Funeral Business Ideas You May Not Have Considered

As a funeral support service, we’ve worked with businesses throughout the industry, and many are surprised how many diverse funeral business opportunities are available. While funeral directors are among our most supported businesses, there are countless other businesses that have utilised a different approach and found great success.

We’re happy to provide funeral support services any type of business in the industry and have come across a wide range of business ideas that have certainly caught the eye. Check out some of these funeral business ideas that you may not have considered before.

Pet Funerals

Funerals for pets may not be as widespread as a traditional funeral, but there is certainly a market for people looking to lay their beloved pets to rest. With pet ownership never waning, getting involved in the pet funeral business has a great deal of potential.

It is the perfect funeral business idea for anyone that loves animals. You get to provide compassion for those dealing with the passing of a pet, so animals lovers are a great choice for this line of work as they know exactly what to say to help people through the process.

While a funeral service for a pet isn’t that common, things such as preparing plots, performing burials, managing a crematorium, and dealing with vets are common in the pet funeral business.


As more people opt to cremate their loved ones rather than burying them, there is a higher demand for crematorium services, and many are now stepping into this line of work rather than a traditional funeral director.

Operating a crematorium involves working alongside funeral homes to arrange a funeral service, cremations, and any necessary paperwork. It’s much like a funeral director but focusing solely on cremation services, including the running and maintenance of all crematorium equipment, training and hiring staff, and the general upkeep of the crematorium.

Burial at Sea

Not everyone wants a conventional funeral for their loved one – burials at sea remain a popular choice for those seeking a more unique way to honour the deceased. Whether burying the body or simply scattering the ashes, burials at sea are one of the most unique lines of work in the industry.

Scattering of ashes is more predominant with this type of funeral service, and with the increasing number of cremations in recent years – which are expected to keep rising – expect an increased demand for sea burials.

It is worth noting that this service doesn’t involve any cremating, rather providing people with opportunity to go out to sea to scatter the ashes they already have. This may be appealing to those wanting to get into the business but are unsure of the more morbid aspects of handling bodies and such.

Of course, it’s recommended that you love the sea and have access to a suitably sized sea vessel to accommodate different size funeral parties.