this domain will never collapse. Use the money from the live cam studio to buy as many apartments and properties as you can afford, and rent them later. It doesn’t require so much involvement, so I’m sure you can continue to concentrate on your modeling career. Good luck!”, Patricia also commented.

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Tips for Picking an Online Poker Outlet

When it comes to playing online poker games, there are lots of online poker sites available for people to play. It is tough for people to choose the best among the many other options available. However people tend to play these games to build an income and at the same time have fun and excitement playing these poker games. New players and people who are keen in playing these online poker game with online poker sites need to keep in mind some major tips and ideas when they choose a particular poker site. And hence for such people we are here giving few suggestions and tips on how to select the best and ideal online poker outlet that matches their needs.

Checking the customer support

The first thing to do when choosing any online poker site, is to check details about the customer support of the site. Any good and reputed online poker outlet will provide the best customer support to its customers anytime needed. This round the clock service offered by the online poker sites helps players in resolving any issues they face during the game time. Players should also know the modes of customer support provided by these online poker sites. The major modes of customer support are phone, email and even through chat. The mode of customer support must be made convenient to the customer and the players should know which mode of customer support they are convenient with and then decide to deposit their money and play poker games through the chosen online poker site. Some online poker sites such as Poker online and Judi Online provide the best possible customer support to their players.

Knowing about the payment options

With the development in technology, there are many options available for making online payment. But when it comes to online poker sites, it is the players responsibility to look at the safety and security measures of the payment options made available. However, many online poker outlets use 128-bit data encryption that ensures the safety of the players’ personal information and also keeps security of the financial transactions made. The type of safety and security is an important thing to be noted when choosing an online poker site. Finally it is advised to pay attention to the method of payments and deposits that are actually provided by the chosen online poker site. This tip might help people in knowing details relating to safety and security of their hard earned money and can concentrate only on playing games.

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Kick back and relax with a smoking pipe

Pipe smoking is a long-lost art of letting time pass and meditating on the small pleasures in life. But with the need of contrast to our busy, modern lifestyle, more pipe smokers emerge, wanting for the contemplation of the ritual of smoking the pipe.

Where cigarettes and vaping devices make it quick and easy to consume tobacco, pipe smoking demands you take your time.

And taking time is not an easy task. It seems that our constant goal is faster, fitter and more productive. Which in turn makes us lose our ability to appreciate the moment.

When preparing and smoking the pipe, we need to let go of our hurried minds and hands, and instead dive into the craft of being slow.

The art of relaxation

When it comes to pipe smoking, we need to pay attention to all aspects of the process, all the way from choosing the tobacco, preparing and stuffing the pipe and at last lighting the pipe and smoking it. That’s why, when choosing smoking pipes, we need to take special care of choosing the right one for our needs, our sense of aesthetics and the level of pleasure we get from simply holding the pipe I our hands.

Smoking the pipe is an art of relaxation from beginning to end, and the pipe you choose should reflect this. A pipe should be sturdy, handy and beautiful. After all, it is a vessel for exquisite tobacco and pleasure.

Time for contemplation

Often, pipe smoking connotes a time for contemplation, where we let the world be busy around us, while we let time pass and allow ourselves to kick back and do nothing but enjoy the smoking.

To stuff a pipe for an after-dinner smoke in the evening is a ritual, many of us treasure greatly and it is a contribution to wellbeing that we would not be without.

Let yourself be guided to a great smoking experience

If you are new to pipe smoking, you might want to get your hands on a guide that will help you through the process of choosing the right pipe, the right tobacco and the right storage of both your tobacco and your pipe. And you will need to figure out what necessary equipment you should acquire to make stuffing your pipe and smoking it as easy and enjoyable as possible.

Here, you will also need to research on proper care for your pipe, as filling it requires a completely cool pipe and a steady hand. This might take some practice, but if you take your time and let the process be as relaxing as the actual smoking, you will soon experience the joy and relaxation of smoking tobacco from a pipe.

