How To Overcome The Pressure Before Attempting Exams

There are several exams including finals, board exams and other competitive exams which are conducted annually for the admissions into the various programs – science, law, management, technology, etc. These exams are conducted yearly by different educational institutes such as IIT – Indian Institute of Technology which conducts both JEE mains and JEE advanced, NEET – The National Eligibility cum Entrance Test and other medical entrance exams.

During these exam seasons, we usually come across many students who will be excessively worried about the upcoming exams. The exam stress or fear may be due to the lack of preparation and planning, exam phobia, lack of confidence, etc. Therefore, it is always advised to study on a regular basis, practice more sample papers and other mock test papers. Students should be prepared enough to face these challenges. Here are a few tips to overcome the tension before attempting the exams.

  • Avoid last-minute craving, and studying new topics before the exams.
  • Try to overcome negative thoughts as it may increase your worry or fear.
  • Leave early to reach the exam hall on time.
  • Just have a glance at the key points before an hour of the exam.
  • Don’t remember your previous failures. Have a positive attitude toward the exam.
  • Stop all comparison with your friends, as it may increase your anxiety.
  • Prepare well before the day of the exams, which will increase your self-confidence level.
  • Keep all the requirements required for exams (spare of pens, eraser, sharpened pencil, sharpener, calculator, hall tickets, etc.) before the day of the exam.
  • If you get tensed, have enough water, listen to music, talk to your friends and stay relaxed.
  • Share your thoughts and discuss few important topics what you have studied. This may increase your confidence level.
  • Don’t panic on seeing the question paper, as you may lose your confidence level.
  • Lastly, stay calm, relaxed and just recollect the formulae, definitions, important points what you have studied.

Students can overcome these exam tensions by having positive thoughts towards their preparation and the exams. Apart from these points, having a poor diet, low metabolism, improper sleep can also result in decreasing the student’s concentration towards their exam. Hence, it is always advised not to study overnight before the exam day but to have a well-balanced diet and regular exercise to keep your brain active throughout the day.

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