How To Choose A Stroller for your child?

With the arrival of the new baby comes the question: how to choose the baby stroller? The idea is to select a stroller that suits your lifestyle; the challenge is to pick one from the hundreds of different models available.

Classification Of Strollers:

Modular Strollers

Baby carriages in which at an early stage we can fit a touring cot and/or a car seat is a modular stroller. This type of stroller is suitable for age group 0+ and later.

The City/Cosmopolitan Strollers

Typically they are small, hard, narrow wheeled carts with less suspension. Most are compactly closed and are usually lighter (though there are exceptions).

Mixed Strollers

These strollers usually have 4-wheel suspension (or 3 wheels) for extra comfort for the baby; the wheels are slightly larger (can be air-chambered or EVA-made) in order to overcome mixed terrain. They are usually bigger in size and occupy more space than the city strollers. According to these are the best options for most people.

Rural Strollers

Typically large with big wheels with an inner tube, these trolleys are the most comfortable option for those who have a more sporty and outdoor lifestyle.

Multiple Or Evolutionary Strollers

These are Strollers designed for more than one baby and may be suitable for twins/triplets or for siblings with little age difference.

Simple Strollers

Typically old-age strollers used from 6 months. In these strollers, we cannot fit other modules such as the group 0+ auto seat (egg) or the carrycot. They are usually light carts (5-10kg), with small wheels, cheaper and compact in shape.

As we are not, all the same, there is a type of stroller more suitable to each of our needs and lifestyles.  How to select?

To find our perfect stroller, we must answer a series of questions:

  1. Are we going to store the stroller in the trunk of our car? If we are not going to pack our trolley in the trunk of our car, the dimension of the folded trolley becomes irrelevant and we can concentrate on other features.
  2. Do we have a luggage compartment with enough space or limited space?Usually, most parents think they have a reasonable tailgate until the day they see the space occupied by a folded
  3. Dimensions of the open and closed stroller? Not all strollers have the same size and sometimes the most comfortable strollers for the baby are also those that take up more space when they are open and closed. When a stroller is large there may appear difficulties in entering some elevators, passing in the supermarket aisles or narrow sidewalks.
  4. Is cart weight a deciding factor? The weight of the stroller can vary from 5 kg to 25 kg. When you do not have to pack your stroller every day in the luggage compartment, this factor may be irrelevant. Now when we have to pack the trolley in the trunk of the car whenever we use it, it is necessary to evaluate if the weight of the cart is feasible for everyday life.