Best Greek Beauty Lines and Practices

We’re on vacation in Mykonos this week, so what better place to write about our favourite Greek beauty lines than from Greece itself! With beauty practices dating back to ancient origins and so many unique natural resources at its disposal, it’s no wonder we’re obsessing over what this beautiful country has to offer. Don the Oakley sunglasses and bring on the sun!


Korres calls itself the Modern Greek Apothecary and we couldn’t agree more. Using plant extraction methods dating back the ancient times of Greek people, Korres is steeped in history. It’s homeopathic stance is rooted in nature and thus the products are all natural and of authentic quality. We love their simple yet effective yoghurt hand cream made with – you guessed it – Greek yoghurt.


Aptly named after the epitome of beauty and love, Aphrodite boasts skin care centreed on the use of pure olive oil. This liquid gold, as the Greeks call it, is sure to have you feeling as wonderfully gorgeous as the goddess of love herself. Their Olive Oil Anti-Aging and Firming Serum combines natural ingredients to help keep our pretty faces youthful for as long as possible.


Formed out of Athens, Flax focuses on all-natural ingredients for their beauty products. (We’re sensing a bit of a trend here..) From predictable ingredients like fruits and olives to more unusual ones like the loofah plant, Flax utilizes all Greek nature has to offer. We’re loving their Clean Skin Hair Mask to revitalize our tresses leaving them silky smooth.


The brainchild of two pharmacists, Apivita is yet another stellar Greek brand based solely on holistic and natural ingredients. They even have their own botanical gardens on the island of Kos named after the Father of Medicine himself, Hippocrates. We adore their 24 Hour Moisturizing and Revitalizing Eye Cream which keeps the sensitive areas of the eye region hydrated and soothed.

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Gifting your Customers  : Have you Thought About it?

Do you have a custom of giving a customer gift every year? Do you give away door gifts or a gift like a branded ball pen? It is then a very thoughtful gesture that proves that you are concerned about the customer relationship. However, to do so, do not be too generous because it could cost you a lot. The tax on corporate gifts is indeed an important detail to remember. Thus, here are some topics that may interest you in this regard so that you have points of reference when you choose the gift to offer.

The Profit Tax and the Customer Gift:

If we refer to industrial and commercial profits or business tax, a customer gift is entitled to a tax deduction on two conditions: it must be purchased as part of a business need and its value must not exceed a certain value. But these conditions are applied according to the specificities of your company, especially its size, its field of activity, etc.

In addition, if you allocate more than 3,000 euros per year in gifts for your employees and customers, you must put it on your statement of overhead costs 2067 that you must provide when declaring your annual result. If, on the other hand, your company is an individual company, the corporate gifts must be entered in the 2031 tar annex of the declaration of result.

VAT On the Customer Gift:

If you are considering a gift worth 69 dollars TTC every year and for each beneficiary, whether the purchase price or the cost price, you do not have to regularize your situation with respect to the VAT applicable.

On the other hand, if the value of the customer gift is greater than 69 dollars, you must make regularization. You have two cases that come to you:

  • If your company bought the gifts from a company specializing in corporate gifts, you must pay the VAT that will be deducted.
  • If your company has preferred to design the gifts in question, you must have them delivered yourself. This allows you to play on a fictitious tax mechanism that assumes that you sell yourself these gifts, and that in this sense, you must collect the VAT that is applied to it.

However, you do not have to pay VAT if the one on the purchase price or the manufacturing costs were not recovered during the acquisition / manufacture.


In addition, it is important to know that the VAT payment is only to be made if the customer gift is a good. But, if it is for services, such as an invitation for example, it is completely exempt from VAT and you do not have any regularization to do.

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How to Make Valentine’s Day Special for your Partner?

Valentines is a day of love which brings love, joy and happiness all around. Your plans to spend a good time with your loved ones on a special day. But it is not only physical appearance that matters when you want to make Valentine’s day special for your loved ones, but there is also a good bit of preparation that you need yourself to indulge in. So what your plans to surprise them? Well, we are here give some ideas on how you can make a valentine’s day more special for your partner and make them yours forever.

