What are the Benefits of Purchasing Bulk Chocolate?

When you look forward to having something sweet, most of you would be reaching for the favorite candy at the nearest store or checkout aisle. However, what if you wished to have something more than mere a candy bar? You would be searching for more sugary treats than average. Purchasing bulk chocolate would be the best mode to satisfy your requirements for chocolate treat. It would be certainly more than few pieces of candy.

Ordering bulk would not be only for event planners or people looking to organizing chocolate buffets at their weddings. You would have huge benefits when looking forward to stocking huge bags of chocolates for use at home, office or for special events such as birthday parties and family gatherings. You would be required to compare bulk chocolate purchasing to smaller bags at the store in order to discover why you should be loading your online shopping cart with your favorite sugary treat.

Saving on cost

The biggest reasons that several consumers would be considering purchasing candy in bulk would be saving on cost. It would not be wrong to suggest that you would be purchasing bulk chocolate from the store. However, you would be finding yourself shocked at complete cost when you actually check out. Most of the bags would not be economically priced.

Purchasing chocolate in smaller packages would not be cost effective when you require huge amount for your sweet tooth needs. In a majority of cases, you would end up paying more per ounce than compared to other bulk options. It would be pertinent to mention here that higher cost would quickly consume your budget.

Bulk candy has been deemed relatively cheaper, as you would be purchasing in huge volume. Several vendors would be offering chocolate at lower price per ounce, especially when you would be purchasing in huge quantities. In a majority of cases, you could avail bulk chocolate close to wholesale pricing. It would be relatively more appealing compared to the price you pay at the store for smaller bags of chocolates. You would be saving significantly when requiring huge amount of chocolate.

Convenience of purchasing bulk chocolate

Purchasing bulk chocolate online from reliable source such as Lamontagne would be relatively convenient option when you would be requiring more than one single product. You could order as and when you need to rather than waiting for the store to open. In addition, you could order from the convenience of your home rather than running around to diverse locations.

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Reasons to Choose Stainless Steel Kitchen Appliances

Stainless steel home appliance is popular finish choice for several years now. From high-end designer kitchen to rapid renovations it is the first choice. If you desire a modern and enduring kitchen then go for stainless steel. The reasons stainless steel appliances have caught homeowners’ interest is because they are long lasting, clean, lustrous, and aesthetically pleasing.

Reasons to choose stainless steel kitchen appliances

Easy to clean

This material does not absorb odour or stains like porous vinyl surface. You just need to wipe polish or spills from the surface using clean rag. Use warm water and mild detergent to sanitize the appliance surface. Special polishes and cleaners designed to remove stubborn messes from stainless steel helps to repel fingerprint smudges or dirt from the surface.

Durable and enduring

Stainless steel does not rust, discolour, or fade, so there will be no need for cosmetic upgrade for years.  Your cuisinières stainless [stainless stoves] can resist rust and stains despite consistent messy usage. This durable material keeps your appliance looking shiny and new for years.


Unlike plastic or wood surfaces, stainless steel material is not porous. Therefore, lingering bacteria and germs cannot thrive in stainless steel appliances. Use disinfectant cleaner, so as to rapidly sanitize the area, so as to get a safe place to prepare food. Kitchen is the only area, which gets messy the most, so it is wise to use mess-resistance material for kitchen.

Coordinates easily

Stainless steel is a preferred material, so it is easy to locate coordinating items like mixers, toasters, blenders, ovens, in same finish. A stainless-steel faucet, sink, and backsplash can be installed to experience stainless steel advantages all across the kitchen.

Aesthetically pleasing

The ultimate reason to choose stainless steel kitchen appliances is it improves and compliments the room’s style. You can blend a small amount of different textures for dynamic effect. For example, along with a wooden cabinetry and granite countertop you can add stainless steel appliances as third texture. It will balance the stylish environments in the kitchen. It is a modern element which blends well with the kitchen without grabbing attention or being intrusive.


