How to Create and Manage a California Booster Club?

Being a densely populated state, California is always in need of more and more booster clubs for aiding promising students to enter the bigger arenas of opportunities whether in the realm of sports, academics, creative arts, science and more. If you want to create a California booster club, then here some guidelines are shared which might help you in establishing the philanthropic center. Along with that, scan the ideas shared about managing the organization.

First you need to form a team with parents

If you have already known about the booster clubs, then you must agree that the parents are the pillars of the foundation. You and other parents who are interested in creating the club should welcome and recruit more parents to establish the booster club in California.

Introduce the club to the school administration

When a group of parents have gathered together to form the booster club, a representative must visit the school authority for allowing them with a notice for the formation of the booster club.

Select the Booster club name & get an EIN number

You need to select a Name for the Booster Club. It’s required for the registration. After forming the club, apply for the EIN or the Employer Identification Number issued by the IRS. During this time you need to incorporate the booster club for which let the lawyer file for the Articles of Incorporation according to the law of the State of California.

Elect a managing committee & bestow positions

After the incorporation is completed, elect a managing committee along with a President, Accounts Officer, Manager and a Secretary. Let them manage a California booster club and select certain members from the parents for dividing the management and work responsibilities.

Create a mission statement

A mission statement of the newly formed booster club should be written at the earliest convenience. It should contain the aim and the mission of the organization. Clearly define the organization along with mentioning about the reason of its existence along and to whom the club will work for.

By following the given pointers you can successfully create a booster club and manage it.