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The Perfection Of Gamification in Marketing for You

Gamification consists in transferring certain game mechanisms to other areas of activity in order to enable employees to surpass themselves and to challenge themselves. It refers, among other things, to points, rewards, challenge systems, etc. Although this technique goes back several years, it is attracting more and more companies who are looking for new methods to stimulate employees and recognize their efforts at no extra cost, especially since the arrival of new technologies. Indeed, companies today understand its potential.

More profits

To motivate your employees to sell a product of which there are several copies in stock, you can set up a motivational campaign and thus set specific goals for sellers. In another vein, you can also create a strategy to increase your customer base from your website by creating a referral program. Among other things, it’s enough to allow your customers to share products on social media to earn rewards such as discounts, cash, or donations to an organization. For the marketing gamification tools and examples this is the perfect deal.

Continuous training for your employees

With gamification, you can provide ongoing training to your new recruits and employees in a fun way. You can test their knowledge of your products or services by setting up an interactive questionnaire or by creating a game that reflects your company’s various obstacles and levels. This allows them to develop their autonomy and to be stimulated by learning. This is very useful for increasing their skills within your company.

Motivated and successful employees

A recent study shows that the biggest motivator for employees is success at 44%. A gambling platform allows you to set specific goals for your employees, to recognize and reward their efforts. For example, you can challenge your employees to sell 50 copies of your product in a month. If they achieve their goal, they can get a badge or points redeemable in an online store. Dashboards are available to allow you to track their performance in real time individually or in teams. In addition to better predicting the financial results of the company, you can give them constructive feedback so they can improve. Interestingly, employees also have access to statistics. They can therefore self-evaluate and thus better know what the expectations are for them and by the same to know if they meet these expectations.

Better internal communication

Communicating with your employees has not always been an obvious task especially if you are a large company. With a strategy and a gamification solution, you can communicate important news and thus reduce the resistance to change of your team. You can also strengthen collaboration between different departments and allow everyone to understand how they work. With dashboards that explain the evolution of employee performance, you can also give them advice or highlight internal successes so that they can be inspired.

Finally, implementing an in-house gamification solution requires a culture change. Among other things, you need to know the business objectives in the short and long term and to be aware of the expectations of the employees. However, according to the president, this represents less work than one thinks. Indeed, today people are very comfortable with new technologies and have already played games that use the gamification technique.

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How to Create and Manage a California Booster Club?

Being a densely populated state, California is always in need of more and more booster clubs for aiding promising students to enter the bigger arenas of opportunities whether in the realm of sports, academics, creative arts, science and more. If you want to create a California booster club, then here some guidelines are shared which might help you in establishing the philanthropic center. Along with that, scan the ideas shared about managing the organization.

First you need to form a team with parents

If you have already known about the booster clubs, then you must agree that the parents are the pillars of the foundation. You and other parents who are interested in creating the club should welcome and recruit more parents to establish the booster club in California.

Introduce the club to the school administration

When a group of parents have gathered together to form the booster club, a representative must visit the school authority for allowing them with a notice for the formation of the booster club.

Select the Booster club name & get an EIN number

You need to select a Name for the Booster Club. It’s required for the registration. After forming the club, apply for the EIN or the Employer Identification Number issued by the IRS. During this time you need to incorporate the booster club for which let the lawyer file for the Articles of Incorporation according to the law of the State of California.

Elect a managing committee & bestow positions

After the incorporation is completed, elect a managing committee along with a President, Accounts Officer, Manager and a Secretary. Let them manage a California booster club and select certain members from the parents for dividing the management and work responsibilities.

Create a mission statement

A mission statement of the newly formed booster club should be written at the earliest convenience. It should contain the aim and the mission of the organization. Clearly define the organization along with mentioning about the reason of its existence along and to whom the club will work for.

By following the given pointers you can successfully create a booster club and manage it.