Kitchen appliances made from stainless steel adds modern and sleek look. This finish blends well with any kitchen décor or paint as well as brings sophisticated look to your kitchen space. However, you will need to deal with fingerprints as stainless-steel stains easily. You can even opt for the latest black stainless steel available in matte finish.

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How Can E-Cigarettes Help You?

Thanks to the research of professionals and the ability to spread information quickly through the Internet, many people have come to realise the harm that tobacco products can cause. However, the fact remains that tobacco products can be addictive, and addictions can be hard to break. Millions of people’s lives have been destroyed due to the damage caused by tobacco and the inability to break the destructive cycle. Thankfully, there are products that exist that are less harmful than regular tobacco products, but still retain the feel of the original. While these products can sometimes contain nicotine, they are significantly safer for consumer use and, in some cases, do not contain any nicotine at all, making them far safer to use. These products are known as e-cigarettes.

What Is an E-Cigarette?

Unlike traditional cigarettes, an e-cigarette in Australia consists of two major parts: the battery and an atomizing device. You can use the e-cigarette by pressing down the button on the battery and the atomizing device will heat up and vapourise the liquid inside of the e-cigarette, producing vapour that can be inhaled by the user. That being said, there is more to be known about the inner workings of an e-cigarette.

There are different types of batteries available for e-cigarettes. There are some that are small and the size of a typical cigarette, but they need to be charged more often. Then, there are others that are larger, but do not need to be charged as often. There is another type of battery that has various features such as battery voltage monitoring, voltage settings, and others. These are typically rechargeable lithium batteries that have to be charged outside of the provided casing.

After you decide on the battery of your choice, you have to decide on the atomizer. There are some that you have to drip the e-liquid on every few puffs, which can be tiresome to some people; however, it is offset by having a flavour that people prefer over the other atomizing devices. If you would rather not drip the e-liquid manually, then a cartomizer might be more suited to you. Cartomizers are atomizers that are wrapped with a material designed to soak up the e-liquid, meaning that you won’t have to put more on for 30-60 minutes. There are several other forms of atomizers that you can see for yourself when you start looking at which e-cigarette is best for your purposes.

Why Use E-Cigarettes?

As many people know, the tar from tobacco products can cause lasting damage to a user’s lungs. Oftentimes, this damage is permanent and can easily shorten the user’s lifespan by ten or more years. This is generally not a good thing, which is why people have opted to find a safer method while still retaining the feeling of smoking. E-cigarettes do not have the same tar that typical tobacco products use, making them significantly safer to use. They also come in a variety of flavours for you to choose from. You will be able to enjoy the variety of flavours available for even longer, as E-cigarettes will not reduce your lifespan as tobacco products do.

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How to find a Grade “A” Jade?

From since the beginning, jade continues to be carefully connected using the Chinese culture. Towards the The chinese, her capacity to safeguard body and spirit for the living and also the deceased additionally they address it as talisman. In the western world, jade is searched for after because of its elegance, mystique and romance.

Jade could be classified into two differing types, nephrite and jadeite. They’re two completely different minerals. Colours of nephrite include translucent white-colored, yellow, eco-friendly, black and also the colour is definitely distributed. Colours of jadeite include white-colored, crimson, yellow, eco-friendly yet others evenness of colors varies with various textures.

The majority of the jades produced in China are nephrite. Among highly treasured bits of nephrite are a few referred to as “mutton fat”. Because the description implies, they are pieces creamy white-colored in colour and uniformly translucent. Nearly all fine-created jade artifacts are constructed with nephrite.

Jadeite is principally created in Burma.As it is more prominent than nephrite in various aspects, for example texture, colour and cost, it’s used almost solely in jewellery setting, that also result in a large demand on the market, therefore we will confine our discussion to jadeite.

Jadeite is also referred to as fei tsui. The factors we employ because of its appreciation are : colour, transparency, clearness, cutting and flaws.


