Bahrain property market overview in H1 2019

Prices continue to fall in Bahrain’s sales and rental market due to the changes taking place in the market shaping a new reality. By launching a set of new development projects in the kingdom, the new rules drafted by RERA to organize the market, and the changing geopolitical nature in the whole region, prices have seen significant drops.

When it comes to local markets performance, Juffair still perches on top of the market with the highest searches on rental apartments, while Saar is the top searched area for villas.

In respect of sales, Juffair again is the top searched area for apartments for sale while Amwaj is the top searched for villas for sale in Bahrain.

Price trends in Bahrain has seen a general decline over all four governorates except the Capital Governorate which saw an increase in villas sale prices.


Apartments marked saw a decline in rental prices with a range varying between 2.4% and 12.7% comparing the H1 2019 with H1 2018. Rents in more populated suburbs like Busaiteen and Galali saw a slight decline as these areas maintained to keep their strong demand. More budget-friendly districts like Um Al Hassam, Tubli, recorded an increase in rent.

Hoora recorded the worst hit with rents dropping from 446 to 393 dinars mainly due to the supply of new vacant units as well as the abundance of other more affluent affordable districts in Manama like the aforementioned Um Al Hassam and Tubli.

A recent report published by Weetas, Bahrain’s number one property portal, pointed out that nearly a third of Bahrain’s residential properties are vacant, which of course had a toll on the market’s overall performance.

The same report indicated that vacancy rate in office spaces reached 22% with landlords pressured to find tenants even at the current low rents.


Villa market wasn’t really anyway better than apartments. Demand continued to shrink on affordable villas across all governorates and prices declined in the Capital Governorate for instance by 4% and in the Northern Governorate by 0.5%.Janusan witnessed the severest drop with average rental price declining from BHD 1,192 to 980. Price in Adliya, Saar, and Mahooz declined also but by less rate.

Sales market

Bahrain’s property sales category was weakened by the dropping demand and over supply of new properties. In apartments, the most significant decrease recorded was in the Southern Governorate at 4%, compared to the same period last year. Displayed apartments for sale in Seef have declined from BHD 947 per square meter to BHD 921. Average price in Busaiteen also decreased from BHD 688 to BHD 661.

Villas sale market was less turbulent than apartments backed by the rising interest in specific affluent new districts with close proximity to downtown like Reef Island and Seef.

Average sqm price in the Central Governorate rose by 6.8% exceeding all expectations. The other three governorates had their price rates flat out at least briefly.

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An Overview: Property Investment in Egypt’s New Capital

The concept of a New Administrative Capital for Egypt was first announced in 2015. Stretching over 1,133 acres, the new green and smart city is the government’s solution to accommodating Egypt’s ever-growing population and expanding urban areas. It is strategically located on a patch of unexplored land between Cairo and the Suez Canal, 50 kms to the East of New Cairo. According to the Egyptian authorities, the project’s first phase budget is around $8 billion with estimated completion to take between 5 to 10 years.

The Pros

Such a huge undertaking can have a positive influence on social as well as economic aspects. It’s an opportunity to provide seasonal and fulltime employment for many types of workers, thus bringing down unemployment rates significantly. By hook or by crook, it will also ease the heavy density of Cairo’s population to a new integrated government hub that will contribute to the daily errands of the society making it more tolerable in Cairo as well as the New Capital.

The planned state-of-the-art infrastructure of Egypt’s New Capital City appears very promising; it has schools, hospitals, and public transport for the new residents of the city. The city will be equipped with world class facilities including educational, cultural, hospitality services, entertainment; and, an international airport. The project will also include a Central Business District composed of 20 high rise towers, one of which will be the tallest in Africa.  When it comes to economic prospects, the gains of such a colossal project is expected to attract foreign direct investments from all over the world that puts Egypt’s New Capital on pedestal with Abu Dhabi, Singapore and other imminent modern cities. With the Egyptian economy currently at a financial boost, the possibilities of global corporations collaborating with the nation for the sake of mutually beneficial business are infinite. This is why investment property in Egypt’s new capital is more than a boon for all.

