How New Managers Can Get Better at Making Decisions

It’s not always easy for new managers to get used to making decisions, especially if this is their first management experience or they have never worked in a particular sector before.

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If you are a new manager who wants to know how to make better decision in the workplace you’re your business has a new manager that could benefit from improving on their decision making skills, then consider the following 4 tips to get started.

Understand why decisions need to be made

The most important thing you can do as a new manager is understand why decisions have to be made. Every decision is paired with an action and consequence. You need to decide on a new payroll schedule because employees need to be paid so that they can pay their bills; you need to decide on the final marketing team because the new marketing pitch is due in 3 weeks and the investors will need to see it. And so on.

Reinforce pre-determined programmed decisions

As a new manager, you can’t always forge ahead with new decisions every time something comes up. Instead, rely on pre-determined programmed decisions that are already in place; these programmed decisions are typically laid out in employee manuals and handbook, and including pre-determined decisions for issues such as requesting paid time off, guidelines for maternity leave, and more.

Understand the business values that can impact your decision

As a new manager, you will need to learn about the core values of the business you are working for so that you can incorporate those values into your decision making. For example: Let’s say you work for a company with a heavy emphasis on “customer knows best” and customer satisfaction. You are presented with the decision to approve a refund of a loyal long-term customer even though their purchase is outside the return guidelines. In this case, the decision to allow the refund is based on the business values of the company—customer satisfaction is #1.

Know how to frame issues from different perspectives

Finally, as a new manager you will need to be able to frame issues from different perspectives in order to get the best insight into them. This type of creative thinking will be very valuable no matter what industry you work in, as it will let you approach problems from different angles in order to get the most varied solutions.

If you are a new manager or your business has a new manager that is struggling with making decisions, then you need to consider the above tips that will help them strengthen their decision-making skills. Over time, as new managers become accustomed to their place of employment, these types of decision making opportunities will become every day and no longer present such challenges.