Colour is of vital importance. We check out the hue of fei tsui based on the following criteria:

Wholesomeness Wholesomeness refers back to the proportion from the prime and also the secondary colours. Let us take eco-friendly fei tsui as example, probably the most desirable is pure eco-friendly in climbing down order of desirability are eco-friendly tinted with yellow, blue and gray.

Intensity The greater saturated the eco-friendly the greater the jade. However, an overdone intensity is of just middling quality.

Vividness The color ought to be vibrant and lively. The existence of gray and black helps make the eco-friendly dull without altering its tint.

Evenness The greater the colour, the greater desirable the jade and also the greater the worth.


Transparency of fei tsui affects the refraction of sunshine and it is beauty. When light enters a transparent fei tsui with fine texture, it sparkles if light enters an opaque fei tsui with coarse texture, it refracts dull light towards the eye that reduces attractiveness.


Clearness describes inclusions, which cohered with jade throughout the formation process, mainly in black and white-colored. Generally, white-colored inclusions are less distracting than black ones and, obviously, the less visible the inclusion the greater.


Fei tsui is generally labored into two groups: plain polished shapes for example cabochon and created designs. Plain polished shapes require greater grade material without flaws, with good proportion, symmetry in addition to appropriate thickness. For instance, a properly-cut cabochon ought to be neither too thick nor too thin with regards to the region of their top surface. Its “bulge” ought to be centered, prominent although not exaggerated.

Created designs are frequently accustomed to eliminate or minimize the result of flaws and cracks. They’re assessed on their own appearance and also the workmanship from the details.


Flaw line is value-detractor of fei tsui.Fei tsui could be cracked as well as damaged when crashed. We are able to make use of a torch to look at cracks and flaws, so consumer should pay special attention when creating purchase.

Top quality jade could be offered at desirable cost, however, it features a limited supply. To maximise profit, some businessmen proceed artificial treatment to jade before wearing them the marketplace. Jade will be categorized into “A” jade, “B” jade and “C” jade.

Treated Jade

“C” Jade

“C” jade is dyed jade. Throughout the course of treatment, dyes are injected to colourless jade within hot temperature and pressure atmosphere. The jade is going to be wholly or partially be dyed into eco-friendly or crimson colours, however, by by the color of “C” jade will end up dull and fade.

“B” Jade

The therapy procedure for “B” jade involves removing inclusions and impurities close to the surface by bleaching or any other chemical means, departing mainly eco-friendly and white-colored material. Polymer resin, a compound that solidifies into a nearly colourless, obvious mass, will be injected in to the stone to fill leftover space and enhance translucency. Because the structural integrity of jade is broken along the way, flaws can look effortlessly. If dye is injected in this course of treatment, it may be categorized as “B C” jade.

Jewels made of Jade are beautiful and valuable, their care is needed, so to ensure that they stay in excellent condition at all times, A grade jade jewellery should be cleaned regularly and done safely as long as you can set up the gemstones until you reach the belt there is a direct shine.

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5 Excellent Tips to Encourage Your Child to Play Outdoors

Around 3 decades ago, no one had heard of kids paying indoors. According to an observation, kids grown up in the 70s and 80s got an opportunity to play outdoors for at least two hours every weekday which kept them healthy, active and social.

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However, today’s picture is quite different. The extent of outdoor play has drastically reduced to just an hour on an average, which is not sufficient according to experts.

According to the observation, around 43% of kids would prefer to stay indoors and play computer games or watch TV. On the other hand, around 44% of parents wanted their children to prefer playing outside.

Plus, the United Nations High Commission for Human Rights states that playing is the right of every child because it promotes physical, cognitive, emotional and social well-being of children as well as youth.

However, many parents take a different meaning of ‘play’ and provide hordes of ‘playthings’ to their children such as computer consoles, iPads and more.

But research proves that child-driven play is vital and pressure-style, hurried play can actually do bad rather than good.

