Six Signs your Computer is Infected with a Virus

The presence of a virus in your computer system can lead to many issues. Viruses are malicious software that is capable of damaging your computer, destroying files and stealing personal information. Being able to catch the presence of malware on your computer early is important to get it removed before it’s too late.

Below are the major signs that your computer is infected with malware.

Poor Performance

A computer that is infected with malware tends to have a sluggish performance. Although this could be caused by a lack of hard disk space or RAM memory, this could possibly be caused by a virus infection.

You Notice Onscreen Pop-Up Ads

The presence of these pop-up ads certainly indicates a virus infection. While they are annoying, they may still come with other malware that will give further damage to your computer system. Make sure you don’t click o those pop-ups so you don’t allow the download of more malware.

There are Files Missing

There is malware that can cause issues by deleting programs and files or transferring them from location to another. A number of them may encrypt your files to make it impossible for you to open them. If you notice changes in your file access, then your computer may be infected with malware.

Constant Crashes

In case programs begin to open and close automatically, your computer shuts down or freezes without any reason, or you can find a strange error message, then your system may be infected with a virus.

Your Email is Invaded

As the virus has penetrated your email, it may be sending emails or messages to your friends asking them to click on a link or attachment. The virus may be trying to spread to other systems through your email. Make sure you change your password right away.

Your Anti-Virus Protection is Disabled

A number of viruses are made to disable your antivirus software. In case you cannot open your computer protection or even your firewall, this means that a virus is manipulating your computer.

If you spot any of these signs of a virus infection, make sure you install and run an anti-virus software program. If your software has also been attacked, contact a reputable technician from Top Range Technologies. If still working, set your software to automatically scan your system regularly and make sure it is up-to-date. Also, ensure your computer firewall is turned on because they will block malware attacks through the internet.