Want To Develop A Complicated Web Application? Consider Ruby on Rails!

If you ask around about frameworks for developing a complicated web application or website, a lot of experienced developers will recommend Ruby on Rails. Below are some of the aspects you need to know.

Why use Ruby on Rails?

Compared to other languages and frameworks, Ruby on Rails is much faster, which allows developers to reduce the time required for each project. Open-source codes and resources are widely available within the Rails community, and with similar coding practices, projects get simpler than ever. Making changes to existing projects and applications also gets easier, and to be fair, Ruby on Rails code is extremely readable, which adds to the productivity. Also, developers have access to readily-available testing frameworks, and the community is an active one with great support. There are no additional licenses required, and most libraries are open-source, which reduces cost of development too.

Skills you can expect

Talking of technical aspects, a RoR developer needs to have a bunch of skills related to Ruby development, such as Ruby Gems, syntax and methods. Extensive knowledge of HTML, CSS, JavaScript is also very essential and the concerned developer should know the advanced skills that are needed for RoR projects. The developer must also have additional experience with databases, including Redis, MySQL, PgSQL and MongoDB. Developers are also expected to have some experience of working with GIT history. Testing skills are equally important, and the developer must have tried testing frameworks and should have worked with 3rd-party APIs too. Besides the technical skill set, RoR developers should have the knowledge of developing real projects based on their areas of expertise.

Things to know

If you want to hire Ruby on Rails developers for your project, start by discussing your goals. Since the time required is minimal compared to other options, getting a delivery date for the project is essential. In terms of estimates, most things depend on the features and complications of the concerned application or website, but do not choose a company because they are charging the lowest. Expertise and experience are two aspects that matter the most for web application development with Ruby on Rails. Check the range of projects done by the concerned company in recent years, and ask them about their team. The developers working on your project should be accessible at all times, and you should be informed about the development process at all times.

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