Child-driven play:

  • Is essential for healthy development of brain
  • Improves creativity, group skills and leadership
  • Causes fewer injuries than structured play
  • Promotes decision-making skills and permits children to go at their own pace, explore areas of interest and eventually engage in the passions they want to pursue
  • Teaches kids to share, work collaboratively, resolve conflicts, negotiate and learn self-support skills
  • Offers an opportunity to parents to totally engage with their children

If you want to encourage your child to play out, don’t respond to complaints of boredom in the beginning and have patience if your child is doing nothing for a while.

Over time your child will get attracted towards playing outdoors. After all, there are so many excellent resources for you like to get him real child-like toys.

Kids feel the need to develop confidence in their own capability to amuse themselves and build a love for the outdoors on their own.

Excellent Tips to Encourage Your Child to Play Outdoors

1. Bring in Magic

Children’s world is full of magic. Everything happening around them is a mystery and their little world is of kings, princes, princesses, witches, demons and magic things.

You can attract them to the outdoors by igniting their curiosity towards the magic by being a little creative in the garden, e.g. by constructing a fairy house, tunnels and caves, planting greenery and flowering plants in old boots, and so on.

You can also bring the best kids outdoor play equipment at Tiny Tiny Shop Shop or other local store near you that include a lot of elements that will interest your child and keep her engaged for hours.

2. Attract Them Towards Nature

If you show enthusiasm towards nature, your child too will be interested in it. Show interest in gardening, bird-watching, hiking and other outdoor activities, and your kid will be interested in them too.

3. Take them to Park Regularly

Take out some time and take your children regularly to your local park and offer their own small place to play, jump, hop, run, swing and slide. You’ll be amazed to see how much your children would enjoy.

4. Don’t Shy Away from Dirt

Don’t worry if your children’s clothes will become dirty. You can make them wear their old clothes. Remember that once dried out, the mud can just be shaken off!

5. Never Interrupt

You should keep an eye on the children for their safety; but never interrupt them for having food or drinks. Let them focus on the play. If they get the feeling of hunger or thirst, they will come to you.

It’s not very difficult to encourage your children to play out. You just need to have patience and soon you’ll see them growing into healthy, active, energetic and social kids.

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Things You Must Know About Safety Equipment

Safety devices are essential for all workers to make sure their protection and wellness. Information mill responsible in developing a safe working atmosphere for his or her workers. Superior quality safety equipment that fits all of the safety standards ought to be selected to make sure durability and quality. There are lots of online shops that offer various safety equipment like face shields and hands protection mitts amongst others.

Safety devices are generally utilized in chemical along with other factories where personnel are uncovered to chemicals or gases. Safety devices are selected with respect to the tasks the workers perform. Employees ought to be been trained in the correct use of these protective equipments to guarantee the best results. Safety equipments play a significant role in lessening the job related accidents that is a major reason for concern in lots of industries such as the construction and mining industries amongst others.

Hands Protection Mitts are utilized to safeguard the employees from the hazards of chemical spills or splashes that may burn or maim them very badly departing them incapacitated throughout their lives. Hands protection mitts can be found in a variety of materials including leather, rubber, plastic or cotton with respect to the tasks the employees perform. A perfect set of mitts ought to be sturdy, flexible and comfy so the workers don’t feel crammed and hot during these accessories. Heavily padded mitts could at occasions hinder the disposable movements from the workers and can cause large amount of discomfort.

Face Shields also form indispensable a part of any equipment package. They are normally strapped utilizing a double strap round the mind along with a protective shield since the face. Thermoplastic shields are useful in protecting the face area from fluids and cause problems conditions. Only good quality face shields can wither the ultimate factory conditions that they’re constantly uncovered to and really should have the parameters like sufficient thickness to make sure proper safety for that user.

The majority of the face shields could be adjusted for various positions with the aid of a knob that’s connected to the top. This allows the employees to boost it keep. Face shields are created with polycarbonate materials that ensure full protection without hampering viewing workers. Equipments come handy in class labs, construction companies, factories, industries as well as homes.

