The world of the salesman has come a long way since the days of the door to door Fuller Brush man in the early 1950s. That iconic representation of what was then the latest and greatest of sales tools, the door to door salesman, has been shifted with the advent of the internet. While in the fifties most households saw the wife and mother at home, planning the meals and cleaning the house, today most households have two breadwinners and even that is often not enough.

If the door to door salesman of the mid twentieth century were to knock on most doors today he wouldn’t find anyone home to sell to outside of the family pet. Today we know that with more people buying online, the internet is the first place to look when you want to improve your sales. It isn’t surprising that new technologies have sprung up to help make those sales easier to accomplish.

Business Software for Sales

One of the most important innovations that has come along to help the sales staff of any business is the new software programs that integrate all aspects of sales. Many of these, such as the highly innovative approach of Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 sales software to integrate cloud and offline sales, are key to sales growth for any business.

These types of software take the intuition and guesswork out of the sales dynamic, by giving true collaboration in the office. Gone are the days where sales teams worked hard on the outside to bring in sales leads while teams of operations drones tried to turn those leads into customers. Software that reads the statistics of customers who visit the websites or social media sites can direct sales towards approaches customers want.

Just in Time Service

Another innovation that has taken the business world by storm is the concept of just in time service. If your customer goes on the internet to find a service or good that you provide, they can order it before you have even made it. But with today’s many innovations in technology, they can get what they need when they need it, and customers have come to expect this more and more.

By not tying up your manufacturing process in goods that customers grow tired of, you can keep costs in line, stay on top of trends and provide a service or product that meets your customers needs. Beyond the obvious advantage of not having a warehouse full of yesterday’s hot trends, you can also have the ability to respond to current events that can unexpectedly create a need for something you may have never considered.

Getting Social with your Customers

You may not think of social media as a sales tool, but it goes far beyond branding to becoming a very important marketplace for many companies. Of course, the big social media sites such as Facebook have become a marketplace of their own, selling everything from used cars to the latest music. But finding the right tech tools to take full advantage of this means that software such as Google Analytics becomes the front runner for designing your next social media campaign.