The Cons

On the other hand, the government must take into consideration the potential drawbacks of the project. The pricing of residential units must ensure that homes are not only accessible by the rich minority but also made available to all classes of the population, thus ensuring social equality.  Also, the government should consider the population consensus on how soon to transform the new city into Egypt’s capital and sub-classing Cairo. If this step is implemented relatively quickly, it could deem the new city as a ghost town. This scenario has happened with many other cities built from scratch such as Caofeidian in China. In addition, the expectations for Egypt’s New Administrative Capital may have been set high; some critics warn that unrealistic aspirations can undermine the project’s long-term success prospects.


There is quite a lot going for this new city and if all goes as planned, it could well be a new property hotspot that will attract many foreign investors. As with many investment opportunities there are always risks that need to be carefully considered. Many local property experts argue that Egypt’s New Capital is a sound investment decision for small and large businesses, as well as homebuyers. With the amount of government support and interest from local and foreign developers, there is a good chance that this ambitious project could become a great success. Will Egypt’s New Capital be a winning investment for the scores of investors who have already purchased off-plan units in one of its many residential and commercial projects? Will it achieve the capital appreciation and rental incomes that they hope for? Only time will tell.

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How to Go About Engaging a Real Estate Agent

Real estate often seems to be a little complicated and is assumed to be a global economic pillar. However, it’s not possible for all of us to understand it thoroughly. You must resort to planning if you’re interested in disposing of off your property owing to higher market demand.

For many of us, the most significant financial transaction in our lives entails purchasing a home. However, most of us are left clueless about it as these transactions don’t occur frequently. That’s also the reason why we tend to hire real estate agents so often. A vast majority of the property buyers and sellers aren’t able to develop an informed opinion about the property agents.

Consider a Few Things that You Need To Be Aware Of:

Engaging and hiring an agent has some resemblance

Home marketing takes place in a very professional manner. You may set the right price for your property after you get in touch with a property agent. The deal gets finalized after it’s negotiated expertly, and the buyers qualify. Property-selling tastes success whenever the agent proves more efficient.

That’s why it’s essential that the role of the agent is arrived at very quickly. Before hiring an estate agent, you’ll need to do a detailed background checking and arrange an interview. Hiring a potential agent requires you to check the following aspects:

  • Portfolios depicting his past and current responsibilities and achievements
  • Experience in dealing with the type of property that you’re assigning him
  • Recommendations achieved by family members and friends

You must remember that the right agents are ones who ask questions to their clients. An agent that proves to be a good fit for selling your property might just be interviewing you as well.

The types of agents to choose from

Real estate agents are high on demand to market different types of properties. Their job scope may vary, but their ultimate objective is to make a sell on your behalf. You may edge past contravention of any kind by discussing the entire arrangement with an agent of your choice. Make sure you also consider the restrictions that the estate agents in Surrey and other associated places experience while transacting business. It will help you pick the right agent for your property.

You may hire a sole agent or an exclusive one. In case of the latter, you won’t have the right to sell your property on your own. However, you’ll retain this right with a sole agent. Likewise, you may choose to work with a Joint Agency, wherein multiple agents are entrusted with the task of selling a property.

The primary need for a real estate agent

Many of the homeowners don’t have the time and patience to manage the views and calls made by prospective buyers. It’s then that the skills of an estate agent come into play. By paying a small percentage of the sale value as a commission, you may get rid of all hassles. Selling a house at market rate or a more inexpensive rate won’t be possible without hiring an estate agent. Even for the buyer, it becomes a lot easier to find houses for sale in Virginia Water and other adjacent places.

Much of your headache will be gone once you start working with a real estate agent. At the same time, you must consider the points mentioned above while narrowing down your choice of agents.

You must also remember that you’ll need to spend some money on a property that’s sold within the initial five years. However, you must cover the lock-in period of your loan before selling the house. It will keep you from being penalized by the bank. That’s one reason why the experts advise you on doing some research and gathering knowledge on selling properties before you take the plunge.

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7 Tips for Choosing the Right Residential Rental Property

It’s natural for you to seek the assistance of an expert real estate agent in your pursuit of the right rental property. An expert real estate agent can be a guide and keep you from developing pressure unnecessarily when it comes to finding a property that you may invest in. Once you’ve identified an investing range for your preferred neighborhoods like Virginia Water, you may take a neutral approach while checking out houses for sale in Virginia Water.

You may set your investing range only after determining if you’d like to manage the property on your own or if you’d like to hire someone for managing the property.