To understand about the most recent safety equipment, Business to business market places would be the best places to look at. You may also satisfy the various suppliers and manufacturers of apparatus within this online platform and obtain regular updates on product exhibitions and fairs.

Running the business on a large scale demands that every employee who is working in the hazard zone follow safety measures. Hence, it is your first responsibility to consult the safety equipment suppliers who could deliver best quality equipment to your company.

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Selecting a Rice Cooker on your own

Selecting the best kind of rice cooker could be a very daunting task. From students who require an affordable food choice to a parent or gaurdian who desires a choice so that you can prepare enough rice for the entire family the best kind of rice cooker is a superb benefit. Modern cookers are created with lots of more features nowadays than previously which can intimidate lots of people who do not know with them.

How do we choose which rice cooker would meet your needs exactly? Or will meet your requirements? Well listed here are a several factors you need to bear in mind when choosing a cooker.

Your Budget

Cost is a huge element in any purchase and also the general consensus may be the more costly the model the greater features the rice cooker includes. Fortunately the majority are less costly as you may think. The very first factor to bear in mind is when frequently you consume rice. They’re fairly small appliances and do not take much room however if you simply do not eat rice that frequently you most likely should not locate a high finish model. However should you choose eat frequently it most likely is really a good idea to invest a bit more money and obtain a reliable model. Presently the best models come in Japan especially Zojirushi are typically the most popular and also have the greatest rating among consumers.

How large of the rice cooker do you want?

Regardless if you are thinking about cooking dinner on your own or perhaps a group people you need to intend on just how much rice you’ll need. Rice cooker size or label by the quantity of rice they are able to prepare in a single sitting. A good factor to bear in mind is 1 cup of uncooked rice equals to around 2 cups cooked and also the cup sizes in Japanese rice cookers tend to be smaller sized than their American models. Lots of people might state that cooking little bit of rice inside a big rice cooker helps make the rice not taste as good and that i would most likely say they don’t know what they’re speaking about. While you stay inside the suggested water to rice ratio then more often than not you’ll finish track of some tasty rice. The only real difference is cost like a smaller sized cooker will definitely cost less and should be thought about if you do not prepare for a lot of people. A sizable is much more costly and can use more electricity but provides you with the versatility to prepare for any large group is that you simply so choose.

The best feature ever: Delayed timers

Delayed timers are most likely probably the most convenient function on modern rice cookers. It enables you to definitely set a time period of your day or hrs ahead to achieve the rice start cooking. This is actually the perfect response to anybody that’s busy or for only a matter of not waste time. All that you should do is prepare the rice in advance and hang it within the inner pan after which set a time period of day and you’ll have a healthy prepared meal awaiting you whenever you awaken each morning or whenever you get home from work. This selection does are more expensive but there many rice cookers within the $100 or over range that curently have this selection incorporated which means this not at all something that’ll be from the plan for most consumers.


There is really not exact choice as it pertains lower to selecting the best cooker for you personally. You will find few things to bear in mind though and the very first is your financial allowance, the number of people you’re cooking for and which kind of features you are feeling you’ll need. The ultimate factor to bear in mind though a rice cooker can help you save lots of money over time and is an extremely healthy option to eating at restaurants and is ideal for gluten-free option too.

Why do you want to buy big rice cooker when you have small sizes in the market. Just read the small rice cooker reviews and get one home so that you could cook rice automatically on current without much manual effort.

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5 Tips For Cheap T-Shirt Printing

If you are looking around for any good deal on cheap t-shirt printing, you need to have some “insider understanding”, because this could make a big difference between through an okay deal or perhaps an absolute bargain. Getting labored in the market for several years, I have been contacted numerous occasions by various sorts of customer who have the ability to one factor in keeping, which is they posess zero huge budget to invest, but nonetheless require a decent quality product in most cases inside a reasonable quantity.

