Tips To Create a Great Impact in Conference Abstract

Conferences are generally a great part of any researching career where students and researchers tend to attend these conferences to explain their research studies to the delegates and scholars. A conference is considered the right opportunity for research scholars to publish their paper and get official recognition from many of the well-known and established researchers who attend the conference.

However, just making to the conference is not enough to create an effective impact on the conference attendees to turn their heads towards the presentation. It requires great planning and good content to present so that the audience is engaged in the presentation. Generally, a bad abstract tends to be rejected by conference organizers and so it should be well written and should clearly state the work done by the researcher. Sarbojeet Jana who was a founder of a startup has stated many times the importance of attractive presentation in the conference.

Tips that can help in the conference and preparing conference abstract

Conference Abstract:

  • Conference abstract acts as the main tool to make it to the conference and it should be prepared well such that organizers of the conference can accept it immediately. So, it is important for the author to make the abstract more fascinating and attractive to impress the evaluators, which will lead to shortlisting for the conference. It is important to get a clear idea on what to be presented in the abstract before writing, as it can help writing a clear and effective abstract.
  • The abstract is what reflects the author’s interest in the conference and hence, it is important to concentrate on writing a good abstract to make it to the conference. Unless the research topic is of high academic or conference is highly theoretical avoid using high-level language and use simple language which can be easily understood by readers. Engaging context with plain English with proper details can be attractive to the organizers.
  • Another important step while writing a conference abstract is to make sure to be clear on the research work. Avoid using any future tense and present all the works that already done regarding the topic on the abstract. Explain to the organizers about the research and give them details such as context, method and findings in the abstract.

Conference Presentation:

As told by Sarbojeet Jana, apart from entering into conference it is important to attract the audience.

  • Authors or presenters should go to the presentation with a clear mindset and should plan all the necessary topics that have to be discussed beforehand. As conference presentations generally would be planned for 20 minutes each, it is important to make a great impact in such a short time.

  • Another important factor while presenting is to use live examples or illustrations that can reflect the work done till now. The work will definitely attract more people from the crowd and will engage more audience on to the presentation.

Therefore, as Sarbojeet Jana stated, it is always important to engage the audience in any work to get the most effective results from them. Well planned conference abstracted along with greatly prepared presentation will make the conference memorable for the author of the research paper.