Few important things to consider while searching for the right rental property:

  1. Neighborhood. The rate of vacating a property and the types of tenants that get drawn to it are affected by the quality of life in the neighborhood. Chances of obtaining a few good students as tenants are likely to be higher when you consider buying a property near a college or university. The rate of vacancy is also much higher as the new students seek admission and the old ones pass out.
  2. Amenities. Look out for neighborhoods that have movie theatres, gyms, public transport, shopping malls, and parks. Look out for promotional stuff in order to get an idea on where you’ll find the best mix of private property and public amenities.
  3. Job Market. More people are attracted to areas that create additional employment opportunities. The Bureau of Labor Statistics in the U.S. can provide you with more insight into the rates pertaining to your preferred location. Workers are bound to flock to that location when a leading company moves into it. Areas like the Wentworth Estate that create extra employment opportunities are likely to draw property buyers towards the most attractive houses for sale in Wentworth Estate.
  4. Crime. No one chooses to be a part of a neighborhood that’s known for criminal activities. While comparing various neighborhoods, you must check out the stats pertaining to crime by consulting the public library or the police headquarters of that area. The most important statistics that you ought to check out include petty crimes, serious crimes, recent activities, and the rates of vandalism. You may even wish to check the presence of police within the neighborhood.
  5. Property Taxes. You can’t expect the property taxes to be even throughout a particular area. You may either discuss the taxes with the homeowners within your chosen neighborhood or may seek the tax information from the assessment office. You must also consider the prospect of property tax hikes in the near future. A town that’s undergoing financial hardships may raise taxes beyond the amount of rent that seems realistic.
  6. Rents. You must inquire about the rent that you can charge within your chosen neighborhood. You may need to wait for the right tenants if your rental income doesn’t prove to be adequate for meeting your taxes, mortgage payment, and other associated expenses. You’ll need to do a detailed research on the area just to get a hint of how it’s going to develop in the coming years.
  7. Natural Disasters. The insurance premium is an additional expense that you need to ascertain and deduct from your returns. You must determine in advance how much coverage you ought to carry for restricting all of your risks. For instance, you might have to shed more of your rental income when the neighborhood is prone to flooding or earthquake.

Talk to all homeowners and renters that you find within the neighborhood.  Renters are more likely to be honest about revealing truths about a certain neighborhood. After all, renters don’t have any vested interest in the area. Try checking the same place at different times of the day just to catch your neighbors doing their household chores.

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Make Your Bathroom Absolutely Beautiful with Bespoke Upgrades and Accessories

Many people know that their bathroom is supposed to be one of the most important rooms in their home. At the same time, however, most people aren’t quite sure what to do with that information. On the one hand, they want their bathroom to offer every comfort possible, ticking off every box when it comes to pure functionality. On the other hand, bathrooms are increasingly viewed as one of the potential masterstrokes in successful interior decorating. This can seem puzzling at first. After all, the very utilitarian nature of bathrooms would seem to preclude their being open to beautification options, right?

Wrong. Bathroom décor, at its very best, is a perfect fusion of form and function. With more and more attention being paid to this room, it should come as no surprise that some of the leading interior decorating teams in Australia, such as Mimicoco, are offering an evermore bespoke line of bathroom upgrades and accessories. To that end, here are a few items you’ll want to consider when it comes to figuring out how to best beautify your bathroom.

Sinks, Taps, Countertops, and Mirrors

Let’s start with some of the most essential items of any bathroom. Your taps and sinks are going to be some of the most-used elements of your bathroom, and thus need to boast first-rate performance. At the same time, everything from the elegant curvature of your taps and the sink basin to the metallic finish and design of the handles offers brilliant decorating opportunities. In addition, countertops are a quintessential part of bathroom design. Choosing marble, granite, or other high-end countertop options can give you something that’s sure to be water damage resistant while likewise adding some panache to your bathroom décor. And then there are mirrors. From big, hand-carved mirrors to lovely little vanity options and everything in between, the right mirror can be yet another great example of form and function coming together magnificently.

Showers and Drains

Next, let’s think about your shower a bit. It is of the utmost importance that you have a quality shower drain installed. It doesn’t matter how good your bathroom décor is – if your shower drain is clogged and you have a serious case of mould and foul odours emanating from the shower, your guests aren’t likely to be pleased, let alone impressed. The best outlets for bathroom items thus offer many great choices in terms of dependable bathroom drains. The same holds true when it comes to shower heads, the best of which blend superior performance with elegant design to once more serve as a great example of what form and function can do for your bathroom décor.