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University of Florida, Miami University and University of Rochester Introduction

The 2019 US News US college ranking come out, this is the most one of the most influential college rankings in the world. the ranking is very useful for students who plan to apply for America college (also known as 美国大学)this year. This article will introduce three top 100 schools on this liss. University of Florida, Miami University and Rochester University if you are interested in these schools, this article will help you learn more about them.

University of Florida 佛罗里达大学

The University of Florida (UF, also known as UFL) is a well-known public research university founded in Gainesville, Florida. The University of Florida is a member of the Association of American Universities (AAU), the top university alliance in North America.

The University of Florida is known as the Public Ivy, ranking 42nd in the US News and World Report (US NEWS) 2018 National Comprehensive Ranking. As one of the nation’s largest research universities, the University contributes nearly $6 billion annually to the Florida economy and creates nearly 75,000 jobs. The University of Florida received a total of $ 583 million in research funding, which is more than the sum of all other universities in Florida.

Miami University 迈阿密大学

Miami University (MU) is a public research university located in Oxford, Ohio, USA, founded in 1809. Its known for the top public university in undergraduate education, the school is one of the oldest public universities in the United States and the most significant university in Ohio.

As one of the oldest universities in the United States with more than two hundred years of history, the University of Miami has trained many outstanding celebrities, including the 23rd US President Benjamin Harrison, and 5 NBA champions Ron Harper. The University of Miami is one of the first eight public Ivy League universities in the United States, representing the top level of public universities in the United States and has a worldwide reputation. In 2015, the University of Miami ranked 76th in the US News and World Rankings and was ranked as a national first-class university in the United States, and the 2017 Best Undergraduate Education Ranking ranked second in the United States. It has surpassed Yale, Harvard, Stanford and other famous schools for many years, second only to Princeton University, and ranked first among public universities.

The University of Miami (MU) is often confused with the University of Miami (UM) or is mistaken for the latter’s campus in Oxford. In fact, the two schools have nothing to do with two completely different universities.

University of Rochester (罗切斯特大学)

The University of Rochester (UR), is a private research university in Rochester, New York. The University grands undergraduate and graduate degrees, including doctoral and professional degrees. The University of Rochester enrolls approximately 5,600 undergraduates and 4,600 graduate students. Its 158 buildings house over 200 academic majors. Additionally, the university is the largest employer in the Greater Rochester area and the 6th largest employer in New York. According to the National Science Foundation ranking of total research and development expenditures, the University of Rochester spent $346 million on R&D in 2016, the 66th highest figure, nationally. Among the various majors at the University of Rochester, music and optics rank first in the United States, and economics and management are also Top 10. The medical school is also very good. Other majors mostly ranked between 30-40.

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How to Effectively Utilize Software Outlet Discount Stores

Whether you are looking for software for personal or professional use, you are almost certainly look for different ways to save money. Software can often be very expensive and, without being proactive about searching for savings opportunities, you may easily find yourself paying more than you need to.

Fortunately, there are many different things you can to decrease what you need to pay for these programs. Both online and in-person retailers are looking for new ways to attract your business. Though taking the time to explore your options may require a little bit of effort, once you have been able to find the savings you’ve been looking for, you’ll realize that the effort was well worth it.

In this article, we will discuss the best strategies you can use for finding software outlet discount stores and how you can save significantly on top programs. Though some of these strategies may seem to be rather intuitive, you may be surprised just how often these savings opportunities are overlooked by even the most seasoned shoppers.

Save Time and Money by Comparison Shopping Online

One of the primary advantages of living in the 21st Century is that comparison shopping is easier than ever before. While in the past, you would likely need to go to multiple different stores in order to know what prices are available, this is something that can now easily be done from the comfort of your own home.

Even if one of the retail outlets you are considering buying from does indeed have a physical shopping location, visiting their website in advance will likely be quite advantageous. Most resellers will readily list their prices on their website, making it much easier to compare multiple dealers at once. By taking the time to compare your options, you may able to instantly save more than 50% on a given product.

