The Love of a Bargain in the Digital Age

Are you that person who loses the joy of shopping and the excitement of the buy when you have to pay the full price? If you are not the person who spends time and energy to collect coupons and discounts in the paper but prefer to negotiate and haggle so you drive down in traffic to that store just to find old outdated stuff. You always have places like discount club to help you do this for you.

This is a guide to those of you who need the best of both worlds in the digital age. Contrary to popular belief and more widespread ignorance of the haggling possibilities of online shopping leaves most of us at the mercy of no discount or offered discount. An interesting piece of information for those of you is that 73% of online shoppers who tried to negotiate a better deal online especially while buying electronic products received some sort of reduction in price. Now comparing these statistics to the haggling successes in-store is only 56%.

Now that I have the attention of the bargain hunter in you, let me introduce the steps and tips to online haggling. Online Haggling is a preferred today over in store for a variety of reasons:


The ability to shop the latest and newest with a larger choice of brands and price ranges your hunts are easier with the larger competition with direct sellers rather than the middleman in the store. The other perks of online shopping such as shopping from your couch are all applicable here.


For most, it’s easier to correspond via Facebook, Twitter, or a website chat box than through face-to-face conversation when it comes to haggling.

Now you have your reasons the steps to getting that deal:


Companies selling costly items such as furniture, electronics, and apparel are often open to haggling. Popular brands that are seen responding to such request include Dell, Hewlett Packard, and Sierra Trading Post. One way to identify others is to look for retailers that regularly offer coupon codes.


Any method of haggling requires preparation and this comes as no new news to seasoned hagglers. The same applies to online haggling and have a rough script and budget before beginning communication.


Be sure to do some market research, so you’re familiar with earlier deals from the retailer and the pricing of competitors—facts you can use to help make your case. There’s no better time to negotiate that when you’ve been wronged. In fact, I almost hope for something bad to happen.

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Tips To Create a Great Impact in Conference Abstract

Conferences are generally a great part of any researching career where students and researchers tend to attend these conferences to explain their research studies to the delegates and scholars. A conference is considered the right opportunity for research scholars to publish their paper and get official recognition from many of the well-known and established researchers who attend the conference.

However, just making to the conference is not enough to create an effective impact on the conference attendees to turn their heads towards the presentation. It requires great planning and good content to present so that the audience is engaged in the presentation. Generally, a bad abstract tends to be rejected by conference organizers and so it should be well written and should clearly state the work done by the researcher. Sarbojeet Jana who was a founder of a startup has stated many times the importance of attractive presentation in the conference.

Tips that can help in the conference and preparing conference abstract

Conference Abstract:

  • Conference abstract acts as the main tool to make it to the conference and it should be prepared well such that organizers of the conference can accept it immediately. So, it is important for the author to make the abstract more fascinating and attractive to impress the evaluators, which will lead to shortlisting for the conference. It is important to get a clear idea on what to be presented in the abstract before writing, as it can help writing a clear and effective abstract.
  • The abstract is what reflects the author’s interest in the conference and hence, it is important to concentrate on writing a good abstract to make it to the conference. Unless the research topic is of high academic or conference is highly theoretical avoid using high-level language and use simple language which can be easily understood by readers. Engaging context with plain English with proper details can be attractive to the organizers.
  • Another important step while writing a conference abstract is to make sure to be clear on the research work. Avoid using any future tense and present all the works that already done regarding the topic on the abstract. Explain to the organizers about the research and give them details such as context, method and findings in the abstract.

Conference Presentation:

As told by Sarbojeet Jana, apart from entering into conference it is important to attract the audience.

  • Authors or presenters should go to the presentation with a clear mindset and should plan all the necessary topics that have to be discussed beforehand. As conference presentations generally would be planned for 20 minutes each, it is important to make a great impact in such a short time.

  • Another important factor while presenting is to use live examples or illustrations that can reflect the work done till now. The work will definitely attract more people from the crowd and will engage more audience on to the presentation.

Therefore, as Sarbojeet Jana stated, it is always important to engage the audience in any work to get the most effective results from them. Well planned conference abstracted along with greatly prepared presentation will make the conference memorable for the author of the research paper.

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Cool Things to Do in Downtown San Jose

There’s never a shortage of things to do in San Jose. Whether you’re an art lover or nature enthusiast, into technology or want to explore the colorful history of this, the 3rd largest city in California, San Jose has something for you. If you are looking for the best hotel in downtown San Jose, look no further than The Arena Hotel in Downtown San Jose.  It’s located right in the middle, two short blocks from the SAP Center.

