New Way to Explore Old Cities

There was a time when people had to walk a lot to see the major sights of a city. Most of them still do. However, the tourism industry offers new and fun ways to get around. Some people take cycling tours, but not all tourists like getting sweaty or tired from cycling. Now you can simply take a scooter and take a GPS guided tour.

There is no need to hire a guide, carry books and maps with you, or walk till you drop. Vesping is a comfortable way to discover the beauty of the city. Go to and see the available options for Barcelona.

The city has so much to offer that it’s quite easy to become overwhelmed when making a choice what to see first. No wonder, how can one actually decide between Gaudi’s masterpieces and Tibidabo tour?

There are 4 main routes you can choose from: Olympic, Gaudi, Beach, and Tibidabo tours. When you follow the route, the GPS system will track your movements and share with you some interesting facts about the landmarks you approach to. When you start planning, it’s better if you find out a little more before the tour. It’ll help you stay organized and focused. However, the coolest thing about the GPS guided tour is that if you make a wrong turn, it’ll adjust to the change of plans and tell you more about the things you see around.

The Vespa tours are very convenient, especially in summer, when the weather is great and you can drive towards the beach and feel the breeze. Nevertheless, if you travel during a colder season, you might want to get gloves to keep your hands warm.

There’s a lot to do in every city every season, just choose what you want to do first and find out if there’s anything interesting going on within your stay. Vesping can also take you on the cultural tour and share with you some customs and traditions. You can also dive into the local cuisine and visit the most well-known restaurants, cafes, and pasties.

Getting a private tour is sure to make your vacation hustle-free.  You’ll quietly visit the places and restaurants that are worth visiting. It’s essential to enjoy your traveling and create unique special moments you’ll keep in your heart and remember all your life. Catch the sunset or sunrise, take your time to walk along the narrow streets, or stop to have the tastiest cup of coffee with a view. You’ll cherish the moments like this.