Four Steps To Set Up Your Dedicated Development Team With Cybercraft!

CyberCraft is a reputed name in Ukraine for outsourcing and consultancy services. The company specializes in setting up development teams for clients, startups, and IT businesses. With CyberCraft, you can hire software development team offshore and can achieve more for your project without extensive investment. How does CyberCraft work? Everything they do for your company can be summed up in four distinct steps.

  • The requirements. Every web/app/software development project is different and requires a capable team of IT professionals with specific skills and expertise. CyberCraft likes to discuss these details with the client, because it is important to align the recruits with the goals of the company. The first step is to get these aspects right, and CyberCraft spends a considerable amount of time with the client for that.
  • Selection of candidates. CyberCraft has access to a pool of over 50,000 competent IT professionals, who are then shortlisted on merit to match custom requirements of the client. This process can take the longest time, because the company is committed to get the match right. During this step, the company will take care of the interviews and technical tests, so that the best list can be forwarded ahead.
  • Hiring of candidates. Once CyberCraft is ready with the list, you have the power to select or reject candidates. Offshore interviews can be arranged as required, and as a client, you get to take the call on candidates. If required, the company can redo the shortlisting process to arrange a team that matches your needs.
  • Final step is about arranging the practical aspects. All the ground work, legal, financial and administrative aspects will be managed by CyberCraft. The recruited development team can start working immediately on the project, in the well-setup and equipped office of the company.

As for the pricing, CyberCraft likes to take care of everything related to the team, so that you can focus on one aspect – your business. You just need to pay an invoice every month, which includes the salaries and a fee for the company services. Typically, the process of setting up a team of five developers can take around two months, depending on the requirements. CyberCraft has added some valuable resources related to their services on their website, which can be checked for further information. Don’t let recruitment processes and talent management concerns bog your project – contact CyberCraft right away with your requirements and needs.