Optimising Digital Marketing Strategies for the SME at Christmas

Christmas is a time of year when many retailers have an extremely good month, especially if what they sell makes good presents, but it is also an excellent time for marketing your company, generating better brand awareness and to grow your customer base for the New Year. Around the festive season, people’s shopping and search trends tend to change, so a smart move is to adapt your company message to go along with that which appeals to Christmas Shoppers. Google AdWords will help you see the keywords being used more in this period, so you can tailor make a strategy that will bring results. Optimising your content through December can bring great rewards, though it is vitally important to do so in a way that entices people towards buying from you.

Digital Marketing Strategies

If you understand digital marketing, you will know that it is comprised of several different aspects, essentially, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Pay per click (PPC), and social media advertising. SEO is designed to optimise your website, so that it has an improved ranking in the organic, or free of charge, search results. It takes time to rise up the ranks though, so using a PPC can immediately get you exposure by putting you in the sponsored results section. Organic results do tend to have a better click rate than sponsored results, but at the same time, sponsored results tend to have better conversion ratios. Social media is a great platform from which to promote your company and to get other people talking about you and has global reach. Talk to any SEO company and they will immediately advise you that you should be using a combination of all of them and probably advise a Smart Traffic Review to identify what needs work.

Optimising Content for Search Engines at Christmas

Ideally, you need to start well before the Christmas period as it takes a little time for search engines to properly index pages, so leaving it until November is really too late. Taking advantage of different search terms over the festive period, means not only targeting those key words in your PPC marketing, but also having them strategically inserted into your site, to boost your ranking in organic searches. If you have optimised at Christmas before, use again the terms that worked well previously, but always be ready to offer something new and relevant. If you don’t already have a Google my Business profile, now is a very good time to do it.

Mobile Searches

Many searches will be coming in from mobile devices, with such users reportedly unhappy about waiting for a page to load, so if you are not currently optimised for mobile devices, you need to do so, and you may think about changing large images for smaller ones, which will load faster. One area many have not yet focused on is in voice searches, where people tend to ask longer questions than they would type, so the use of long tail keywords is becoming increasingly popular. Talking to your local SEO professionals can help you put a good strategy in place in good time, to reap the Christmas benefits and ensure you get off to a very good start to the New Year too.