Going through the loss of a job could be a traumatic event. It can have an effect not only on you but also on your loved ones. If you have recently lost your job, Labour Lawyer Toronto will assess your legal entitlements to notice and severance pay. We will make sure that you get compensated adequately by your employer for the termination of your employment. Our fight is to get you what you truly deserve.

Why choose us?

Documents in relation to severance packages can at times be intimidating. Without some sort of guidance, the process can be quite daunting. An experienced employment lawyer can smoothly guide you through the whole process.

Stacey Bell is a renowned employment lawyer. He puts special efforts to find out all the needed crucial information about you, your job, the company that you were working at, the compensation that you have received and the events that lead to your termination. This will help to guide you better as to what your severance package should contain. This would enable you to compare and understand what you should have been offered by the company.

While you are in the process of assessing what you are legally entitled to, we believe that information about salary, benefits, bonus, commissions, car allowances, pension and stock options would pertain to your case.

What not to do in regard to severance packages?

If you have been offered a severance offer, make sure that you seek legal advice before signing it. One of the main reasons is that most of the employers offer inadequate severance packages. This is because they believe that the departing employee might accept the inadequate offer without seeking any legal advice. Do not make this mistake as it will cost you a lot in the longer run. We will fight for what you truly deserve.

You could make use of Severance Pay Calculator to calculate severance. It is Canada’s first and most recognized way of calculating severance. It will help you to determine how much severance pay you are allowed after you have been terminated from your place of employment.