Increase Your Hotel’s Revenue by Outsourcing Your Linen Services

If you work as a manager in the hospitality trade, you know that service is utmost on your mind. You also have to factor in the costs for providing the type of amenities that your customers expect. One of the ways you can realise success is by outsourcing your linens.

Not only can you outsource the cleaning of hotel linen but you can also extend the service to your kitchen and restaurant linens. By taking this approach, you can save on water consumption and the costs of labour. You will also obtain a greater degree of customer satisfaction.

Customers want to see a clean and welcoming suite or enjoy dinner in a restaurant that features linen tablecloths and chef-style cuisine. Therefore, if your hotel operations include dining facilities, outsourcing the cleaning and replenishment of all your linens should be made a priority.

Because hotels and restaurants are busy places, you cannot leave anything to chance. You need to rely on a linen service that will also serve your needs in providing the best customer service possible. Since linens are used to such a large extent in hotel and restaurant operations, their care and use must be carefully scrutinised.

Selecting a Linen Company

When choosing a company to service your linens, make sure that the business observes a “no contract” policy. By taking this stance, a business is showing that you can count on it for its high standard of service and quality linens. A linen service should provide its services with no residual fees or extra costs. The price you pay should be transparent and fixed.

Check to make sure that the company observes quality control measures that are unparalleled in the industry. Each piece of linen should go through a quality control check that will reveal any creasing, fading, stains, or holes. The linen should also be packed and stored in a way that prevents creasing.

If you want to provide first-class service to your customers, you also need to turn to a linen company that offers excellent service such as Johnsons Stalbridge. Whether they are the drivers or factory personnel, the employees should be committed to their work. As you know, when a workforce is dependable, you will experience ongoing quality.

Making a Switch

The linen service that you choose should also offer free exchanges. This is essential, especially if you want to redesign the suites in your hotel or redecorate a restaurant. That way, you can switch out the table linens at any time or change the looks of your bed linens without further cost.

When you are working the hospitality business, you normally experience both busy and quiet times. Therefore, you need to make sure that the linen company you use takes this into account. For example, you should have the flexibility to reduce or increase your stock levels depending on the amount of business you currently receive. That way, you can adapt your linen needs to the peak times and slow times at your property.

Therefore, when you are seeking a linen provider, you want to make sure that the company offers the following amenities:

  • A flexible business approach – stock levels can be increased or decreased accordingly
  • No contracts – an assurance that the company features quality services and products
  • Free exchanges of merchandise if you choose to make some decorating changes
  • Excellent quality control where the linen goes through several quality control checks before it is packed and delivered
  • First-class service from each department in the company

One of the ways that a linen service can increase its effectiveness is by surveying its customers. That way, it can ensure the satisfaction of its current clientele. By performing a survey, a linen company can find out how to improve its level of service or products.

Reviewing Your Account Information

When working with a linen company, make sure that you can access your customer account online as well. This makes it easy for you to review your account information at any time. By having ease of access, you can review statistics concerning linen use and delivery. You can also look at invoice copies and see how you may further reduce costs.

When choosing a linen service, keep in mind that first impressions are the most important impressions in the hospitality business or hotel trade. If you do not provide a good impression the first time, you have a lot to lose in terms of credibility and earnings.

That is why, again, you need to make sure that your linen service provider stays on top of your linen cleaning and replenishment needs. For instance, the towels and bedding that you supply your hotel with should be designed to meet the needs of any quality property.

Bedding and Towels

Whilst a premier range of bedding products offers comfort and economy, elite-styled linens typically are represented by bedding made from 100% Egyptian cotton. You can pick among a range of sizes from single to super-king size too. You should also refer to the same service for your towels. Towels should be dispensed in face cloths, hand towels, bath sheets, and bath mats. Other towel-like accessories include bathrobes or leisure towels.

After you review the product offerings, check the overall customer satisfaction for the company. Select an industry leader that delivers both high-quality products and excellent customer service at the same time.

To get started with a linen service, you will first complete documentation to confirm that the linen business is a new supplier. Next, a customer team member arranges a collection and delivery schedule for your property. Afterward, the first delivery takes place.

From this point, you will normally receive a monthly invoice. Again, you can access your customer portal online at any time. By using an online account, you can better communicate with linen company personnel if you should have any queries.