New Businesses: Why you Need a Good Accountant from Day One

If you have a great business idea and are in the process of setting up a company, don’t make the mistake of thinking that your accounting can wait until the end of your first year, as this can be the onset of a very expensive accountancy nightmare. While you won’t have any receivable income until you actually start trading, you will have significant start-up costs and these need to be recorded from day one, and by consulting an accountant at the start, he or she can set up an efficient system for you, which makes their job a lot easier and saves you money as well.

The Complex World of Business Tax

If you want to stay on the right side of the tax man, you need to enlist the help of a business tax accountant, and once you are aware of your tax liabilities, you can keep funds in a separate account, ensuring that when your tax returns are submitted, you will have the necessary funds. There are many tax concessions and it is only with expert advice or use of online tax calculators that you can be sure to take advantage of everything you are entitled to.


This is an area that every company should be concerned with, and by forging an alliance with an established business tax accountant, you can sure that your business will always be in compliance with the tax guidelines. A good business accountant will always try to minimise their clients’ tax bills and they are aware of the complex system that does offer tax concessions and can therefore keep your taxation down to an acceptable level.


One of the main roles of a business tax accountant is consultation, and by informing their clients regarding favourable ways to set up the business, they are saving them money in the long term. Making mistakes when setting up a business can have very costly consequences further down the track and with the advice of an expert, you can move ahead with confidence.

Keeping Things in Order

Having all your financial transactions recorded on spreadsheets, with numbered receipts and a cash flow record, you can very easily crunch the numbers to see how you are actually doing. Some businesses have no idea whether or not they are making money, as they do not keep accurate and timely records, and if you are losing money, you want to know about it as soon as possible.

Creating the Right Direction

When structuring a business, an experienced adviser is invaluable, as the business accountant can help you to structure the business in an efficient way, while also minimising your tax liabilities. If you would like to talk to a business accountant, an online search will bring up a list of local firms and you can take it from there.

Business taxation is a complex field and with the help of an experienced accountant, your business will have a solid foundation on which to build. The future success of your business depends on how it is set up in the first place and by using some expert help, you can be sure that your company will enjoy sustainable growth.