Home Inspection Tips for Seattle Home Buyers

Everyone who is in the market looking for a home to purchase wants to ensure the money paid for a house is worthwhile. Buyers want to make sure that their money gets them the crème de la crème at that particular price point. To turn this into a reality, buyers take part in open houses looking to find their perfect fit and when they do, the final process of home inspection and negotiations takes place before closing the deal.

Home inspection is an important step for both old homes and new Seattle modern homes in the real estate industry. Most people assume that new constructions do not need home inspections but the truth is that a few factors in the new home may be a deal breaker.

Participate in the home inspection

Assuming and hoping that you are working with a professional real estate agent in Seattle, you will be able to get a trusted home inspector from your agent. The home inspector will schedule the inspection appointment with the seller and you should hop on the adventure since you may be scrutinizing your future home.

Your presence in the home inspection is a chance for you to learn more about your potential future home, ask questions, and raise any concerns about certain features of the house. You may be able to help the home inspector notice or carefully check certain features, which will be beneficial to the overall report about the house. However, do not be a nag. Give the home inspector enough working space as you both navigate through the house.

Know the key factors

As a homebuyer, you should know what to look for during the home inspection. You should create a checklist for both the exterior and the interior of the house. The exterior inspection entails checking for damages in the roof, shingles, gutters, downspouts, and quality of the foundation. The interior of the house entails checking all rooms for damages, leaks, mold, checking the air conditioning system, and testing appliances. Confirm whether damages are superficial or functional in order to know the extent of the repairs. Be keen when entering each room in order to take note of odors that may be masked with pleasant scents.

Re-inspection after repairs

After the home inspection, the agent will write a detailed report that will reveal the status quo of the house. The house will show the necessary damages, repairs, and renovations that need to be done. The buyer is among the first people to receive the report. This way, you will be able to decide whether the home is worth your money or not. You may come into an agreement with the seller about the highlighted repairs. The seller may conduct some of the repairs and offer a price reduction of the house for the repairs to be done by the buyer. After repairs by the seller, schedule another home inspection just to confirm that the repairs were done and properly.

If you are fully satisfied, you may proudly become the new owner of a prime condo in downtown Seattle or a single-family home in the suburbs.