Compact Countertop Dishwasher – Is It The Right Cleaning Option?

Spacious kitchen can be equipped with built-in full-size dishwashers. Fortunately, homeowners can benefit from compact small countertop dishwashers.

Why choose countertop dishwashers?

  • Tiny kitchen
  • Live alone
  • Rental house
  • Small family
  • Lack of plumbing space
  • Mobile homes or caravans

How are the cleaning results?

Compact dishwasher fills the breach between hand washing and full-size dishwasher. Capacity of portable unit is small but the cleaning power is similar to its big counterpart. The food and grease gets blasted away in the wash cycle. Some models even include drying cycle, which is helpful.

Will the size fit as expected in a tiny kitchen?

Size of countertop dishwasher is similar to large microwaves, so the space needed will be same. You will find sizes starting from 50cm x 50cm, which suits the smallest kitchen space.  Besides measuring surface space make sure to measure the distance between countertop and cabinet hanging above. If you need extra countertop space then pack this portable unit inside a cabinet.

Easy installation

There is no need for plumbing for installing countertop dishwasher. Hook it directly to kitchen sink faucet with a connector for water supply. Drainage pile behind the unit allows to empty water inside the sink drain. Dishwasher detergent used in full-size dishwasher can be sued in this narrow unit.

How compact dishwasher works?

An inflow of hot water gets sprayed from rotating arms. Water is mixed with detergent to form a cleaning solution, which eliminates food residue and grease. Dirty water gets emptied in the drain. The wash cycle setting are similar to full-sized counterparts – normal, heavy, light, speed, glass, and soak. You just need to pre-set program to alter the amount and kinds of dishes to be cleaned. Ultimately, you get sparkling clean dishes and cutlery.

Things to consider while looking for ideal countertop dishwasher

Size and specs

Research the different kinds of models. Check the dimensions including length, breadth, and height. Buy a model, which fits under an overhang on countertop surface.

Quality and features

Features like different wash cycles, delay timers, anti-flood device, dishwasher salt and rinse aid is good. Adjustable rack enables large items to fit comfortably but can limit place setting load.


User reviews can be helpful because you get an insight of the flaws or perks of a specific model. You can even get ideas on how other buyers set their portable dishwasher in a tiny kitchen.

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