Take Advantage of the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Discount

Technically speaking, original equipment manufacturer (OEM) software is designed to already come pre-installed onto a computer. However, there are many exceptions to this rule. In fact, many online software dealers have copies available and ready to be sold.

While purchasing a new copy of Windows Home Premium may cost over $200 when purchased directly from Microsoft, OEM discounts may be able to give you access to the exact same software for less than $100. Depending on the amount and type of application you currently need to buy, using the OEM route can help you effectively save thousands of dollars over time.

Search for Student Discounts—Even if you’re Not a Student

Most manufacturers are fully aware of two facts of life: college students need a reliable source for software and these same students typically have very little disposable income. Because of these facts—and the dealer’s desire to build a life-long relationship with their clients—many dealers are willing to offer generous discounts to students.

However, contrary to popular belief, most student discounts can be accessed by people who are no longer in school. Though the level of “security” involved will vary depending on who you are purchasing from, many software dealers will simply ask for a .edu email address or may even just ask you to simply check a box that says “student.” These discounts may only apply for a certain period of time, but they can certainly offer you access to easy and immediate savings.

Consider Buying in Bulk or Purchasing Bundles

As is the case with essentially all products, software is significantly more affordable when it is purchased in bulk. This is especially true when you are dealing with online outlets that are hoping to sell a large inventory quickly.

There are many different ways that you can access bulk discounts. If you are a student or someone who is a member of a large organization (such as a specific business), then you could easily organize a group and make your purchase all at once. Typically, bulk discounts will begin to “kick in” as soon as you are purchasing more than one unit at a time. The more software that you are able to purchase at once, the larger the discount you are likely to receive.

Furthermore, purchasing multiple pieces of bundled applications from an online retailer can help you save even more many. For example, instead of purchasing Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint individually, you will likely save much more by purchasing the entire Microsoft Office family at once. If you are unsure if a bundling discount is actually available or not, it never hurts to ask.

Pay Attention to Your Favorite Developers

These days, software developers of all varieties are looking for ways to create lasting and meaningful relationships with their clients. Most companies have made significant efforts to increase their social media presence and, consequently, these platforms often offer their followers exclusive discounts they may not be able to find elsewhere.

Usually, the calendar distribution for social media discounts can be rather unpredictable, though it is often related to the company’s general operating cycle. If you are hoping to have access to these discounts, consider “liking” or “following” your favorite developers on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and any other platforms you may be regularly using.

You might also want to consider signing up for various e-mailing lists. Though these e-mails will be something that you can simply “unsubscribe” from as soon as your software purchase has been made, they can help you find some reasonable deals until that day has actually come. In addition to following the various developers you are considering purchasing software from, you should also consider following their corresponding software dealers (in Microsoft’s case, look for “officially licensed partners”).

Recognize Your Needs

Lastly, if you are hoping to save money while using online outlets, it is very important that you recognize your actual needs before you begin the shopping process. For example, while bundling or bulk purchasing discounts will indeed allow you to save on a per-unit basis, these savings will be fundamentally useless if they force you to purchase something you simply don’t need.

Before you begin the process of comparison shopping various software outlets, there are a few important questions you should consider asking yourself.

  • What are my current needs? What kind of applications do I already own?
  • Would it make more sense to purchase the licensing rights upfront or to purchase a subscription over time?
  • When am I planning on purchasing my next computer? What software will this computer likely already include?
  • Do I have a history or a positive relationship already established with any discount software outlets?

Once you have been able to effectively answer these questions, you should be able to have a much easier time navigating a relatively crowded market for computer applications.


Even once you have seen the initial retail price for new programs, there is still no need for you to panic. Currently, there are many different discount software outlets available for you to choose from—each of these outlets will various pros and cons associated with it. By taking the time to familiarize yourself with the industry and engage in smart comparison shopping habits, you should be able to access significant savings over time.

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The Love of a Bargain in the Digital Age

Are you that person who loses the joy of shopping and the excitement of the buy when you have to pay the full price? If you are not the person who spends time and energy to collect coupons and discounts in the paper but prefer to negotiate and haggle so you drive down in traffic to that store just to find old outdated stuff. You always have places like discount club to help you do this for you.

