How to Fix Dropping Search Engine Rankings

It is very tiresome to keep track of all the rankings of your website at a granular level. On the assumption that there is a continued quarter after a quarter surge in your search traffic, then your SEO hard work is on point. However, you notice a drop in your rankings because your SEO labors are missing. How are you going to fix the rankings so they can increase again? Here are the simple fixes that can help whenever you are struggling to become the topmost result of the search engine.

Refresh your design

Google has been boosting the ranking of sites considered to be mobile friendly and responsive. This is due to the massive shift by the people to browse the web using mobile devices. Hence, you must ensure that your website has been designed for an optimum mobile experience. Test the speed of the page and ensure that its screen appearance is simple and is easy to navigate.

Internal Linking

Cardinal Digital Marketing audit their clients’ website based on factors that include the internal linking. Internal linking is whereby all your web pages are linked to each other. Ensure that the pages that have been linked together are relevant and shun from using rich anchor text.

Utilize the social sharing platform

If there are a lot of people who visit your site, there is a high chance that a lot of people will link back to you. The more links, the higher the rankings and social sharing will ease linking, creating more traffic to your sites. Start by putting social sharing push button to the pages or you can utilize the paid social advertising.

Links around the page

Some Web-page owners, when they realize that they have to drop rankings, can build links pointing to their pages. However, Google can detect pages that are unnaturally gaining links faster, therefore, dropping the page rankings further. To avoid such further disappointments, you can consult Cardinal Digital Marketing to build links to other internal pages to raise your site’s authority.  Also, avoid utilizing rich anchor text.

Need for speed

Despite the increase in Computers, devices and web browsers efficiency in processing bulk data bits, you have to be cautious of the speed of your page. If your page load slowly, then expect low rankings. Use the Google’s PageSpeed Insight to determine the performance of your page in terms of speed and how to improve it.

Refresh your content

Newer contents take preference on any day over older ones. However, you do not need to generate different pages on your site every time. Instead, update the images and content to refresh the existing ones.

To conclude with, you should know the root cause of the decline in the rankings of your website first before implementing the fixes provided. Cardinal Digital Marketing has great reviews in restoring sites rankings and you should consider contacting us for more services before the site sinks any further.