Land and water-based activities on St. John island

St. John island is one of a collection of four large islands and almost 50 small islands which are part of the virgin island archipelago, the others being the British Virgin Islands. Since the handing over of the islands from the Danish to the united states in 1917 the islands have increasingly become a popular tourist destination for those seeking a tranquil setting with some familiar home comforts. The most popular accommodation on the island is the find a st john villa to suit your tastes.

This can be done online through a rental website or if you can find the owners themselves it is quite possible. Many the villas are privately owned and managed, making contact quite easily. Finding a beachside house, or one with a pool should be no problem. This gives you a more personal feel and you can blend in with the local’s ion day to day life during your stay something St. John island especially prides itself on.

With white sandy beaches, an incredible Caribbean temperate climate and a large national park area there are plenty of are to explore on the island and we are going to look at some of the most popular activities now.

Land-based excursions:

Hiking and trekking:

With a large portion of the island being held by the national park service, you can expect to find some incredible scenery and tours to take to explore the inner depths of the island. Eco-tours are popular within the park as you get to see the flora, fauna and wildlife which inhabit the island. The expert guides can detail the history of the park, the wildlife and what makes the island so naturally unique.

You can explore the island through a variety of methods from hiking to kayaking and of course snorkelling. With this, you get to view the island from several different angles.

Going to the beach:

Being a Caribbean island going to the beach is one of the most popular things to do. You get to explore the sandy beaches, find hidden coves and explore the stunning coastline of the island. As much of the island is protected by the national park service you can expect to find some of the nicest beaches out of all the US Virgin Islands. With Coral Bay and Cruz Bay being the most popular destination among guests you can be sure they have some of the busiest beaches, but there are plenty more to find.

Cinnamon Bay is the longest on the island being just over one-mile long. Here you can partake in snorkelling, swimming and volleyball. You will find this beach along the Northshore. Salt pond bay on the south side of the island is where you should go when you really want to find peace and tranquillity, due to its location it is sparsely populated, and you can sometimes over the crystal-clear waters all to yourself. Bring a picnic to get the most value out of your time there.

Water-based activities:

Hire a sailing charter:

By hiring a sailing charter, you get to explore facets of the island there may never see, and you can explore other islands in the vicinity that may not be possible on other tours that operate on the island.

Whilst out on the charter you can get to know your crew and their stories of life on the island and what a typical day entails, they will also know the best places to set anchor, have a bite to eat and watch the sunset. The more expensive the option that better amenities and facilities you will have. You can expect to find snorkel gear, a large lunch, fully stocked bar and other fun games and gimmicks to allow you to enjoy the day with your friends and family.

Relax in the tranquil waters and sunny breeze while your captain shows you a true Caribbean experience.

See what is under the water with a snorkel or Scuba trip:

The waters off the coast of St. John are known for their abundance of coral and sea life. Many beaches allow you to simply walk in and explore the area. It is recommended though that you stay within 15 feet of the shore for your safety and for the best views of Coral life. You can take a tour which will bring you to some off the beaten path locations for a snorkel trip, but for those who want to save some cash then asking a local and renting some gear is the best option. Coral bay has some of the best locations hence its name.

For those who want a little more adventure and to go a little deeper literally then a scuba trip is the one for you. From beginner to advanced there is something for everyone on St. John island. With incredibly calm waters abounding the island it is suitable and quite popular for beginners to get there for a taste of underwater life here.

For those who are a little more advanced then you can explore the underwater caves, shipwrecks or even take a night dive to explore the ocean in a completely new light. You will find no shortage of operators so shop around for the best deals and tours.

As you can see for such a small island in such a large archipelago there is plenty to do and see on this pristine piece of land.