A number of these great individuals are managers of unsigned bands, who’re searching to obtain some t-shirts made that they’ll sell at gigs or online, to be able to generate yet another stream of revenue (or in some instances their only supply of earnings). They often send us a sample of the artwork, that is usually pretty complex, involving lots of colours and detail. Then i finish up getting to describe it’s quite costly to breed this sort of design, so when I let them know just how much, they’re completely delay the concept plus they quit completely. So rather, what I have been doing recently is providing a variety of alternatives that are a lot more affordable, to ensure that these bands are able to afford to obtain some shirts printed then sell for their fans in a profit. This really is essentially a couple of ideas I created that affect anybody (not only bands) who’s searching to obtain as numerous t-shirts printed as you possibly can with a tiny bit of money.

1. Reduce the amount of colours inside your design – And if you’re able to have it lower to simply one colour, better still. In a nutshell, the greater colours inside your artwork, the greater materials take part in the printing process, and it takes longer to print. All of this accumulates on price. If you want colour, get a coloured t-shirt. You will get t-shirts in any colour and shade you are able to consider, along with a single colour design could be just competitive with a multicoloured one.

2. Reduce the amount of print positions – Had you been considering getting your clothes printed on the back and front? With sleeve prints too? This will are more expensive than printing around the front only. If you can promote your message in one print, rather of all around the t-shirt, do it now – it will likely be cheaper, as well as faster to print (so watch out your products delivered earlier!).

3. Lose any complex detail – Wrinkles, gradients, small lettering – fundamental essentials enemy! They are not only challenging print (therefore time intensive), they frequently don’t look too great when printed onto fabric, and small letters can not be read from the distance. It’s best to maintain your wording loud and proud, in a size where it may be seen and simply read – specifically if you are attempting to spread a note.

4. Plan in advance – Left it til the last minute? You may find it difficult to negotiate the best deal if you’re putting pressure around the t-shirt printer to hurry the transaction. Many printers charge reasonably limited for express turnaround (even though some don’t). That leads us nicely to the final tip in the following paragraphs…

5. Look around. There are plenty of companies available who offer cheap t-shirt printing. Should you spend some time researching what’s available in your town, you can finish up saving lots of money. Make sure to contact a minimum of 2 or 3 firms for any cost quote. Should you follow all the information and tips within this guide, you are bound so that you can obtain a good cost on quality custom printed t-shirts. Good luck, enjoy yourself!

Depending on number of shirts you need, quality of cloth and quality of print that you need, the cost of making bulk of T shirts would be quoted and given to you. However, to make the cost little less you could try the cheap t shirt printing Singapore

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Gamchha Sarees – Quick and simple Method to Rock work Put on

Gamcha is a straightforward, mostly soft bit of cotton fabric which will come inside a size a towel, with multiple usages. From bathing towel to some scarf protecting you against the sun’s rays, to some rapidly wrapped Potli transporting lunch or carry some essentials to while visiting the neighbouring village for field work and it is also accustomed to fashion an immediate little cradle for that newborn. It’s now a method addition for the fashionable generation mixing their wardrobes for the first time. Created through the local weavers of numerous states, they carry the essence from the devote their weaves, colours, material.

Unlike every other cotton saree, the Gamcha saree moulds for your body and also the pallu aren’t stiff, however it stylishly falls and drapes over your shoulder. The Gamcha material was quintessentially utilized in producing bedsheets, towels, and lungis. These were usually tossed round the shoulder, tied within the waist or were utilised like a bedsheet immaterial from the size.

Designers have finally chose to make this vibrant and geometrical patterned cloth in to the elegant six-yard that whenever paired with the proper accessories like a crop top or perhaps a plain blouse by having an embellished necklace or perhaps a string of pearls can provide you with the professional and modern look simultaneously.

The Gamcha sarees are actually a classy option for office put on. Unlike another cotton sarees which entail lots of pre and publish work of ironing, draping and pinning them properly, Gamcha provides the comfort for easy draping and also the feel of a cotton saree.

When being prepared for office, we have to take extra proper care of our attire as we are making headlines for additional extended amounts of time and many women like the sarees that provide them the professional yet relaxed look and Gamcha sarees perfectly suit you perfectly.