If you are traveling to downtown San Jose, here are some activities to consider:

  1. Explore the Winchester Mystery House

If the paranormal intrigues you, then a stop at the Winchester Mystery House is a must. The mansion was continuously under construction during the life of Sarah Winchester. It is not only something to marvel at because of its sheer scale but more so because of its unusual features. Not all 2,000 doors can be walked through, staircases lead straight to ceilings, and there are countless secret passages. To discover why Mrs. Winchester demanded constant changes to her very large house and in such peculiar fashion come discover it for yourself.

A Mansion Tour, Garden Tour, and “Behind the Scenes” tour are all available. There are also Flashlight Tours around Halloween and every Friday the 13th. (Behind the scenes tour not available for children under nine.)

The house and Sarah’s story are featured in the 2018 film Winchester.

  1. Discover Art Exhibits in San Jose

There is a plethora of great art in San Jose. From the gorgeous street murals that have infused identity and color in downtown San Jose to the modern and contemporary art exhibits at the San Jose Museum of Art and the hip art galleries in the South First neighborhood. Some of the cool spots you may want to include, MACLA (Movimiento de Arte y Cultura Latino Americana), Anno Domini, and the San Jose Musem of Quilts and Textiles.

  1. San Jose is for Music Lovers

Downtown San Jose has several wonderful music and theater venues, including the beautifully restored 1927 California Theatre, home of Opera San Jose and Symphony Silicon Valley.   The SAP center is a short walk from The Arena Hotel, a boutique hotel in downtown San Jose, and has many national acts performing throughout the year.

  1. Municipal Rose Garden

San Jose’s five-and-a-half–acre Municipal Rose Garden is one of the greatest places in town to unwind, enjoy the quiet, and smell the roses – the garden is now entirely dedicated to members of the rose family, more than 4,000 of them. This sweet-smelling paradise is one of the biggest and the most beautiful rose gardens in the world. Definitely worth a visit.

  1. Children’s Discovery Museum of San Jose

Located on Woz Way in downtown San Jose, the Children’s Discovery Museum of San Jose is dedicated to educate, stimulate and arouse curiosity and creativity. The Children’s Discovery Museum is one of the top children’s museums in the U.S., and it is also one of the world’s top science centers. The Museum facilitates interactive exploration. Expect to test, listen, poke and tinker.

Downtown San Jose is a wonderful place and has something for everyone to enjoy. If you want to walk to all the attractions and make the most of your stay, the best advice is to stay right in heart of it all at a downtown San Jose hotel. We recommend the The Arena Hotel, comfortable, affordable, newly renovated and free breakfast daily!

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List of Awesome Sites to Visit When Bored

Whether you are bored or have some time at your disposal with which you wish to do something relevant but different; then this is the post for you to explore some interesting platforms online. Here, you will not only find the websites that have exciting and visually appealing content but also be awestruck by quite a few out-of-the-box and bizarre ones to stumble across.

Add them to your bookmarks’ collection or simply enjoy the time. It’s up to you to decide, after all, you have the precious time to spend so why not spend it well.

Go on and take a dive into the list of some very happening websites to traverse:

  1. Bored Panda: – This is the website for you if you enjoy watching some crazy, funny and interesting pictures online.

Also, get your mind blown with few of the fun facts, interesting and cute news as well as creative stuffs that people are engaged in from all over the world. Who knows, you may even get some good ideas for yourself to pursue something with.

The regular updates and topics from almost all spheres make this one of the most favorite websites available.

Long story short, you can always turn your free time into an interesting one with this website.

  1. Laughing Squid: – As the name suggests, this website will never let you go disappointed. Visit this one to explore some fascinating, cute and tantalizing happenings around the globe.

As you tread ahead and scroll down, you will find yourself getting more and more inquisitive about the occurrences which are made available to you in the form of written materials, videos, and images.

Going back to the title, no doubt it itself depicts amusement and makes one intrigued about the content put ahead.

Gear yourself up to laugh, smile and be glued to some of the exciting matter ahead before visiting this website.

  1. Vsauce:- Much intriguing and fascinating for the ones who have the curious side of them very active.

This is for those individuals who understand the importance of learning endlessly and enjoying the brainstorming activities besides having fun with the simplest and not that mind-involving a content and websites available online.

Being an astonishingly successful and popular YouTube channel, along with having other spinoff channels, it has managed to pull about 13 million subscribers.

Enjoy your time getting taught by the channel creator Michael Stevens about varied, fascinating topics that open your mind to the world of possibilities.

