The Love of a Bargain in the Digital Age

Are you that person who loses the joy of shopping and the excitement of the buy when you have to pay the full price? If you are not the person who spends time and energy to collect coupons and discounts in the paper but prefer to negotiate and haggle so you drive down in traffic to that store just to find old outdated stuff. You always have places like discount club to help you do this for you.

This is a guide to those of you who need the best of both worlds in the digital age. Contrary to popular belief and more widespread ignorance of the haggling possibilities of online shopping leaves most of us at the mercy of no discount or offered discount. An interesting piece of information for those of you is that 73% of online shoppers who tried to negotiate a better deal online especially while buying electronic products received some sort of reduction in price. Now comparing these statistics to the haggling successes in-store is only 56%.

Now that I have the attention of the bargain hunter in you, let me introduce the steps and tips to online haggling. Online Haggling is a preferred today over in store for a variety of reasons:


The ability to shop the latest and newest with a larger choice of brands and price ranges your hunts are easier with the larger competition with direct sellers rather than the middleman in the store. The other perks of online shopping such as shopping from your couch are all applicable here.


For most, it’s easier to correspond via Facebook, Twitter, or a website chat box than through face-to-face conversation when it comes to haggling.

Now you have your reasons the steps to getting that deal:


Companies selling costly items such as furniture, electronics, and apparel are often open to haggling. Popular brands that are seen responding to such request include Dell, Hewlett Packard, and Sierra Trading Post. One way to identify others is to look for retailers that regularly offer coupon codes.


Any method of haggling requires preparation and this comes as no new news to seasoned hagglers. The same applies to online haggling and have a rough script and budget before beginning communication.


Be sure to do some market research, so you’re familiar with earlier deals from the retailer and the pricing of competitors—facts you can use to help make your case. There’s no better time to negotiate that when you’ve been wronged. In fact, I almost hope for something bad to happen.