Another massive benefit of these sarees is the fact that its appropriateness for that Indian summers. Because the Gamcha cloth was mainly utilized in producing towels, it offers an airy and splendid sense of the growing season and provides us the clean, professional look.

The internet sarees are significantly priced, so when dressing for that office, it is important to maintain that chic look and produce an outburst of one’s along with you. The Gamcha sarees will do the job, and it’ll require a lengthy time to put on this beautiful saree because of its malleability.

The checks and stripes and vibrant powder pastels provide a chic, a trendy and smooth look which looks great and offers a revitalizing break in the typical Indian saree motifs, designs, and borders.It is a fantastic way to funnel the gingham trend in official look while making a moral and trendy choice that resuscitates and reexamines Indian heritage.

Shopping for work wear basics? Finding the best chic office wear singapore will no more be a problem once you check in Faire Belle. We offer the best quality and the trendiest dresses for all occasions. Whether it is in office or at a party, you will look the best.

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The Best Shoes to Wear To Work

Well cut, sober but high on style – this is the mantra to follow when buying shoes for the office.

It appears simple at first glance, but it is not. Dressing for the office is not as elementary as it first appears. There are many ways you can get it wrong. But when you do get it right, the result is a well-dressed persona with loads of oomph and confidence.

Once you’ve got your office wear sorted out – just go online and check out the latest styles and cuts on leading fashion sites like Jabong – you can begin to pay attention to your footwear. The right footwear is crucial: you want to present a clean, sophisticated look, so your shoes must have the latest styles and be immaculately maintained.

Let’s get straight off the bat here and declare that office footwear is more about comfort than being fashion forward. Some of us spend long days on our feet, and the shoes must offer superior cushioning and heel and arch support. On the other hand, certain places of work demand a certain kind of footwear – fashion houses, for example, demand strappy shoes – and wearing anything else would be a sartorial bloomer of the worst kind.

Unless your place of work has a strict code for footwear – no high heeled, noisy shoes or flip flops, for example – you have the freedom to choose whichever style of footwear you most prefer. But your selection must be tempered with the knowledge of which type of footwear and colours go well with your office wardrobe.

We’ve compiled a basic primer on the kind of office footwear that both men and women can choose.

Shoes for men

Men’s footwear has often been confined to just a few basic styles over the years. But the times are changing, and men’s fashion is radically different than it used to be. Today, the accent is on metro sexual dressing, and mixing styles and palettes even for the workplace. Where earlier generations of office goers would stick to baggy trousers and chunky laced leather shoes, men today wear slim fit chinos, ankle-length straight fit linen pants and also loose denims on casual dressing days.

Naturally, this shift in clothing necessitates a shift in men’s footwear also. Numerous footwear brands like Lee Cooper shoes are available on leading fashion sites like Jabong, catering to the uber cool male office goer. Men can choose from Moccasins, brogues, Oxfords, boots and slim trainers for office footwear. The cardinal rule for men’s footwear is to not play ‘matchy-matchy’ with your clothes: instead of matching the colour of your shoes and pants, do pick colours like black, deep brown, navy and tan that can go with most of your trousers.

Hot tip: Pick formal Lee Cooper shoes and a pair of boots, as also trainers and brogues in other brands.

Shoes for women

Women have umpteen varieties of shoes for work, but some categories are more practical than others. For example, a pair of kitten heels is far friendlier on the feet than a pair of five-inch stilettos. On the other hand, a pair of trainers may not be the best fit for the workplace, unless your office has no dress code and casual dressing is the norm.

When it comes to women’s footwear for the office, these categories are the preferred choice: sandals, kitten heels, open toed pumps, low heeled wedges and brogues. Of course, the kind of footwear you pick depends on what you are wearing to work that day.

Hot tip: Dress your feet for your commute and all day comfort. Stow away a pair of stilettos in your office locker and slip them on your feet only at work.

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