LH-Crypto – a unique crypto currency broker

LH-Crypto is a project that emerged as a result of a successful ICO held at the end of 2017. Today, LH-Crypto is practically the only full-fledged working crypto broker in the world. The uniqueness of this project is that clients of the company have the opportunity to open trading accounts in any of the most liquid cryptocurrency in order to then carry out operations for the sale and purchase of various instruments presented by the broker. It is widely known that today cryptocurrency has won a considerable segment of the market of the active Internet community and many are investing in this fundamentally new type of money. But due to its exotic nature, the crypt has not yet gained mass distribution, and it is sometimes difficult for it to operate. So, in order to get a banal purchase of any of the virtual currency units, you need to do this through one of the crypto exchanges or buy it at cash at your own risk by meeting with unknown sellers. To exchange a crypt for Fiat also have to look for a buyer on the exchange or for cash. Thus, in order to earn money on a crypto currency, you will have to purchase it at a lower price, wait for its growth (if it happens at all in the foreseeable future) and then successfully sell it, quickly finding a buyer, which is not always possible. A broker LH-Crypto provides an excellent opportunity to make money on a crypt quickly and also quickly withdraw the earned funds if necessary or invest them further.

So what does LH-Crypto offer?

A number of services that allow you to invest cryptocurrency in trading Forex and CFD instruments on stocks, raw materials and crypt. The list of tools today is represented by more than two hundred most diverse trading tools:

  • a wide range of currency pairs – from the traditional euro and the dollar to the exotic New Zealand dollar and the Mexican peso
  • more than a hundred shares of global companies (CFD contracts)
  • metals and raw materials (CFD)
  • crypto currency
  • a special exclusive tool presented only in LH-Crypto: synthetic pairs combining crypto currency and raw materials or metals

LH-Crypto combines the capabilities of the exchange – investing in cryptocurrency – and the broker’s advantages – trading with high leverage, that is, a chance to earn money with a very small deposit.

Broker fees from transactions made in LH-Crypto are as low as possible – from 0.2% per lot for crypto instruments and from 0.015% for Forex. In addition, another innovation of the broker was the introduction of the so-called Rolling Swap. Swap is the commission charged for transferring the transaction to another day and, as a rule, it is fixed, which is a significant cost for the trader who leaves the transaction for more than 1 day. In LH_Crypto, they abandoned the rigidly fixed swap and introduced a system in which the swap is minimal in the first few days and then begins to grow gradually.

Depending on the chosen tariff, customers can open an account completely anonymously, which is extremely preferable for traders from a number of countries with tight regulation of virtual currency turnover up to their complete ban. Of course, with such an organization of work, account replenishment and other operations are possible only with crypto currencies, which are in many ways so attractive precisely because they allow their owners to remain incognito. For those customers who are ready to identify themselves, LH-Crypto offers a wider range of ways to replenish trading accounts using plastic cards and bank transfer. Also for all types of tariffs available replenishment through various payment systems (PerfectMoney, Qiwi, etc).

LH-Crypto allows its customers to open accounts not only in crypto currencies, but also in the fiat currency of the old world – the euro, and the automatic withdrawal system allows the client to withdraw profits in the shortest possible time, without filling out any papers.

Today, LH-Crypto is a rapidly growing company, so the services provided will be improved, and the range of services will increase, but now what the broker offers to its customers can be called a revolutionary solution.