Unexpected romance

What a romantic! You gave a quiet nod and tired smile to thank your love of life. Waking your partner with a kiss on their forehead and taking breakfast for them, is the best and lovely start on a special day for them. Make their that moment wow and ask them about a romantic dance. Hold their hands and say thank to being in your life. The way you will make them special comprel to give you a strong hug for sure.

Send Valentine’s Day Gifts

Gifts always ideal to build a relationship healthier!  On the day of love, you can gift them heart-melting gift through which you can convey your message of love to them. Present them romantic gifts along with Valentine flowers to add magic into your love-life. Gratify them with your love, care and affection with the help of valentine’s day gifts and spread the happiness in your special day.

Love Letters

Writing a love letter is best and romantic idea which bring the thousand of smile on their face and enhance your love for sure. Express your unspoken feeling of heart and make their day memorable one. Make to them more special. Send something heart melting in the whole day like chocolate, flower teddy bear, which includes a love letter and remind them your sweet memories which you both spent together from your meeting to till now.

Visit a theme park

Theme parks are never out of fashion because of the new and innovative rides and attractions that are added every year. Go for an amusement park is probably one of the best ways to surprise your partner on a special day of valentine’s day. Spend a quality of time will give them a limitless happiness for sure. Book your tickets a couple of days in advance so that you don’t need to stand in a long queue to get the tickets.

A surprise dinner plan

A surprise dinner plan always be the best idea to make your partner feel special and unique! Visit their favorite place, set a musical team with a Valentine cake for wishing them valentine’s day. Make the night more special, sit on your knees and romantically propose them. Fill them with great joy and keep your date warm with marshmallow heart hot chocolate. Tea with heart-shaped sugar cubes works to add magic at the moment.

And at the end of this all, your partner will appreciate that extra bit of effort that you did to surprise them with something unique. Thus, these ideas can help you to make valentine’s day special for your partner. So, go for it! Enjoy your special day together delightedly.

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It Is Easier to Recycle and Reuse with the Right Products

If you are interested in helping the environment and reducing your carbon footprint, you have a lot of options available. These include recycling, composting, and reusing products whenever possible. Since one-time-use items such as bags can wreak havoc on the environment, there are now companies that make reusable bags and other products that you can bring to the store with you instead of using the store’s plastic or paper bags. Using reusable products does a lot to help the environment and it simply makes you feel good knowing that you’re doing your part in the end. The companies that provide these products sell all types of items including reusable bags, water bottles, food-saving bags, toothbrushes made of bamboo, safety razors, and bags specifically made for produce, giving you a lot of options when your goal is to reduce, recycle, and reuse.

Numerous Products Are Available for Your Convenience

One of the most popular types of reusable bags is the ones made for keeping your fruits and vegetables in. They easily take the place of plastic bags that people usually use, which normally end up in the landfills. These bags are the perfect size for your produce, approximately 30 x 40 cm, and they are usually made out of a type of organic cotton. They are machine washable and contain no chemicals that can get into your food and ruin it. The companies that sell these reusable mesh produce bags often sell them in packages so that you get more than one bag per order. Once you use them a few times, you simply place them in the washing machine for a good washing. Because of their size, many of them can hold up to 15 oranges or a large supply of leafy greens and salads, making them perfect for fruit- and vegetable-lovers who care about the environment.

Other Products Are Also Available

In addition to produce bags, other products include reusable grocery bags that work wonders with your weekly trips to the grocery store and even cutlery made of bamboo and reusable straws. Let’s face it; most people are trying to do their part in saving the environment nowadays and reusable bags are a great place to start. Millions of plastic bags are placed in the landfills year after year so anything people can do to make it better is a smart and practical thing to do. If you’re curious about reusable produce and grocery bags, doing some research on the Internet is a smart option and many of these companies even allow you to order the bags and other products directly through the website. Recycling and reusing can go a long way in helping to save the environment and these companies’ websites work wonders in making the task a lot easier on your part.