Tiling and Rug Options

Finally, you’ll want to make sure your bathroom is beautifully tiled. You should ideally have the colour of your shower and bathroom tiling complement one another, if not match entirely. Bathroom rugs can likewise be a great way to add a splash of colour to your bathroom.

Make your bathroom a perfect marriage of form and function with the best upgrades and accessories in Australia.

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Renovations and Improvements in Home this Winter

The leaves are changing colour, the days are getting shorter, and the temperature is getting colder, which can only mean one thing – autumn is right around the corner! Fall is often a time of transformation and fresh starts, and your home is no different. Now that the jam-packed summer days of vacations, festivals, and barbecues have come to an end, it is the perfect time to start thinking about improvements and renovations you want to make to your home.

Here are a few reasons why fall can be a great time to transform your living space:

You have time to focus on your project

It can be hard to focus on a home renovation when you’re in the midst of summer vacations. This is especially true if you have kids at home or guests visiting (no one likes having off-limits bathrooms or bedrooms when you’ve got a full house!). With the kids back in school, and your schedule being less hectic, fall is the perfect time to get started on that home reno you have been thinking about.

Winter is coming

In Alberta, winter tends to happen sooner rather than later. It is essential to ensure your house is ready so that you can enjoy cozy nights in. Do you need to replace any windows? Improve your insulation? Fix your roof? There’s no time like the present to make sure you aren’t going to run into issues once the temperatures start to drop below freezing. Additionally, creating energy efficient improvements to your home could save you money on your utility bill and potentially score you a rebate through Alberta’s energy efficiency program.

You can save money

New models on appliances are often released in the fall, which means old models usually go on sale. It is also a great time to look for off-season discounts on things such as air conditioning units or repairs, and patio furniture. Looking for more savings? Keep your eye on the Black Friday deals in November on large appliances and electronics.

Home shows are happening

Many cities will have a fall home show which is an excellent opportunity to get inspired and meet exhibitors who can help with your project. Calgary’s 2018 Fall Home Show is taking place on September 20 – 23, 2018.

If you’re ready to renovate, Kon-strux is prepared to help! If you’re looking for a company with award-winning service and design for your next project, look no further. Give us a call today at 403-769-1440 or email us at [email protected] and let’s get started!

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Things to Check before Buying a New Home

When buying a home, the neighbourhood you select will not only play a pivotal role in your family’s life, but in the resale value of the property.

One person’s ideal neighbourhood however may vary greatly from another’s. But, regardless, there are some needs and wants that generally do not change. The distance from your new home to schools, churches and shopping, for example, will not only affect how you and your family settle into your new home, it will also draw or turn off a perspective buyer.

A good first step is to enlist the services of a REALTOR® who works in the area you are thinking of moving. REALTORS® are very familiar with the communities in which they work and can answer many of the questions you will develop during your search.

Check the lifestyle

A home is a part of a larger community. And some are more desirable than others. Some communities are geared more to young families, others to older adults and still others to singles or an eclectic mix of residents.

Never buy in an unfamiliar community or neighbourhood unless you have spent some time there both during the week and on weekends, day and night. Drive and walk around. Talk to store owners and people you meet on the street. Ask what they think of the neighbourhood.

If there are vacant tracts of land where you plan to buy, check with local authorities to see what the proposed land use might be. The last thing most homeowners want is the development of a mall or a high-rise office building across the road from their newly-purchased property.

Don’t let particular things in a home that appeal to you override its location and potential subsequent resale value. When analyzing a potential property, ask yourself if you can imagine living — not just in this home — but in this neighbourhood for quite a long time.

Remember that someday you may have to sell your home to someone else and things that may not be important to you — such as distance to schools, shopping, doctors and work — may be important to other buyers.

Location, location

In addition to finding the right neighbourhood, consider the immediate homes around the particular property you want to buy. Are they well maintained and worth the same or more than the home you are considering?

Is the location a quiet area or a major traffic thoroughfare? What kind of privacy does the backyard provide? Does it get the morning or afternoon sun? If there is no house behind you, who owns the property and how will it be developed?

Homes located further away from the centre of an urban area are generally cheaper. Are you prepared to invest the time and money it takes to commute and how long of a commute are you prepared to commit to? Is there public transit and good access to major highways nearby?

