Check These Quick Facts About Data Destruction!

Every other day, we hear a story or another about data theft, data leaks and hacking. As an entrepreneur and business manager, that can be alarming for anyone. Everything that we do on a computer is stored on the hard drive, and just ‘shift+delete’ is not enough. In fact, there are endless software solutions out there that can recover lost data, and while majority are designed to recover lost files, these are often used for the wrong reasons. Following data destruction protocols is not a choice for businesses anymore, regardless of the niche and industry. Below are some of the relevant aspects at a glance.

How does data destruction work?

Typically, the process of data destruction depends on the company you choose. There are companies that specialize in the job, and they follow certain protocols as mentioned above. First and foremost, the hard drive is wiped thrice, and specific software solutions are used to verify each of the steps. This helps in ensuring that the data is aptly removed and cannot be recovered anymore. After this, the hard drive can be destroyed completely to avoid any traces. It’s important to mention that such kind of data destruction can cost more than physical destruction, but the process is extremely secure and is done by professionals, who are well equipped with the required software.

Cost and other aspects

Since data destruction is practically unavoidable, it is wise to note that the cost depends on many factors, including the size of the job. Most of the large drives take longer time, and if you have more smaller drives, the wiping process can be lengthy in that case too, since each of them will be wiped thrice. Typically, you can expect to spend somewhere between $7 and $12 on a drive, but again, physical destruction is cheaper. Many larger businesses that want to retain the drive, it is wise to go for software deletion, which is effective for perfect cleanup of drives.

If you are looking for a company for data destruction, check online. Many of the companies that specialize in e-waste management also deals in data delete processes, and you can easily get an estimate for free. Check their certifications and find more about their services in detail and if they are verified and certified by different organizations. To know more on data destruction, find a company now and ask them for an on-site visit.