Recycling and reusing items isn’t difficult once you purchase a few important products and keep them in your home for the next time you shop. They are not only great for groceries but for other items as well and they make you feel much better about your treatment of Mother Earth.

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Bring Your Christmas Decor to Life

christmas decorations are something that needs utmost focus with regard to selection. Christmas comes across as one the most sought after period of the year as it is known to put everyone in celebration mode. Hence, one needs to choose the right kind of decor pieces that goes along well within the celebration atmosphere.

Prince Landscape offers for some of the best and most exquisite decorations and materials that you will find hard to get anywhere else. Make sure that you check the various collections of decorations that you have and go for the best one possible out of all.

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Marketing Subtly and Successfully

Good promotion for your product or business can mean the difference between becoming a household name, doing quite nicely, or when you get it wrong, going out of business. One problem today for the marketing department is that there are literally an endless supply of options available and choosing which ones to use, and which to forego, is becoming an ever more difficult task. Henry Ford, founder of the Ford motor company once said, “Half the money I spend on advertising is waste, and the problem is I do not know which half.” That is less of a problem today, where it is much simpler to actually track the effectiveness of many marketing programmes, but still you can still really only gauge how successful your promotion was once you have spent money on it already, so a lot of money is still wasted.

Understanding Client Needs

While the marketplace has changed dramatically over the years and so many advertising mediums along with it, the fundamentals of successfully marketing a company or product essentially have remained the same. The objective is to understand what the client has, where they want to go with it, and to have the knowledge on how to bring added value to it. Being able to understand the customers brand, corporate governance and goals, has always been a priority for the successful marketing company, and is highly unlikely to ever change.

Branding and Marketing

While to some, corporate branding and product marketing may initially seem interlinked, they are in actual fact quite different.  A product is a product, which has its benefits and the good advertising and marketing executive understands the need to provide a “wow!” factor to generate appeal for it. In the initial stages, the product, especially if it a single one, is more important than the brand. Once the product has market recognition, the brand itself starts to become more important. After all, you really don’t want to widely promote a brand, only for its initial products to be a flop, as it will simultaneously tarnish the company. Branding is about developing a corporate and name awareness that people instantly recognise and trust.

Promotional Merchandising

Branding through promotional merchandising, as has been shown by Seamless Merchandise promotional products, has a proven track record in success. This can be done very subtly, such as DHL having their logo on Surf Live Saving clothing, which is seen by millions of Australians every week. Individual product merchandising such as baseball caps, T-shirts being among the most common, though there are quite literally tens of thousands of different options being offered by the country’s top marketing firms. Individually designed and distributed, worn or placed in key positions, each has its own place and time, with statistics to show the differing levels of success likely to be achieved.

A quick Internet search will undoubtedly provide you with an array of different options. For the highest levels of success, you would be well advised to look for a firm with a nationwide presence, along with a good history of successfully partnering with products and brand names across every sector imaginable, to provide you with the best range of thoughts and imagination for your upcoming promotion.

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Top five things to know when taking your product online

If your business sells products to consumers, then technology has changed the way that this happens immensely in recent years. While the traditional ways of selling via physical stores still work for many, selling online is rapidly becoming how people like to shop. 2017 saw over $2tn in online retail sales, and this is likely to increase more by the end of this year.

What does this mean for business though? For most organizations with something to sell to consumers, it means getting online to take advantage of the huge number of potential customers there. If you are thinking of doing this, then it is certainly worthwhile for the extra revenue that it will generate. It can, however, seem a little daunting, especially if you are not overly tech savvy.