This is a guide to those of you who need the best of both worlds in the digital age. Contrary to popular belief and more widespread ignorance of the haggling possibilities of online shopping leaves most of us at the mercy of no discount or offered discount. An interesting piece of information for those of you is that 73% of online shoppers who tried to negotiate a better deal online especially while buying electronic products received some sort of reduction in price. Now comparing these statistics to the haggling successes in-store is only 56%.

Now that I have the attention of the bargain hunter in you, let me introduce the steps and tips to online haggling. Online Haggling is a preferred today over in store for a variety of reasons:


The ability to shop the latest and newest with a larger choice of brands and price ranges your hunts are easier with the larger competition with direct sellers rather than the middleman in the store. The other perks of online shopping such as shopping from your couch are all applicable here.


For most, it’s easier to correspond via Facebook, Twitter, or a website chat box than through face-to-face conversation when it comes to haggling.

Now you have your reasons the steps to getting that deal:


Companies selling costly items such as furniture, electronics, and apparel are often open to haggling. Popular brands that are seen responding to such request include Dell, Hewlett Packard, and Sierra Trading Post. One way to identify others is to look for retailers that regularly offer coupon codes.


Any method of haggling requires preparation and this comes as no new news to seasoned hagglers. The same applies to online haggling and have a rough script and budget before beginning communication.


Be sure to do some market research, so you’re familiar with earlier deals from the retailer and the pricing of competitors—facts you can use to help make your case. There’s no better time to negotiate that when you’ve been wronged. In fact, I almost hope for something bad to happen.

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Tips To Create a Great Impact in Conference Abstract

Conferences are generally a great part of any researching career where students and researchers tend to attend these conferences to explain their research studies to the delegates and scholars. A conference is considered the right opportunity for research scholars to publish their paper and get official recognition from many of the well-known and established researchers who attend the conference.

However, just making to the conference is not enough to create an effective impact on the conference attendees to turn their heads towards the presentation. It requires great planning and good content to present so that the audience is engaged in the presentation. Generally, a bad abstract tends to be rejected by conference organizers and so it should be well written and should clearly state the work done by the researcher. Sarbojeet Jana who was a founder of a startup has stated many times the importance of attractive presentation in the conference.

Tips that can help in the conference and preparing conference abstract

Conference Abstract:

  • Conference abstract acts as the main tool to make it to the conference and it should be prepared well such that organizers of the conference can accept it immediately. So, it is important for the author to make the abstract more fascinating and attractive to impress the evaluators, which will lead to shortlisting for the conference. It is important to get a clear idea on what to be presented in the abstract before writing, as it can help writing a clear and effective abstract.
  • The abstract is what reflects the author’s interest in the conference and hence, it is important to concentrate on writing a good abstract to make it to the conference. Unless the research topic is of high academic or conference is highly theoretical avoid using high-level language and use simple language which can be easily understood by readers. Engaging context with plain English with proper details can be attractive to the organizers.
  • Another important step while writing a conference abstract is to make sure to be clear on the research work. Avoid using any future tense and present all the works that already done regarding the topic on the abstract. Explain to the organizers about the research and give them details such as context, method and findings in the abstract.

Conference Presentation:

As told by Sarbojeet Jana, apart from entering into conference it is important to attract the audience.

  • Authors or presenters should go to the presentation with a clear mindset and should plan all the necessary topics that have to be discussed beforehand. As conference presentations generally would be planned for 20 minutes each, it is important to make a great impact in such a short time.

  • Another important factor while presenting is to use live examples or illustrations that can reflect the work done till now. The work will definitely attract more people from the crowd and will engage more audience on to the presentation.

Therefore, as Sarbojeet Jana stated, it is always important to engage the audience in any work to get the most effective results from them. Well planned conference abstracted along with greatly prepared presentation will make the conference memorable for the author of the research paper.

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