  1. Oddee:- Here comes the website that will take you through all such blog posts which talk about the most outlandish probabilities, happenings and gibberish things available around us.

If you’re one of the people who enjoy traversing through and learning about such weird stuffs, then this is where you need to visit for that fun!

There can’t be a better way to spend your free time than exploring the things which excite your mind and thus, this website has varied topics with lots of photos and videos spread across for you to get indulged in. If this is what understands your idea of having a great time, then go ahead and Good Luck with all the weirdo stuff you may come across.

  1. KhelPlay Rummy: – Add Rummy (game) as one of the activities to indulge in if you get fascinated by the world of cards.

The most enthralling of all, it consists of a set of rummy rules that the players need to follow.

One player who wins, in the end, gets to earn some “bonus” and this is followed after completion of each game. Rummy variations are of two types, i.e., Points Rummy as well as Pool Rummy.

Do not stop yourself from playing and mastering this enticing game whenever you get the chance to and enjoy the classy feel of it.

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Charity and Donation – Best way to Put Smile on Faces

The best thing a person can do for another person is to make them happy. Happiness is the best gift from one person to another. There are different ways to make someone happy. When it comes to poor people, then you can provide them with food, clothes, gifts, money and other ways to make them happy. The best way to help the needy people is to give money to charity. Charity is different because you are giving money to other person so they could use that money according to their wish.

The most common way to give charities and donations is through different non-profit charity organizations. They decide whether they are going to provide food, shelter or clothes to poor people or they will spend it in some other way. It is not possible for you to keep a list of every poor and needy person in your area to give them donation. It is the job of charity organizations to do so. You can give them money so they could use it in the best way possible.

There are thousands of charity organizations across the world that are helping people in different ways. You can choose any of these organization according to your preference. Each of these organization has different ways and methods of donations. The goal of each organization is to provide poor people with basic necessities of life so they could enjoy living as other people. These organizations try their best to help as many people as they could.

Some charity organizations go from door to door in order to collect charity, some take donations online, some hold fundraising dinners, meetings, television events and other ways. These events are designed to get as much money as they can from the donors. It depends on the donors that which way they prefer to giveaway money. In every religion, charity is the best thing a person can do to satisfy God and please his inner self. Each religions gives importance to donating and no person denies its importance.

Yad Ezra is a charitable organization that helps poor Jewish families and individuals by providing them with free food. Feeding a hungry person gives a different kind of mental satisfaction. This organization is run by volunteers who gather money from rich people and then provide food to families on the average of approximately once a month. The food is quality food, which has most healthy nutrients and is packed in clean boxes.

The food is clean and is given to people in regardless of their religion and ethnicity. You can donate money or join the organization as a volunteer. The goal of organization is to provide quality food items to as many families as they can. You can visit the Yad Ezra website to read more about the services and ways to donate money to the cause.

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Don’t Miss These Smart Tips For Buying Gold!

Talk about precious metals, and most people are interested in gold. After all, it is more like a liquid asset, and finding a buyer is never hard. Also, gold is universally acceptable as a currency and investment. If you intend to buy gold, either in form of coins or jewelry, it is advisable to do some initial homework and research.  In this post, we have listed some of the aspects that matter for dealing in gold.

Get familiar with the terms

Gone are days when you would have to look for dealers. Today, you can find many dealers near your home with a single click on Google. However, before you start looking for options, you might want to get familiar with the metal. Karat refers to the purity of gold. 24-karat gold is 100% pure, but it is also very brittle, which is why it is not ideal for making jewelry. For jewelry, you can look for either 18-karat or 22-karat, depending on what you want to spend. In terms of color, yellow and white gold are traditional choices, but you can also buy rose gold, which contains parts of copper. There is also something known as green gold, which is more expensive as it also contains silver. With gold, it is better to buy what’s practical for you. For example, if you are buying jewelry for regular wear, 18-karat works best.

Beware of fake dealers

Despite all the regulations, there are plenty of fake gold dealers out there, and you need to be careful. A good dealer has the necessary permissions and licenses and is experienced enough. When you visit such a dealer, you will get all the essential information that you require. Right from understanding the hallmark markings and other details to knowing the best choice for your investment, you will have the expertise at hand. Also, if you are buying something expensive, always check and verify your purchase in person. In some cases, additional warranties might be applicable, and it is always better to work with a dealer who deals in precious metals regularly and will buy back the gold, if you need money at some point of time.

Consider your investment goals and find a good gold dealer now. Before placing an order, check all the things as listed above and ask questions related to the product. With gold coins, you are likely to enjoy better liquidity.

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