Effective ways to get your product online 

If you have never sold online before or gone through the process of being able to do so, do not worry – it is not that hard! The tips below are some of the best around to get you started and get you selling:

  • Choose the right e-commerce software – if you are starting from scratch, then you will first need to set up your online store. This will allow people to not only find you on the internet when they search but will also enable them to browse your stock and buy items electronically. For most businesses starting out selling online, this will mean a popular off-the-shelf solution such as Shopify.
  • Sell through marketplaces – as well as enabling consumers to buy direct from your own website, it is essential to list your products at the popular online marketplaces. Amazon is probably the best one as it has literally millions of people who use it to buy things every day. These types of online marketplaces give you exposure to many more consumers than you would get from only selling through your own website.
  • Think cross-device – many people will advise focusing on making your website optimized for mobile use. While this is very important, you should really be thinking about making it work well on any device someone may use. Many people will also view your online store through a PC, laptop or tablet, so it must work for all of them. This needs to be thought about in the design stage and also tested for when the website is complete.
  • Provide amazing customer service – taking a product online still requires superb customer service from your brand to succeed. Do not make the mistake of thinking that you can offer less in this area because it is an online process. Selling online can actually throw up more pain points for customers with technology being involved, so be sure to look after them when they do shop with you.
  • Iron out common problems – many people think that once their store is set up and they have marketed it to their core audience, the job is done. This would be another huge mistake though, as very often improvements that need to be made will come to light as you go along. One major one is abandoned shopping carts – this is where people put items in their online cart but then do not actually buy the stuff before leaving. It is thought that around 69% of carts are abandoned within e-commerce – the main cause being an overly complex checkout system. Make sure that common issues like this do not affect your online store.
  • Digital marketing – of course, you will still need to tell people that you have taken your product online and where they can find you on the web to buy it. Many online businesses use digital marketing via popular mediums such as social media, email marketing and pay-per-click advertising.

Using an Amazon seller consultant can help

As well as the above tips, many will also use a professional consultant to help sell through Amazon – Digital Brandworks Amazon consulting for sellers is one such service that is popular here. Using a professional external selling consultant will make sure that your Amazon listing is fully optimized to show up higher when people search for your product. In turn, this will generate more sales and more revenue for your company.

Taking your product online makes sense

If you are wanting to really increase sales, revenue and build a larger customer base, then taking your product online is a must. The internet will give you a truly global reach to engage with consumers around the world and sell more of your product as a result. The above tips are great ways to go about it and get started with online sales.

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5 Super Easy Tips For Buying Gold Jewellery!

Take it as an investment or as indulgence, gold is just the right metal for jewellery. Regular buyers and experts are always interested in gold, making it one of the most traded metals in the world. Being malleable, ductile and extremely design-friendly, gold is a preferred choice of designers and jewellers, as well. From bangles in gold designs to rings, chains and more, there is always something for every budget. If you are buying gold jewellery, we have a guide that will make things simple.

  • Select a good jeweller. This is half the battle won. There are many known gold dealers who now have online stores, so you don’t have to physically visit a store anymore. A reputed jeweller ensures that the product you buy, no matter the cost, is a genuine one. You will have a purchase bill, which can be used later, just in case you want to sell the product for quick cash.
  • Understanding gold. Gold is evaluated based on fineness. For the uninitiated, 24 karat gold is 100% pure, while 12k is 50% pure. If you are looking at jewellery from the point of investment, a wise idea is to consider at least 18k products, which are likely to fetch a decent price. Most gold jewellery available in the market is usually 18k or 22k, while 14k products are not very uncommon either.
  • Reviewing plated jewellery. If a product says that its gold plated, it simply means that the product is made of some alloy and has been then dipped in molten. Don’t expect such products to be expensive, although the demand for gold plated jewellery is on the rise, typically because these almost look like gold for fraction of a cost.

  • Check the markings. When you are buying gold products, you need to check if the product is exactly what has been claimed. ‘GF’ for instance means gold filled, while PT means platinum. Some of the products may mention a number with ‘K’, which refers to karat. Hallmark gold jewellery is always worth considering.
  • Designs do matter. Eventually, the design determines the price of the product, and the trends change every now and then. Checking a few online jewellery sites will help in understanding the current trends. You can even choose to go for gold products that also have a platinum coating for that extra effect.

Check online now and shortlist the best ones you like.

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5 Important Gym Workout Clothes for Men

Going to the gym with the right attire is essential. Proper clothing helps you to work out comfortably and more relaxed. You can go to the gym with any form of apparel provided it’s fitting and won’t destruct you from performing well in the gym.  Choosing the right gym gear for men can be a hard task. Here in this article, we will be addressing the seven most important gym wear for men which should be worn when going to work out.

