Getting Hotel Accommodation at a Lower Cost

Given the amount that you are spending on air fares and all other details related to your trip, you might want to find a way to reduce the cost somewhere. This is a huge challenge, but you can start with hotel accommodation. There are ways for you to avoid spending too much on your accommodation. Here are some tips to consider.

Don’t just choose hotels

Although hotels are great as they have proven services, you can also go for other choices. Serviced apartments, for instance, are great as you can have a hotel-like service, but the rooms are often bigger and there have more facilities, such as a small kitchen. You might even opt for something cheaper like a B&B or guest house

Book at least 3 weeks in advance

This allows you to get lower rates for the rooms. As the date of your trip approaches, the cost might suddenly skyrocket. Some hotles use  booking software which allows them to manage their process to make the most of periods of high demand, and charge lower prices for bookings made far in advance or in low season.Planning early and making reservations soon will help a lot.

Find a bigger room

If you are travelling as a group or as a family, you would rather have a bigger room even if it costs more. This is better than being required to get two separate rooms.. A good alternative is a serviced apartment with  more than one bedroom, many of which will have a lounge, kitchen and private bathroom.

Be flexible with the date

This is perhaps the best option if you really want to avoid spending too much. Using an  online travel agent website, you can easily see which dates have cheaper rooms. If you choose these dates, you can save a lot. Having flexible travel dates gives you more choice and help you find accommodation at alower cost.

Just be smart in making decisions when it comes to accommodation. Expand your choices and try different places. Don’t just stick with the hotels you have tried before.. If money is  an issue,  let go of certain facilities when you are choosing a room and chose a more basic option. And remember, you are only staying in the room for a few hours each day.