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Recharge your TV in 1…2…3

Keep your DTH connection live always for uninterrupted programming – use the myAirtel app or Airtel website to recharge your TV in just a few steps.

The Internet has revolutionised the way we lead our live. While millennials cannot conceive of a world where there is no Internet, even pre-millennials are now heavily dependent on the digital medium for daily life. It is now hard to conceive of a life where we cannot buy things or bank or book holidays without clicking a few buttons on the smartphone. Gone are the days when you had to stand in line at various bill payment centres to pay your bills – today, the Internet has granted you full control over your bank account, so you can recharge your phone and pay all your bills with just the press of a few buttons.

Besides, digital payments are easy and cost-effective, and they save valuable time for you. It is especially useful when you are out of doors, or even on holiday, and you need to pay the bills for essential services back home. One example of this is the DTH recharge. If you don’t recharge your TV on time, the service can get temporarily suspended and your family members and you cannot watch any more TV till the pack is recharged and paid for. Even if you are not at home, you can quickly do the prepaid recharge and DTH recharge using your smartphone or laptop. Bill payment is extremely easy now that there are third party payment apps like UPI to effect the money transfer within mere seconds.

Suppose you have an Airtel prepaid connection and/or DTH connection. Consider the two ways in which you can do the prepaid recharge for both:

1 Through the Airtel website.The simplest way to do the prepaid recharge for your phone and/or DTH connection is to access the Airtel website from your laptop or smartphone. Look for the legend ‘Pay bill’ under ‘Pay and Recharge’ – the latter can be seen on the home page. Now choose the suitable option: prepaid recharge or Digital TV recharge. Follow the steps for prepaid recharge as outlined (refer to the illustration below) and complete the payment process using Net banking, Airtel Payments Bank or Credit/Debit cards. The recharge is effected immediately and the DTH or prepaid phone connection continues working as before. You also receive an acknowledgement of the payment for your records.

2 Through the myAirtel app.Another really easy and quick way to make the prepaid recharge or DTH TV recharge is to use the myAirtel app. If you haven’t yet installed it on your phone, you can download it for free from the Google Play Store or iTunes. Once installed, the app is ready for immediate use. Flick it open and look for the relevant field – in this case, prepaid recharge or online DTH recharge. Once again, follow the steps as directed on the app, and choose your most preferred payment option to complete the recharge process. Once processed, you will get a receipt and SMS alert informing you about the recharge.

Airtel also allows customers the liberty of modifying the prepaid recharge amount (with ready recharge options) or modifying an existing DTH pack prior to the recharge process. Besides, the myAirtel app regularly lists offers and cash back discounts every month, which you can avail of during the recharge process.

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