If you have kids in school, what kinds of schools and services are available? Will your kids have to be bused to their school? If a school is close by, will they have to cross any major intersections?

Being close to a school, on the other hand, may have some drawbacks — few owners want the noise and disturbance of being located right next door.

Finding malls, grocery and specialty stores in urban, residential areas is rarely a problem. But in neighbourhoods further away from urban areas, you may need to drive to the nearest convenience store. And getting to the local grocery store, pharmacy and other support services may require an even longer trek.

It’s great to be located near parks and recreational facilities, but few homeowners appreciate the high cast of tennis court lights beaming into their back yard. If the home you are considering backs onto such property, drive around the area and see how often the baseball diamonds, soccer fields, swimming pools and skating rinks are being used and when.

More serious concerns are having such things as gas stations, airports, railway tracks, commercial developments, major highways and cemeteries very close by.

Finally, if your heart is set on finding that one-of-a-kind 150-year old Georgian home, you’re not going to find it in a newer development. If you want large bedrooms and bathrooms, narrowing your search to an older part of town where homes are generally smaller, may prove disappointing.

Before making any decisions, think of your lifestyle and how a particular location would enhance or detract from it.

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Home Inspection Tips for Seattle Home Buyers

Everyone who is in the market looking for a home to purchase wants to ensure the money paid for a house is worthwhile. Buyers want to make sure that their money gets them the crème de la crème at that particular price point. To turn this into a reality, buyers take part in open houses looking to find their perfect fit and when they do, the final process of home inspection and negotiations takes place before closing the deal.

Home inspection is an important step for both old homes and new Seattle modern homes in the real estate industry. Most people assume that new constructions do not need home inspections but the truth is that a few factors in the new home may be a deal breaker.

Participate in the home inspection

Assuming and hoping that you are working with a professional real estate agent in Seattle, you will be able to get a trusted home inspector from your agent. The home inspector will schedule the inspection appointment with the seller and you should hop on the adventure since you may be scrutinizing your future home.

Your presence in the home inspection is a chance for you to learn more about your potential future home, ask questions, and raise any concerns about certain features of the house. You may be able to help the home inspector notice or carefully check certain features, which will be beneficial to the overall report about the house. However, do not be a nag. Give the home inspector enough working space as you both navigate through the house.

Know the key factors

As a homebuyer, you should know what to look for during the home inspection. You should create a checklist for both the exterior and the interior of the house. The exterior inspection entails checking for damages in the roof, shingles, gutters, downspouts, and quality of the foundation. The interior of the house entails checking all rooms for damages, leaks, mold, checking the air conditioning system, and testing appliances. Confirm whether damages are superficial or functional in order to know the extent of the repairs. Be keen when entering each room in order to take note of odors that may be masked with pleasant scents.

Re-inspection after repairs

After the home inspection, the agent will write a detailed report that will reveal the status quo of the house. The house will show the necessary damages, repairs, and renovations that need to be done. The buyer is among the first people to receive the report. This way, you will be able to decide whether the home is worth your money or not. You may come into an agreement with the seller about the highlighted repairs. The seller may conduct some of the repairs and offer a price reduction of the house for the repairs to be done by the buyer. After repairs by the seller, schedule another home inspection just to confirm that the repairs were done and properly.

If you are fully satisfied, you may proudly become the new owner of a prime condo in downtown Seattle or a single-family home in the suburbs.

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Choose pole buildings over other options

Why do people go for pole barns instead of the steel-framed structures? Let us look at the advantages of the pole barns over the conventional constructions. It will make you understand why one prefers to have wooden structures instead of steel-framed ones.

We shall look at the four critical aspects of post frame buildings that should help you make the right decision to build a post frame building.

Lower foundation cost  

In pole constructions, you have to sink the posts directly into the ground. There is no need for having a significant foundation or basement. Therefore, it will cost about 15% of the overall costs.

When you have post-frame buildings, you have to sink them about 4 to 6 feet. Though you do not require a concrete slab, you can add one if you wish to. Nevertheless, the cost of laying a basement will be a fraction of the cost of a full concrete basement.

Adaptability to varying site conditions

You can design the post-frame systems to accommodate varying soil wall pressures from both the exterior side and the interior without incurring extensive excavation costs.

Exterior add-ons are easier

It is easy to construct porches and more substantial overhangs off of posts versus stud walls.