  • Men’s gym t-shirts

Gym t-shirts are the most common form of clothing when going to work out. They come in various ranges, and it can be tricky to choose one. Gym t-shirts can be worn anywhere, and they are made from different kinds of fabrics. All the gym tees are stretchable, allow airflow, and they are sweat wicking.

The best types of gym t-shirts are the ones which are made from polyester, spandex and nylon. Whether short sleeves or long sleeves gym t-shirts should be well fitting on the chest and arms or else they won’t be referred to as gym t-shirts.

  • Gym shorts

Gym shorts are trendy for men who play sports. They are great for hiking, jumping, running and for training. Gym shorts are the most sought after for working out in the gym as they allow airflow keeps you dry and cool. Gym shorts can be worn casually and are also ideal for the summer season.

  • Jogger pants for men

If you don’t want to wear shorts to the gym, you can wear jogger pants for men. The best types of jogger pants are the ones which have zippers on the pockets, stretch naturally and have a long fly for squats. Jogger pants which are made from a cotton mix, nylon and spandex are the best to use when working out.

 If you want to have, a muscular look goes for jogger pants which have a tampered bottom. You can wear jogger pants when running, jogging or playing sports. Ensure that you buy pants which are of high quality so that you will have an amazing experience when working out.

  • Gym tanks

Gym tanks are ideal if you want flexibility on the upper part of your body. They are made from the same fabric as gym t-shirts. When buying a gym tank ensure that it stretches and its comfortable on your upper body part. Many athletes prefer training with tanks as they allow mobility.

  • Gym hoodies

Gym hoodies are becoming more important than before. You can wear a gym hoodie before and after working out. The purpose of hoodies is to keep your body warm. Gym hoodies are ideal for outdoor workouts and running. Most outdoor exercises require a gym hoodie or a jacket for protection against the outside temperature.

When looking for workout gear don’t concentrate much on fashion trends or labels. Pick gym wear which is comfortable and which has an ideal fabric.

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Get Your Hands On The Best Outfit For Church Visits and Casual Outings!

The dressing style that people follow while attending regular church sessions has undergone numerous changes over the years. They have changed, evolved and developed through time. The biblical dressing styles cannot be applied to the current times, and if applied it would seem quite strange. The general values and principles, however, can be applied. When the question lands onto the men’s attire, men’s outfits should resemble the classic characteristics of the church. Men’s walking suits and blazers are the most traditional and classic outfits available for casual occasions church visits.

Donning a dark blazer over a cool colored shirt and polished black shoes can make you a dapper gentleman. Men’s walking suit is the model style leisure suit featuring matching shirts and pants. These classy looking Mens walking suits make an excellent option for a man to walk into a church sermon in style and reverence.

How to choose the best looking outfit for the church and all such occasions:

  • The men’s walking suits are becoming increasingly popular for occasions are the ideal choices for any church occasions.
  • Suits should be spotlessly clean and presentable. They should be neatly ironed for every Sunday service you attend.
  • Try to place a tie over your shirt, if not, wear a simple.
  • Men’s walking suits can give you the polished, sharp look for a morning session. Avoid shorts and opt for khakis as an alternative.
  • Remember to belt your suit with a brown belt if you are not wearing a coat or a blazer.
  • For the feet, get them leather loafers, slip on dress shoes or oxfords. Wear your best pair. Colors like black and brown are preferred as they give a more professional look.
  • Stay classy, conservative and look out for the special customs that few churches possess regarding dress codes.

Many stores are operating both online and around you which have a lot to offer. They deal in the latest trendy apparels of the church and men’s wear. Ranging from casual to formal attire, the menswear is tailored keeping in mind both the traditional values and the modern outlook. Constructed with balanced proportions, the attires are both conservative and classic. Keeping in mind every facet of the men’s clothing, the outfits are designed, developed and manufactured. Men’s walking suits and a few other classic suits will make the ideal dresses for any man attending services at the church.

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