Last minute travel hacks for a smarter vacation – Know what to do at the right time

There are several vacationers and business travelers as well who decide to plan their trip at the last minute but they get confused about what to do, which hotel to book, what itinerary to plan and what to pack due to the lack of time. When you’re not sure about your vacation and you have to plan all of a sudden, the first thing that comes to your mind is sky-high rates on flights, hotels and local transportation. This makes you desperately search for the getaway deals in order to save money and time.

Though last minute holiday will mean lesser choices and options with regards to activities and accomodations but it can sometimes even offer you a cheap way of booking vacations. While you can easily get your best deals in online resources like, you should also know about the few hacks to opt for a smart vacation.

  • Know when you should book

Majority of the airlines usually offer you discounts on Tuesdays and Sundays for travel during the latter half of the week. If you can include a stay for Saturday night, this might result in locking the lowest price on tickets. Hence, you need to have an idea of the best time to book.

  • Contrast and compare one-way tickets

If you can buy separate one-way flight from 2 different companies, this can at times help you crack a better deal as compared to booking a ticket that offers a round-trip. In case you’re planning to visit an international destination, you will have to give the proof of return flight right at the border control. Hence, make sure you carry along with you the printouts of receipts and itineraries.

  • Set up alerts for flight fares

You can install travel apps in your phone so that you can set up alerts which send you fares for flight and hotels whenever there are discounts. There are various apps which notify you whenever there is a ticket available on a predetermined route allowing you to book hotels and flights before others. You can also check the last-minute deals.

  • Watch out for combo deals

While you may have to pay off a bit more amount for the flight deals, if you can bundle your hotel, flight, rental car, hotel and other activities, this can reduce the entire cost of spontaneous trip. There are several websites which offer good value packages for vacations.

  • Travel through a train and ditch the plane

Unless you’re someone who is traveling to a destination where there is huge demand and where you have to book ahead of time, you can look for an alternative like traveling in a train. There are websites too where you can watch out for promotions and discount offers.

Therefore, whenever you’re traveling at the last minute, follow a guide for last minute travel so that you don’t spoil your vacation by making the most common mistakes due to lack of time. Make sure you also follow the hacks given above.