Speedier and safer construction

Because you’ll use fewer components, your construction time is much shorter, thus reducing costs. And with fewer parts, there’s a smaller chance of construction damage.

Large wall openings for doors and windows

A big issue for agricultural, suburban, equestrian and commercial buildings is the need for large openings in walls to move equipment in and out, provide air movement and to ensure healthy environments for animals or large equipment.

Posts can have an on-center spacing of 8 or more feet — much more significant than would be allowed in a typical stick-frame construction without using expensive headers and frame reinforcements.  It allows for large wall openings, which is ideal for large doors or retailers with large glass facades.

Greater strength due to the transfer of force into the ground

Because solid posts are anchored at least 4 feet into the ground, post-frame buildings will transfer wind and snow loads directly into the soil at these locations.

It provides much higher wind resistance than stick-built buildings, which have weak links at the hinge joint terminations on the ends of the stud walls.

Large open spaces

Because post-frame construction utilizes more massive membered clear-span wood trusses, you can have significant public areas without interior support walls.  It is ideal for gymnasiums, event facilities, open shelters and workshops where you need to move stuff around.

Less site preparation

When you don’t have to pour a continuous foundation, you have more flexibility regarding your site.  Again, the post building doesn’t always require an utterly flat foundation during construction.  You can add interior gravel and do a final grade after the building is completed.

Superior durability

It’s simple: Post-frame utilizes larger components in its structures. The larger the component, the longer is the lifespan.

Sherman Pole Buildings is the perfect company to help you in this regard. They have the right kind of experience to deal with such situations. You get the best quality construction when you entrust the job to them. Also, you have access to quality construction materials when you order them from Sherman Pole Buildings.

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Vinyl Siding Maintenance Tips

Vinyl is the common siding option thanks to its economical, attractive, and easy to maintain characteristics. Basically, after installation, you do not need exterminators or carpenters to regularly replace moldy boards. Vinyl siding offers the appeal of wood siding without you ever worrying about it splitting, rotting, or getting damaged by insects.

There are numerous companies that deal in vinyl production and installation. If you’d like to get vinyl siding cost estimates for comparison purposes, you can check online on the various Vinyl Siding Manufacturers websites.

Maintaining your vinyl siding

Regardless of the fact that vinyl is hardy, durable, and often touted as being maintenance-free, it still needs to be well taken care of. This is to avoid scratching, melting or breaking it. Technically, vinyl siding maintenance involves cleaning, removing stains, repainting, and repairing.

If you’d like to keep your vinyl siding looking as good as new, here are some tips for you:

  1. How to clean your vinyl siding

Over time, dust, airborne debris, and dirt accumulate on the vinyl siding and this makes it look grimy. You should dedicate an hour or two every year and clean every bit of the vinyl siding.

Before you get started, make sure that all the windows are closed. Also, ensure that anything (such as electrical fixtures or outdoor furniture) that may get wet is covered using plastic bags and secured in place with duct tape.

The cleaning process is quite simple. What you require is a garden hose, a sponge, and a brush with stiff bristles. Otherwise, the siding will not become clean unless it’s scrubbed with soapy water. Make sure that you use a mild detergent such as laundry soap to create the solvent.

Start washing the bottom first as you work your way to the top. Once you’re done, rinse from the top downwards

After thoroughly cleaning the surface, rinse it off with clean water from a high-pressure hose. Do not let the solution to dry on the surface.

Cleaning your siding will not only leave it clean and sparkling but will also add more years to its performance.

  1. How to maintain your vinyl siding

Carry out regular inspection of the vinyl siding to find out if there are any moisture-related issues that may be concealed underneath. Do not let any suspicious streaking or staining on the vinyl to go for a long time without investigation.

Avoid leaning things such as ladders or bicycles against the siding as these may result into scratching or breaking. Trim shrubs and trees that are around the house to prevent them from puncturing the vinyl siding.

Also, considering the fact that vinyl can melt, you should avoid keeping intense heat sources such as grills nearby.

Lastly, make sure that the vinyl siding is firmly attached to the structure to minimize the chances of it being pulled off during strong winds.

  1. How to paint your vinyl siding

The main purpose of its design is to avoid painting. However, if you must paint your vinyl siding, use good-quality 100% acrylic latex paint.

Do not use dark heat-absorbing colors as these cause it to warp and sag in high temperatures. Ideal colors are grey, white, cream, or pale yellow

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