Photography is an exciting hobby. However, because cameras are somewhat complicated, even digital ones, it takes a bit of practice and knowledge to capture beautiful photos. If you are a beginner, you can find great deals on top Canon products online as well as great tips to help you develop your skills. Here are a few simple photography tips to get you inspired.

1 – The Exposure

Being able to control the amount of light you can harness in a single shot is important. That’s because your camera cannot fully capture light and when you use your exposure settings you have a secret power at your fingertips. What you can do with the exposure settings is increase or decrease the amount of light in a particular scene. It can change an otherwise dull photo into something quite dramatic as a result. Playing with the exposure can help tweak photo quality.

2 – The Light

This is different to exposure in that you can make use of available or artificial light to help create great photos. For example, outdoor photos taken around dawn or just before sunset are dynamic because of the natural lighting at those times of day. Bright sunshine creates shadows and all kinds of other things you may wish to avoid. Then there’s artificial light from flashes and studio lighting. These are quite effective when you are trying to even the lighting in a photo.

3 – The Perspective

Considering we see the world around us from a view at about five or six feet above the ground, we have a certain perspective. But what if your camera took photos from a different angle? Shots taken down low, up high and even beside you can give you a slightly different – and creative – view. By altering the perspective you can create some interesting photos and capture moments that you would not normally see from your regular visual perspective.

4 – The Focus

Have you ever had a photo that didn’t work out because it was out of focus? This is a common problem but oddly enough, fooling around with the focus can give you some interesting photographic results. However, your main goal is to have the primary subject of your photo in focus. Spending time using auto and manual focus functions will teach you a great deal on how to make this important part of a photo work best for you.

5 – The Composition

This is basically the ‘what’ in your photo. That’s as in, what are you photographing? The composition of a photo actually involves three key elements. They include the things you are keeping in the frame to photograph, the things you are keeping out of the frame and where in the frame are you putting the stuff you are keeping in it to photograph. The photo composition is entirely up to you so be creative and don’t always put your main topic in the center of the frame.

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